Laptop doesn't turn on right, fan running, but black screen

Hi everyone, I need help with my laptop, not sure what's wrong with it...

It's a Gateway NV7310u
I've had it for just over three years.

So one morning I opened my laptop and pressed a key to turn it back on from hibernating (I think that's what it's called) and the lights (above the keyboard) that usually come on when it comes back up flashed quickly and then the computer made a sound like it was *going* to turn on but then did nothing (black screen)... And I could hear the fan going on but very low, not as loud as it usually is. Battery was fully charged, and both the lights were on for the battery and the power...

I googled this issue and saw a lot of similar problems but there were different answers as to what the problem was and nothing I read made it any clearer to me. I tried taking the battery out and holding the power button down and putting it back in, etc. That worked maybe 2 or 3 times but that's it.

There's also another issue that I don't know if it's related or not... for the past few months or so my computer would get very hot and shut off randomly when I would do anything like go on webcam, watch videos or listen to something on youtube, etc. I don't know what the problem is with there either. I propped my computer up on stuff so it wasn't flat on a surface but it didn't help much. So I don't know if that contributes to anything that's causing the new issue...

So any solutions are very welcome and if anyone has any ideas on how much this would cost to fix (I know it varies a little depending on where) would be nice.


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Reporting: Laptop doesn't turn on right, fan running, but black screen
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Try the usual. Short version.

Remove power, and with the machine off, remove the battery and any attached USB things.
Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds, release and slip the battery in and attached the charger.


Try again.

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no change

I have tried this as well and with the same results..

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Then it needs repair.

Get quotes and decide what next.

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Thank you!

Thank you, R. Proffitt! I had the same problem as original poster and I just wanted it to turn on so I could gte my files off and this worked! I still don't know what's wrong with it but I don't care! I'm just happy it turned on. So, thanks for your advice.

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Share this tech tip (or trick.)

It's worked too many times for me to keep count.

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similar problem no luck so far

I have a HP pavilion laptop screen problem that is very dark but can see shadows of the desktop.
When I turn on the computer and Windows starts up the laptop screen will turn on for one second. I can see the desk top fine and normal, it then goes back to being very dim. I don't believe it is the lid switch because the lid is always open and not moved.
I can connect externally to TV ok. That tells me the graphic chip and drivers are ok.
I replaced the inverter and lamps with OEM parts. I tested them with my screen before final connect to the mother board and are ok.
I use the function F4 to switch between the TV and laptop display. The laptop will display for one second again and go very dim. That tells me the lamps are working and screen is okay.
I've done the pull battery and power down as some suggest with no luck.
I've went into the power option and set the display to never turn off plugged in or on battery mode.
I see on computer forum sites that others have had the dim screen problem but I haven't seen a solution yet. I am wonder if it might be a register glitch for the display, or a key board problem. One thing I wish I would have done was look to see if any updates were installed right away. I installed to a older display driver with no luck. It could have been a update for some other software that is causing a conflick
Anyone have the same scenario and found the problem?

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Is this one of the famous dv9000's?

If so, may ____ have mercy.

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Re: Laptop doesn't turn on right, fan running, but black scr

Gateway laptops are notorious for this type of problem, which in older models is normally due to repeated overheating. How old is your laptop? If it is no longer in warranty, then your repair options can be quite costly. I had a Gateway NE56R34u which suddenly gave me the same problem. Check out this link: It explains how you can fix it yourself without too much hassle - unusual technique, but it got my system back up and running.

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Rinsted can you help me???

What unusual technique did you use to get it up and running? I have the same model and problem, which occured after modding my BIOS.

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Did you try setting BIOS to defaults?


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It did nothing.

