I'm not sure what you are looking for.

"kick start" give me visions of motorcycles.

To learn more about the camera and photography, I recommend you visit this Olympus link.


There will be more links on the left side of that page.


Don't try to read the entire owners manual right away.
There are too many features and you can not learn them all. Start using the camera and IT will tell you what you need to learn about.

My recommendation for any new camera is to visit a local zoo or tourist attraction. Don't worry about not knowing about all the bells and whistles on the camera. Take lots of photos of all types. Long zooms, no zooms, closeups, photos of people, building, trees, plants, etc.

If you know a little about some feature on the camera, try it out. If your not sure about something, guess and take the photo anyway.

This is a learning excursion and mistakes are OK.

When you get home, review the photos carefully and you will see things that could have been done better.

You will turn-up several things that you want to know more about. Get out the owners manual and read about those items.