laptop crashing

for some reason my laptop keeps crashing when im afk so i havnt seen it but when i come back i find my laptop shutdown instead of on or on standby and when i boot it back up a window comes up saying The system has recovered from a serious error and asks me to send the error report to MS.when i click "To see what data this error report contains, click here" it says:

<div>BCCode : 1000008e BCP1 : C0000005 BCP2 : AA733949 BCP3 : A9EF58A0BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP _ 3_0 Product : 251_6

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Reporting: laptop crashing
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That 1000008e STOP Error code is the same as 0x8e.

Aumha explains that this is commonly caused by hardware problems, perhaps a driver. Have a look at;

Look for 8E in the left hand column and click. You will see an entry at the top for 0x0000008E and below that the one for 0x1000008E. They are both the same.

The entry for 0x8e is the one you are interested in.

You need to find out what is causing this so I would suggest looking at XP's EVENT VIEWER. Goto Start > Run, type in eventvwr.msc and click OK.

In the new window look in both Application and System logs, and look for failures. See what else is recorded. if it is a driver failure you are looking for something like xxxxx.sys, where xxxxx is the name of the driver file and .sys denotes a driver.

You say the laptop keeps crashing whilst you are AFK. What is the laptop doing when you are away from the keyboard?


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i dont understand what you mean

i dont understand what you want me to look for in event viewer however i see several warnings and errors as for what its doing well its usually in standby or just the lid is closed while a video is loading or while a browser is open i dont know what else it could be doing..anything specific?

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Well, lets see

if Bob's way helps first.

But about the Event Viewer. It is a log, or a collection of logs showing the status of the system throughout a session. All log entries are timed.

That means that you can 'track back' through the logs to find out why a system did what it did at particular times. For example, when your system crashes with a blue screen or otherwise you can investigate the logs for the time when it crashed to find the entries at that time.

It helps diagnose what was happening at the time. If you don't know the specific time then you look at the entries listed. So, you have to re-boot after a crash. You already know the time you have rebooted because that is 'now'. Look at the logs, find the first instance of 'now', and then look at the entries before now lower down the list, to find the last entry or entries just before you rebooted. Those are likely the ones that will show what happened to cause the crash.

I have to ask, why would you close the lid when a video is loading?


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well i havnt gotten any crashes since i posted this thread..

so im guessing bobs fix is working (thanks bob!) but ill post again if i do get another crash.

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just crashed again

well there was nothing running except for 2 yahoo pages on google chrome and it was on standby,then i turned it on(i mean taking it off stand by not a reboot)and put it on stand by again because i had to go and after a while came back and turned it on and right then there was a BSOD and it restarted

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i looked in event viewer and couldnt find anything that looks different than usual except for the save dump thing

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just crashed twice and i still dont see anything except for the crashes and the save dump stuff in the event viewer... Sad

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Re: event viewer

You see the crashes in the event viewer. That's nice. Now tell us the details.


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details?sorry i might be a little less than intelligent at this stuff..=/ in the descriptions of the crashes it says the error codes or w/e that i posted in the first post thats all

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Re: error codes
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(NT) Did you do the CANNED AIR work?
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just did

just did it but now the fan doesnt seem to be doing anything at all Sad im afraid i might of broken it...

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There are instructions about that.

Never more than short blasts. We don't want the fan going 100,000 RPM.

And if it did clear out a hairball, the fan may have a lot less need to run!

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i did

do short blasts..i hope your right but is there a way to check if it really does still work? i dont want it to overheat and crash suddenly =/

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It was stuck on some dust..

just opened it up it seems it was stuck on some dust now its working fine Grin hope i didnt break anything tho...>.>

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(NT) Sounds more like a rock than dust.
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Just some thoughts.

1. Forget screensavers. Tell it to blank or power off the screen.

2. CANNED AIR. I find most laptop owners to have never cleaned the laptop's vents or leave the laptops on the bed. Only after it fails they hear about cleaning every 6 months and to place them on a proper surface.

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thanks will try this

just turned screen saver to blank also do i need to open my laptop or just spray canned air in the fans and stuff?

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Good to hear.

1. Blank is better, but setting it to none and using the power off is one better.

2. There are many web sites about that. Since I'm doing this about every 3 to 6 months I never have to open it up. So start with the power off, the battery out and in an area you don't mind the dust give the vents a short blast. Don't press the button too long as we don't want to freeze things or spin the fans up to 100,000 RPM.

There are web pages with pictures out there but it's a do it yourself simple thing.

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