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Kosovo: Clinton 'lied,people died'?

Nov 30, 2005 10:38PM PST

The White House ? finally ? began pushing back against irresponsible charges that Bush "lied" to the American people in making the case for war.

The garrulous Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., made many "Bush lied" accusations: "There was no imminent threat. This was made up in Texas, announced in January [2003] to the Republican leadership that war was going to take place and was going to be good politically. This whole thing was a fraud." And Kennedy later intoned on the Senate floor, "Before the war, week after week after week after week, we were told lie after lie after lie after lie."

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., said, "... [T]he administration intentionally misled the country into war." Anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan, speaking to the president in a TV ad, said, "You were wrong about the weapons of mass destruction. You were wrong about the link between Iraq and al-Qaida. You lied to us, and because of your lies, my son died."

Question: If Bush "lied," did former President Clinton "lie" about Kosovo?

Clinton, in a March 24, 1999, Oval Office broadcast, explained his military action in Kosovo:

We act to prevent a wider war, to defuse a powder keg at the heart of Europe, that has exploded twice before in this century with catastrophic results ... By acting now, we are upholding our values, protecting our interests and advancing the cause of peace ... Ending this tragedy is a moral imperative. It is also important to America's national interests ... Do our interests in Kosovo justify the dangers to our armed forces? ...

I am convinced that the dangers of acting are far outweighed by the dangers of not acting ? dangerous to defenseless people and to our national interests ... I have a responsibility as president to deal with problems such as this before they do permanent harm to our national interests. America has a responsibility to stand with our allies when they are trying to save innocent lives and preserve peace, freedom and stability in Europe. That is what we are doing in Kosovo.

The former president called Kosovo a humanitarian crisis. The New York Times, on April 19, 1999, wrote:

In San Francisco on Thursday

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I've been wondering for years ...
Nov 30, 2005 10:49PM PST

... how any intellectually honest person could have supported our involvement in the Balkans but not Iraq. Of the major criticisms (no WMD, "rush to war", no UN blessing) there are corrollaries to each in the Balkans.

Evie Happy

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lol some will say its diferent
Nov 30, 2005 10:57PM PST

wonder whoHappy

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OTOH, Evie, there was no question of an oil grab,
Dec 1, 2005 2:46AM PST

Milosovic hadn't tried to kill Clinton's father, and while the UN didn't sanction it, all our NATO allies did. Nor did the mission didn' change in midstream after the initial rationale came up empty. So yes, it was much different. Furthermore, it didn't tie up the majority of our ground forces for years in a grinding war of attrition, or increase the budget deficit by hundreds of billions that we can't afford.

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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How do you know a Democrat is lying?
Dec 1, 2005 12:56AM PST

He/she is accusing someone else of lying. That's what Dems do. Ditto for cheating, stealing, killing, etc.

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(NT) (NT) His mouth is moving???? LOL
Dec 1, 2005 1:00AM PST
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(NT) (NT) Please expound
Dec 1, 2005 1:01AM PST
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Dec 1, 2005 1:02AM PST

Are you baiting?

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fishing is jps middle name
Dec 1, 2005 1:12AM PST

dont use a barbless hookHappy

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Dec 1, 2005 1:19AM PST

KP just said that all Democrats are lying, cheating murderers and JPBill is baiting.


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And my reply
Dec 1, 2005 1:24AM PST

was from an old joke! On both political parties at one time or another! Maybe JP should have addressed his post to KP?

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Or maybe you should have commented.....
Dec 1, 2005 1:32AM PST

....on KP's ''baiting'' too. In the interest of fairness and all.

I knew yours was a joke; I've heard it before about lawyers and others.

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Maybe if I was a mod.........
Dec 1, 2005 1:34AM PST

I would do thatHappy Obviously none of the Mods took KP's post as a TOS??

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If you're not a mod.....
Dec 1, 2005 1:41AM PST

....then perhaps it's best not to accuse anyone of baiting?

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(NT) (NT) Give your advice to some one that cares Josh!
Dec 1, 2005 1:49AM PST
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At least you admit you don't care.....
Dec 1, 2005 2:02AM PST

....about doling out your accusations fairly. That's a big step forward for you.

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Read the next message
Dec 1, 2005 2:04AM PST

this is my last reply on the subject

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An explanation OK?
Dec 1, 2005 2:02AM PST

I saw this it reminded me of an old member that used the term a lot!

I replied with this because it struck me as funny to see it

So JP responds with this

I think I called it right when I said BAITINGHappy

The last post I apologize for I should have posted this instead, But your reply just ticked me off a bit.
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So two members of this forum....
Dec 1, 2005 2:11AM PST

....used the same (rather common) word and that's a reason to accuse someone of baiting?


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so josh you still say clinton didnt lie
Dec 1, 2005 2:23AM PST

ok your right the rest of us are wrong

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I never said whether he did or not
Dec 1, 2005 2:41AM PST

If you'd been reading my posts without some predisposition to attack, you might have picked up on that.

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Since I am dense I wish someone would explain to me how
Dec 1, 2005 2:14AM PST

anything Clinton,George Wahington,Nixon,or Madison did or didnt do has any bearing on whether or not GW. Bush is right or wrong about anything?

The answer is,of course,it doesnt!

Was Clinton a bad President or just a bad boy who sat in the Whitehouse is a good subject for another thread. And no sane person would argue that the Elder Bush had any input via his Presidency into the answer to that!

But it is too much to ask certain people, whose minds connect that which cannot be connected to understand this simple concept..."the action speaks for itself"!

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(NT) (NT) WHAT??
Dec 1, 2005 2:19AM PST
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Thank you
Dec 1, 2005 2:21AM PST

Sadly your very reasonable response will likely fall on deaf ears.

IF the situations are really analagous then the argument might be that either both of them lied or neither one did. You have to step up for the guy on the other side or come down on the guy on your side in order to go there though.

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(NT) (NT) why you do a good job of it
Dec 1, 2005 2:07AM PST
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and your point is?
Dec 1, 2005 2:43AM PST
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(NT) (NT) If it has to be explained, ...........
Dec 1, 2005 2:42AM PST