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Laptop buying dilemma

I want to buy a laptop, however my first and foremost requirement is that it absolutely has to have the eraser/nub mouse thing in the middle. Ideally it would not have a touchpad whatsoever. Is there any site that lets me search by this criteria? I prefer Dell's but it's hard to see on their pictures which one have the nubs and which ones don't. Also I don't think any of them come without the touch pad. I know you can disable it but I will never use it so I don't even want it.

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Eraser Head

You seem to be a die hard IBM thinkpad user. They came up with the idea, patented it, manufactor it, and still use it. Many feel as you do that the eraser head is the best mouse for a laptop. I would try looking at the IBM Thinkpads now manufactored by a company called Lenovo. Just go to and look at the thinkpads not lenovo's notebooks.

Thinkpads are powerhouse notebooks they are built strong and to last and they do, they seriously are laptops that work hard. and they provide the buyer with the oppurtunity to put the most advanced components in their laptops. However they are more geared towards business even though many consumers and business users alike love the systems. But being geared for business initially they really don't have a home/consumer thinkpad, therefore thinkpads aren't the most stylish notebooks made, traditional black chassis since their first notebook only the material has changed.

If you are dead against the trackpad then I would look at the X series (not the tablet) the X60 does not have a touchpad is extremely light weighing in at about 2.8 pounds with high end components. However it lacks an optical drive. If you need or want an optical drive which many of us do then go for the T60 which does have a touchpad but also has an eraser head. The T60 is lightweight but with more features then the X. All thinkpads have the eraser heads! Also very important because they are business notebooks they are not built with the best video card, if this is important be sure to select the higher end video card when customizing the machine. Good luck.

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Navigation pad...

Agreed on the IBM/Lenovo, good solid products, and don't forget, you can turn OFF the navigation pad.

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Lenovo Graphics Card

Startgate. Thanks for your help in another post regarding Macs and Windows.

I am debating between a Macbook and a Lenovo. Lenovo makes a Z series that is marketed as the Media Center type laptop, but the T60 seems more powerful. I configured a T60, but did not see an option to upgrade the graphics card. Did I miss this option and if so, which card would be good for movies?

I think I would also need a dock for the dvi output.

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I have checked out the customization for the T60. I apologize, they no longer offer a high end video card for the T60 like they once did. If you were to go with the T60 the better choice would be the ATI Mobility Fire GL V5250 256MB. The graphics memory is actually on the video card, and it provides 12 pixel pipelines. This would be the best choice for the video card out of the T60. It will provide you with a great not excellent just great graphics quality for movies, and games.

A port replicator (dock) would be great if you were going to use your laptop like a desktop, meaning a standard keyboard and mouse. However if you are going to just attach a larger screen to the laptop I wouldn't buy a port replicator. Instead of spending all that money on a port replicator, just go online and buy something called a femal VGA to DVI conector, for ten bucks your VGA port on your notebook becomes a DVI conector. Let me know how it turns out, and if you have any questions juts leave a post. Good Luck.

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hi, could you look into the other thread(looking to buy a new laptop) another guy need help. just check if i advise right or wong.

thanks a lot,


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I'm going to advis him on the HP, the system to me doesn't seem worth it. It's heavy, clunky, and frankly too expensive for so little features. As a longer time user of Toshiba can you do the same? Honextly I need to find out how much money he is willing to spend before we could recommend a laptop like the one you have just put together and bought. Otherwise you advised him well.

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you were going to advise this guy(the guy in this thread) for the HP? he didn't want very high and more importantly wanted an IBM

But do you find my piece no worth the price???(no offense taken. just curious)

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I what I was trying to do was to tell the guy that I didn't think the Toshiba was worth the price. I think you got a great machine, if I thought you were being robbed I would have told you so. I'm sorry to hear about the tax, I wasn't aware of that high of a taxation. I believe that the tax is proportional to the warranty, so that gives a basic explanation. Sorry for the misunderstanding I think you got a great machine.

However I really seemed to misunderstand this guy, can you tell me what he is looking for his budget, basically any information that you collected. I would really appreciate it, I think the post is getting too large. To make things a little neater we may have to start another post in the forum. Thanks

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(NT) The post I am talking about is your original post
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Ok so the tax is on the warrenty that now makes sense. No problem at all, it wasn't a misunderstanding at all, it was just me not being able understand what you meant.

now abt the other guy
right same here, even i was in our words trying to discourage him from buying the toshiba coz it was overpriced(but then it did include the HDDVD etc, but still it was quite overpriced) His budget seems to be fully loaded, as he was willing to consider a $3000 laptop, thus i told him to look at Alienware/Voodoo Pc/ XPS.

He just replied to my message about the budget so read that and you will get some idea. i think he is about done with our help though, from the look at the last message.

ya i think it may be getting a bit too large.

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Yeah about the tax, I hope that you are not angry at me because of the tax price. The corrilation betwen tax and warranty is a stupid idea.

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AS i said in the other topic. the tax would be charged irrespective. maybe there is a dependence of warrenty and tax. like maybe $20 bucks it for the warrenty and 100 for the laptop. so you are not wrong in any way.

I can not be mad with you, you become a friend to me (even though i don't know your name)(lol)

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(NT) Ok, thank you
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PLease come to "Laptop buying troubles". thanks

the guy wants a $1500 laptop 15" good enough for movies not very graphic intensive. look at the HP specs i have given...

good night will come back tommorrow afternoon.

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T60 Graphics Card vs Macbook

Stargatefan or anyone know how the graphics card on the T60, ATI Mobility Fire GL V5250 256MB, compare against the Macbook's?

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macbooks graphics cards are not great, around 64mb to 128mb I believe. I have an hp laptop which is alright graphics wise; however I wish I had bought an apple now cause I do not use the laptop for any graphics intensive games. I've never owned mac but have read a lot about them and seen them in action and they are different and I wish I had tried one out maybe

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Mac book graphic card.

you can go to the website and check their graphic card specs; but as he said i think 128 MB is what mac books give. 256 will be better(esp for running Vista's aero etc)

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Thanks guys.

I'll take a look at the specs online and try to get first hand look at a mac at the Apple Store.

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T60p or HP dv6000t

Hi, i just saw your review on the ATI Mobility Fire GL V5250 with lenovo T60. I am thinking of buying the T60p. But I also looked at the HP dv6000t which had the 256MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 7400 video card. I just wonder which of them may produce better graphic effect and for entertainment and school use purpose, which would better from your point of view. Thanks a lot.

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For your dillemma...

I replied (longly) to it in the Mac OS section.


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