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Laptop freezes on connecting to LAN

I have a DELL Vostro with Windows7 Professional.
When ever I connect it to LAN it freezes and I have to manually restart it again.
It works fine when I connect the LAN wire when the system is powered OFF and then start it again.
My system also freezes when I try to access the systems connected to the LAN.
Any help related to the issue would be highly appreciated.


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Reporting: Laptop freezes on connecting to LAN
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Sounds like a software issue.

Usually it's when the owner installs Windows but forgets motherboard and other drivers. The story is too slim to go further so have the owner tell more story.

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System freezing on connecting to LAN

Thanks Bob for going through my post.
See earlier I had Windows7 Ultimate installed on my system with all the necessary drivers, I usually connected to the Internet through my Mobile.
I used LAN(provided by the college) to access other PC's, occasionally my system froze while accessing other PC's.
Then later I installed Windows7 Professional but now whenever I connect the LAN while my system is still on the system freezes as soon as it identifies the network.

I usually plug in the LAN wire when my system is OFF and then boot it up, it works fine(I am able to access the Internet), the only problem that exists then is that whenever I try to discover the PC's connected to the LAN, my system freezes.

This is the actual problem in brief.
Let me know if you want me to elaborate on any issue.


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Sorry but all necessary drivers is far too vague.

Until I see a list I can't see what was missed. It could be some incompatible other thing like Comanche Firewall eXtreme but again, details are hard to pick out here.

Keep writing.

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Additional Details

Currently installed on my system are:
Network Drivers(includes Ethernet and WLAN)
Graphic Card Driver
Audio Driver
A few necessary softwares(VLC, Adobe products, Chrome etc.)
There is no anti-virus.


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I see no mention of

Motherboard drivers. This can cause the symptom you noted as well as the more rare BIOS update.

Remember I can't check this out for you because all I have is "Dell Vostro" and there are hundreds of models with that name.

Check the Dell site using your SERVICE TAB and see if they have issued those two other items.

PS. No antivirus is not a good idea. Infections via a web browser are all too common.

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Additional Details

I installed the Intel chipset drivers and my BIOS is up to date.
I am still experiencing the problem.
My laptop is a DELL Vostro 1088 with Service tag 58MYWK1

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Given the story, it's time to arrange for service.

I am taking your word that the OS is installed properly.

There are other issues that can catch new troubleshooters unaware. Things like cleaning the machine with canned air. Only the new folk will disregard this. If you find an old person doing PC repair, you often find the canned air in their hand.

Sorry but at this point you have a failed chunk of hardware or an unsupported OS or driver.

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Will surely do..!!

I will give it for servicing in a few weeks.

Just to point out an interesting fact I tried using my Laptop in Safe Mode With Networking and it seemed to work just fine with no issues at all. Can it be any drivers malfunctioning in the normal mode??

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Sounds like a driver issue.

But you claim it's OK so all I can tell is next time don't install any driver and see what happens.

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Thanks for going along with my problem.

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Issue Solved

Hello Bob,

I just wanted to inform you that finally my issue is solved.
All i did was that I installed 32 bit windows instead of 64 bit and now everything seems to work fine.

Do u have any idea as to what could have lead to the problem in 64 bit windows?

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I have an older laptop that has a 64 bit CPU but Windows 7 64 bit has many issues when I install it. Falling back to 32 bit is better but there are drivers missing so still a few issues. The final fix was to re-install the OS that machine came with.

So it's sure that it is a driver issue but let's talk about today's computer owners a little. Most of them are not used to driver hunting and a few don't know that today's Windows, even 7 requires the machine to be ready for 7 in any 32 or 64 bit plus can require drivers.

For some they'll try the other version and get lucky. That is, the supplied drivers are fine.

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