Laptop Samsung NP530 broken hinges and mounts

I have an issue with my laptop.It's exact model is Samsung NP530-U3B.It is working perfectly but both of its hinges are broken.Also the screw mounts of the hinges are completely destroyed after a drop.I tried looking for a replacement back cover,so I could mount the hinges back on it,but it's too expensive.I am looking for a DIY idea to somehow fix the laptop,so I could use it.Any ideas how to fix the back panel into place with the laptop's bottom.Here is a picture of the laptop. https://imgur.com/a/6h3ch

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Reporting: Laptop Samsung NP530 broken hinges and mounts
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Looks like back and front body gone.



So about 160 to fix it. Frankly I can see why you want to jury rig it. There is no exact guide on how to do this. I've seen hinges glued on as well as rigid systems that turn it into a desktop.

Maybe ebay it off for what you can get for parts and look at refurbs like https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA95Z6K49119 which is an i5 and 240ish bucks.
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Only the back body is gone

Thanks for the links,but right now a replacement back body isn't a option.I am looking for a more DIY approach.

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DIY means
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I dont think it will work.

Yes, that's why I posted an exact picture of my laptop. Its very thin and this solition with the frame isnt working because it keeps falling off. Do you have any other ideas? Thank you! Happy

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Sorry if I was unclear.

I don't know what tools and crafting skills you have. You have to dream up what you think will do and build it. Yes, I've jury rigged a few but I have an OK shop to mill out metal pieces, drill holes and know about 2 part epoxy forming and filing. I can't do this for you. You have to find your own solution.

This is hard for a lot of folk today since they didn't take auto, wood or any electronics courses. This is why I suggested selling it for parts and shopping for a cheap laptop.

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Using a 2 part glue for metal to glue external hinges?

I have good crafting skills.I just don't have the required tools for the job and the laptops is exremely thin.
Anyway,will a 2 part epoxy glue for metal stick nicely to the laptops body,so I can glue external hinges.The laptops body is made from some sort of metal,I think aluminium?

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Remember I can't do this for you.

If you have not used epoxy or glues you won't get the feel for whether it's a good fit for the job. As to metal I stick to STEEL since aluminum tends to fatigue, crack and fail in this high stress area.

Also, when I do this sort of repair it's the LAST TIME THE REPAIR WILL EVER BE DONE as I fill the area with epoxy, file it down and paint it over. It's come out nice enough to use but if the user breaks it there is no second repair and no why it will ever come apart since I used a very strong epoxy to fill it in and give the best chance of lasting another year.

This is all up to you. You are the designer and repair person.

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Take it apart

pull the guts out and fiberglass it , than fit hinges while it's apart .
Maybe you can than reinforce it with steel and screws since you'll than have room to work .
I know it sounds difficult but it really isn't , have some sense of adventure ! It's fun !
I fixed my old Toshiba like that and had never took apart a laptop before .
The Members and Mods gave me confidence to do this repair .
Bob helped out some too Devil
Here's my pics > http://s1365.photobucket.com/user/itsdigger/library/Laptop?sort=3&page=1
And tutorials > https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=samsung+np530u3b+disassembly+

Have Fun With It and Don't Be Scared !

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Excellent advice.

Something Yoda said seems to go here.

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Laptop Samsung NP530 broken hinges and mounts

I have a difficulty with my portable computer.It's precise model is Samsung NP530-U3B.It is operating absolutely however each of its hinges square measure broken.Also the screw mounts of the hinges square measure fully destroyed when a drop.I tried probing for a replacement back cowl,so I may mount the hinges back on that,but it's too pricy.I am probing for a DIY plan to somehow fix the portable computer,so I may use it.Any concepts the way to fix the rear panel into place with the laptop's bottom.Here could be a image of the portable computer
In my expertise, you essentially ought to fully replace the hinge and bottom shell of the portable computer so as to repair one thing like this (which suggests that gutting your recent portable computer and moving the components into the new shell). Nothing else DIY I've tried can hold and perpetually lands up breaking once more shortly when owing to the number of pressure exerted on the hinge space after you open and shut the lid. Save yourself the time and potential further harm to components and obtain the shell replaced
You can attempt one thing like superglue or a really robust adhesive like that if you are desperate, however in my expertise those haven't control along properly.

The screws being control in situ by the mounts is that the most vital a part of maintaining the integrity of the hinges. once those square measure loose, it begins to place further pressure on different components of the portable computer that weren't mean to soak up it and you finish up with even larger cracks and different things shifting around which may eventually severely harm your motherboard or different elements.

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