What happened to my Gateway ne56r was that I wanted to modify the BIOS for certain settings and features. I requested for a BIOS mod and it worked. I went and changed the new features in my BIOS then saved and exited. That's when it shutdown. I tried to turn it on but only the LED's would come on and I could hear (I think the Disk Drive) try to spin up a couple of times, only for the computer to shutdown immediately. If I hold Fn+Esc while trying to boot with the AC Adapter only then my laptop will stay on with the fan at high speed the whole time. The screen will be blank/black and I have tried to reset the BIOS with a USB flash drive as the guy told me. That did not work, nor did the method above. I am frustrated because I have never had problems (like this) with my laptop before. I am sure the Hardware is fine (It was working right before I modded the BIOS) so I am really at a loss. I have even taken it apart and remove the CMOS battery for 20 seconds then put in back in.

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So you can't get to BIOS by tapping an Fkey?

Why are you using USB to do this? did you try Bob's advice?

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I told you in the title that it did nothing. Yes, I tried Bob's advice and multiple different ways similar to his procedure. I tried to do this method from the BIOS modder:
[Try this recovery procedure
remove the battery
put this bios file (make same copies Q5WV1X64.rom and Q5WV1X64.FD also)in a FAT32 usb key and plugged in
press FN + ESC keys
with keys pressed, plug the AC/DC adapter
press Power On button
Wait until bios updated]

But this didn't work or I didn't do it correctly. That^^^^ is why I used a USB for that^^^^ method. I will try all of the Fkeys but the display does not even come on.

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You're starting to get testy. Keep in mind you are posting to an over 3 year old thread. Maybe post a new post to get more current answers. Seems to me this is of your own making, but I'm out of here, good luck!

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I came here frustrated (as I stated above) because I needed help. I didn't mean to offend you or come off as angry (even though I didn't offend you) but you kept asking questions that I had already answered for you. Instead of making a passive agressive comment and leaving, you could've tried to help me or not did anything at all. It doesn't matter how old the thread is, it came up on a google search and I was asking Rinsted originally. Thanks for giving me suggestions on things that I've already tried in order to fix my problem even when I already stated that I tried them, then letting your personal emotions get in the way of the original objective and leaving.

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And that's why I'm outta here.

My "personal emotions" have nothing to do with it. Your post entitled "Look" was slightly caustic. Why not try a new post? The 3yr old post is likely to receive less responses. But my opinion is your woes are self inflicted.

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Not really

If you were "outta here" like you originally stated, then you would've been. But seeing as you came back just to leave another comment rather than trying to help (which is what this forum is for) like R. Proffitt, you aren't. And you (again) took offense to my response to your original passive-aggressive comment just to criticize me on posting in an old thread. You took a title as caustic that was completely intended to get your attention and not to offend you. I was trying to clarify things in that comment because you didn't seem to understand that I had already answered your questions previously. Don't say you are out then come back again to hate some more. Why don't you just try to help, or just not say anything at all (again the perpose of this forum).

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Just some comments.

Keep working it. Don't get too frustrated.

Please avoid burying your posts like this. It makes it hard to follow and respond.

The ne56r came be found from about 95 bucks to more in working condition so do not over invest in repairs.

As to the modded BIOS I'd go back with the help of those that supplied that BIOS.
I wish I had more to write but this modification means the usual ideas may not apply.

I will share that my son brought back some older laptops and I've been in a hurry getting them fixed up and on W10 before the free upgrades end. Why I mention that is the machines are on par with your Gateway but my choice on the upgrades were SSD and for the other a 15 buck RAM upgrade.

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in case of hp laptop

if u get the above problem

i have this experience some times , i am using hp envy 15(windows 10)also seen this thing when i was on windows 8 also.

Problem : turn on laptop hp loading screen comes next when u feel ur laptop is going to turn on there shows black screen almost like its turned off

but fan is on,lights are blinking of the cpu , just the screen is blank

Solution: press increase brightness shortcut which is most of the times F3 sometimes Fn with F3.

when hardware is all good but u experience this black screen u just need to increase brightness.

i blame the driver software hp utility one.

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