Laptop charges for a bit then says not charging, starts back

Product Name: HP ProBook 450 G1
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


A few years ago I bought a HP ProBook 450G1 and I've been using it for a while. Last month I had to get it fixed because it wouldn't turn on, somethings were damaged by a faulty charger. Since then, I bought a new charger (Hama, universal charger) and the voltage matches the original one.

Since I got my laptop back from the service, I have this problem: when it's plugged in, it charges for a few seconds and then it says "Plugged in, not charging" and after a bit more time it starts charging again. The battery level stays the same. I've never changed my battery.

I have also tried reinstalling the ACPI-Compliant Contro Method Battery from Device Manager. I have also tried unplugging the charger, removing the battery and all the peripherals and afterwards holding the power button for 20-40seconds. I updated the BIOS aswell, I got the update from HP website. The problem was there before the update, and it still appears.

Please note that if I remove my battery, but the laptop is still plugged in, it will shut down after some seconds.
Battery is original.

I have gone

to BIOS to try and find something that might help, but instead I stumbled upon a few settings which I think might have something to do with the battery, but I'm no expert. Here's what i found:
1. Boot Options -> Require acknowledgement of battery errors (is turned off)
2. Built-in device options -> Boost Converter (is turned on)

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Clarification Request
(NT) Laptop charges for a bit then says not charging, starts on
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I have a culprit

This was not an issue for me until micrsoft updated the battery management on windows 10. Then my battery all the sudden never charged to 100%. Now its looping restarts after a few seconds saying no battery power and its plugged in. Fsck microsoft pushing crap updates that fsck your system. Probably on purpose...cell phone companies have done it why not computers?

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Clarification Request
laptop charges for few seconds then stops charging

my hp laptop is not getting charged after few seconds of plugged in

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If you feel it's the same as this discussion.

Then the news looks expensive. Read below.

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"never changed my battery." = clue.

The original battery is a 300 cycle or about 18 month rated part. You are now years down the road and haven't changed the part beyond its life span.

I know folk dig in their heels on this and DEMAND how to test if it's that. I test it by slipping in a new battery.

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Thanks for the reply. I might have forgotten to mention the fact that if I remove the battery but keep the AC, the laptop will shut down after some time. basically my laptop receives electricity for a few seconds and then it stops doing that, and it starts receiving again and so on, so i dont think its the battery. You have a good point though

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Then it's the motherboard.

Frankly I'd start with a cheaper part first. Also, at the office we have an old Compaq that will do same if the battery isn't in. And before you tell me otherwise we have two of that model and both do that.

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I have the same issue. The same as described by you. Can you help me if you have found a solution to this.


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Not the OP but

I've solved this one dozens of times over the years. If not hundreds.

I've lost count.

If you have a battery 2+ years old as above, let's hope it's the cheap part.

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same issue, new laptop new battery

same thing with my MSI GT72S 6QF
i would be on it, watching video or playing overwatch, after couple of moments laptop would dim screen(battery mode) and brighten up again(AC mode), and would repeat until i exit game or stop watching videos, i even checked battery task icon, when it goes into battery mode and screen dims, it literally shows that AC is unplugged, thou it's plugged in.... anyone with solution? share on timelines please? i really would hate to RMA my laptop and wait for 2-3 weeks to get it back, also fear that it possibly wont be even fixed when i get it back, i suspect it has something to do with AC port in laptop

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There are companies that do nothing but laptop jack repair.

I notice that folk that carry their laptop with the charger plugged in get this sort of failure a lot. Also, the jack ever get tweaked by someone tripping over the cord, it happens.

RMA is best in my opinion since you are in warranty. After it's fixed, never carry the machine with the jack plugged in and rearrange your workspace so no one ever trips over the cord and breaks the jack.

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This Might Be Unrelated

As the title stated, this might be totally unrelated, but just a thought.

I have a Samsung laptop, and in Samsung settings there is a setting that will only charge my laptop up to 85% battery, and then say "Plugged in, not charging." after a while when it gets back down below 85%, it starts charging until it reaches 85%.
I haven't used an HP laptop so I don't know if it has that feature, but it could be similar.
Could that feature cause the AC power to cut out for a few seconds repeatedly?

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