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(NT) (NT) Money Talks........One More Time!
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This is best IMO

Kobe has a bigger target on his back from this point forward no matter what. If he is guilty of what she alleged, then either (a) he will offend again and won't get so lucky, of (b) wife and handlers will keep him on a very short rope to prevent it from ever happening again.

The damage to the reputations of both has already been done with all the leaks and mistakes by the court, doctors, etc. I don't think it hurts either to settle the civil suit. Those that believe Kobe is guilty will think he settled to avoid that being demonstrated in a public court of law, those that believe he is innocent will accept that he settled to put this behind him as so many celebs before him have done. This woman can move on and afford whatever counseling she needs to do so. May she learn the lesson that you just don't put yourself in that kind of situation to begin with ... that much was totally under her control and may she choose better in the future.

Women know to beware. Just like I wouldn't date OJ Simpson if I had the opportunity, I wouldn't go to the hotel room of Kobe Bryant.

Evie Happy

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It really does pay to viciously assault the victim.

Money does talk. The victim and prosecution were badly abused by the court who leaked information all over the place. I do wonder what accounts for the 'lapses'.

It is too bad that the victim's usual behaviour so compromised her credibility.

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This wasn't money talking....

>>>>>It is too bad that the victim's usual behaviour so compromised her credibility.>>>>

In this particular case, the victim's behavior two weeks prior to and immediately after the alleged rape is what was her downfall. The courts allowed that information and nixed everything about her reputation or behavior prior to the two weeks before the charge.

Whether the courts leaked that information to the press/media is another story and it should not have happened, but whether it came out before the trial started is a moot point since it would have come out during the trial anyhow. A prostitute suffers the same 'doubt/credibility' issues as well as wives who bring rape charges against their husbands or women who bring charges against their boyfriends. You have to be able to be tough enough to know you will be doubted and this particular victim, whether the charges were true or not, wasn't strong enough or stable enough given her history to carry on. I can't say I blame her decision....I think I blame the prosecution for pushing this forward as heavily as they did without going deeper into her past and history ahead of time and forewarn her that it was going to be hard to get a conviction and that it could very well get ugly for her on a personal level. There are too many prosecution teams in our country that see a high-profile case as a way to further their own court win-records and their personal agendas with little compassion for the victims.

The victim should have never had her name made public ahead of time (I don't know who/what party leaked that information) and that contributed to her reluctance to go on with the trial as a witness, which threw the prosecution into a tizzy over what to do next.

Just my take on some of this........And I believe that a settlement is in order for both of these people to get on with their lives and move forward as much as possible. I don't know if either side is a winnable civil case, but if it can be avoided, that's the route to take, I would think.


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My error

Actually the court ruled that only the first 72 hours prior to the alleged rape took place and the time immediately afterward prior to her examination were the only issues of her past behavior were allowed...not the two weeks I mentioned in my post.

And from what I understand reading more about this case, her name was never released or printed in the media. Most people don't know who she is even today. Her name evidently was being bandied about by people who were being interviewed and they are the ones (previous friends, etc) who actually named her and started talking about her past behavior publicly, including her mental stablity issues.

Who needs enemies when you have friends like that?


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