I believe Kodak has moved all of it's camera repair to Mexico.

The problem you encountered is not too uncommon.
The battery was too weak to permit the lens motor to retract the lens.

Most people get them going again by various methods.
The camera just needs a little help.

If the lens is extended:
When you turn-on the camera gently press on the front of the lens barrel to help the lens to retract.
If that doesn't work, gently pull on the lens barrel as you turn on the camera.

If the lens is parked:
Before turning-on the camera, look at the rings around the lens.
See if the gap between the rings are about the same.
If not, gently press on the rings to try to equalize them.
Then turn-on the camera.

Some people have done all of the above and then resort to slapping the camera on the sides and/or bottom.
Don't get carried away with the slapping.
That works for some.