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Kodak Digital Camera CX 4200, battery problems

Since I got my camera I've noticed that it seems to eat up batteries.. or so I thought.. it would take about 20 pictures and then die. So I'd put it into my CD walkman to just see if i could use them a little more and they'd show up as full on my CD walkman. Now, I know this could be because it doesn't take as much power to run a CD walkman.. but I would think that the camera would at least drain the batteries more before dying. Anyway, after going through a lot of batteries I finally invested in some rechargeables hoping that they would be better (because they're the recommended Ni-MH batteries), but they weren't. I still got about 20 pictures out of them, which would be okay if I could just recharge them afterwards, but no, I can't do that because the batteries aren't low enough. So I have to put them in something else so that the batteries die, and it takes forever.

I then decided that maybe it was time to check it out with Kodak. I went on the site and emailed them about it, but it's really frustrating because it's like talking to a wall. They just read your email and paste something that could maybe help you.. I've been emailing back and forth a nice bit and I keep getting a lot of the same responses back. Then, they said well you can call in and set your camera up for a repair. I called in and after about 45 minutes of telling them what was wrong and giving them my information (spelling everything out, along with saying a word that started with that letter) they just said try more kinds of batteries. I wasn't going to buy another 40$ set of rechargeables so I tried some normal batteries and it was the same. Then, I decided to loan my batteries to a friend who has a CX6200 (it's 2 megapixels like mine though) and she got over 200 pictures taken. Now, I guess this could be because it's newer and not so hard on the batteries but I've only had mine for 9 monthes or so, so I wouldn't think there'd be that much of a difference. Also, I do not have a camera dock, and my batteries are not Kodak ones. But, the batteries must be decent if they got over 200 on my friend's camera.

Anyway, the point of my post is, I was wondering if anyone heard of this problem before, and if it's just suppose to be like this or if I should try to reason with the Kodak people to set it up for repair.. my warranty will soon run out.

Thanks a lot,


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Reporting: Kodak Digital Camera CX 4200, battery problems
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Re:Kodak Digital Camera CX 4200, battery problems

I checked a number of customer reviews of this camera and while there were a few more than normal complaints, none of the complaints were about short battery life.

I would like to comment on the recharging of NiMH batteries. It is not necessary to drain the batteries before recharging a NiMH battery. In fact it should not be done.

An uncharged NiMH battery should be charged two to three times before using for the first time. After that, a standard charging is all they need.

Draining the batteries may be contributing to your problem.

Wal-Mart sells 4 NiMH batteries with a charger for $9.98.
It takes 16 hours to recharge.
They have another battery/charger combination that sells for $25.00.
It takes 30 minutes to recharge.

20 pictures on a set of Alkaline batteries sounds a bit short but maybe not if you leave the display on for extended lengths of time.

You should get at least 200 pictures on NiMH batteries.

Back to Kodak. If the camera is still under warranty, you should continue with your efforts for them to repair the camera.

Most companines do not respond properly to email. I would suggest that you telephone them with your complaint. If that does not produce satisfactory results, write them a letter so that the problem will be documented as occuring before the warrant runs out. Most companies respond better to letters than email.

Good Luck and keep bugging Kodak.


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Re:Re:Kodak Digital Camera CX 4200, battery problems

I just want to thank you for your help, I'll definitely keep bugging kodak.
About the draining, when I put the batteries in the charger it won't charge unless it's lower.. I usually use my cd walkman to see the battery life. I can only usually start recharging when there's about 2/3 or 1/3 of the battery life left (according to the cd walkman). Is this still bad? or is it just completely draining the battery that's bad?
Thanks a lot!
- Erica

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Re:Re:Re:Kodak Digital Camera CX 4200, battery problems

I have never seen a charger that will not charge unless the battery is way down. It almost sounds as if the battery does not need charging.

It is bad to completely drain the battery.

I suggest you pick up one of those $9.98 charger/4-battery combos at Wal-Mart.

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Re:Re:Re:Re:Kodak Digital Camera CX 4200, battery problems

I think that might be the batteries I have.. or maybe not, I think mine were more like 40 something canadian. When I plug the charger in with the batteries that just came out of the camera the light doesn't come on to show it's charging, so I just assumed that meant it wasn't charging. Because, when the light is on it turns off when they're done.
I think I'm going call Kodak today and maybe talk to somebody.
Thank you for you help Happy

- Erica

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