Key combination of alt-shift-x becomes alt-x

If I press alt-shift-x, where x is some alphabetic key, Windows 8 treats this as alt-x instead. Does anybody know why this might be happening ? I know that the shift key is working since in Windows 7 it works properly.

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Reporting: Key combination of alt-shift-x becomes alt-x
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Let's keep an eye on this question at link.
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Link does not solve problem

The link refers to Language settings for the Language Bar hotkeys. I doubt whether this is global or not but I went ahead and set the appropriate hotkeys to nothing. It did not fix the problem.

As for crossposting I have found out that if I need to know something and only ask on one particular online forum I almost never get any help.

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I am unsure what alt+shift+x does.

Since I only have Windows 8 and 10 machines with me (on travel) you may have to tell more. What does shift+alt do for you that it did or not before?

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PS. Remember that in the past, the left and right shift

Was used for different things. When changing OSes, the language shift will change. It's NOT consistent so again and I was not clear on this, you have to tell what this alt+shift did before and after.

Before in XP through 7 it may change languages. But now with deprecated language support I can't be sure what will happen.

I know it's asking a lot but tell more.

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Alt-Shift problem

Alt-shift-"alphabetic key" are combinations I have used with the Windows program Keyboard Express.

My point is that when I try alt-shift-"alphabetic key" Windows 8.1 is treating it as alt-"alphabetic-key" for some reason I can not fathom. In Windows 7 it is treated correctly.

For Instance I am typing this in a Firefox window. The Key combination of alt-f in Firefox is used to open the File menu. That is normal. If I type alt-shift-f it should not be opening the Firefox File menu, but it does. There are numerous other instances I have encountered where the alt-shift-"alphabetic" becomes alt-alphabetic in Windows 8.1. I clearly doubt that this is a keyboard problem per se, as Windows 7 handles my keyboard perfectly.

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I would never have guessed this. is the app you claim to be using. The standard Windows action for Alt+Shift was to shift to another language so I would have never guessed there was some other app in play. gives me a slight clue the macro must be Global as well.

But as this is not a Windows question but a support issue for them, I must ask you ask them next what's up.
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KE not installed

Keyboard Express is NOT installed when this problem occurs. I have already contacted them and they mentioned that Windows 8.1 may be intercepting my alt-shift-"alphabetic" keys. That is why I have posted my problem here.

I had installed KE, noticed the problem, then subsequently uninstalled KE. It's completely gone from the system. I highly doubt, with thousands of Windows users, that KE has mysteriously changed Windows 8.1 somehow. I have used it extensively on Windows XP and Windows 7 in the past and it has always worked flawlessly.

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Here it's working as expected.

I had to enable language support to check it out on Windows 8 but even in XP I had to setup up the second language for Alt+Shift to work. Without a second language enabled Alt+Shift works as Alt alone. To me this sounds right and proper.

I'm a little confused here. If it works right with Keyboard Express is installed, where's the issue?

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Not working correctly

It does not work correctly with KE installed.

Are you telling me that pressing the alt-shift-"alphabetic" combination on previous versions of Windows always triggers just alt-"alphabetic" for some reason ? That is not my experience and I am sure it does not happen. Why would such a combination be automatically translated to something else when Windows applications are being used ? I want and need alt-shift-"alphabetic" to be alt-shift-"alphabetic" and not alt-"alphabetic", as it is happening currently now using Windows 8.1.

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Shift is right and left

You left out key details up top so I leave you with this. There is no "shift' but there is a left and right shift. When we get down to this level we have to be very specific.

Let's note that covers left and right and the MASKING issue with some keyboards.

I don't want to upset you but leaving out the app you need working left me investigating if I found any difference between my Windows XP, 7 and 8 machines which I didn't find any change in how this invokes the language changes.

HOWEVER did remind me to ask about if you are sure sticky keys and filter keys are turned off.

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Shift is left

For my purposes let's call it the left-shift key. Actually it makes no difference as alt-left_shift-"alphabetic" becomes alt-"alphabetic" and alt-right_shift-"alphabetic" becomes alt-"alphabetic" also.

Both filter keys and sticky keys are turned off.

Maybe it is a keyboard problem. Who knows ? My keyboard is a Saitek Eclipse II keyboard, which is pretty old and no longer supported by Saitek ( Madcatz now I believe ). I can see in Windows 8.1 in Device Manager that the keyboard is treated as a generic keyboard where in Windows 7 it is recognized as an Eclipse II keyboard. Hard to believe that Windows 8.1 can treat a generic keyboard badly but maybe it's not knowing what it is is causing it to fudge the alt-left_shift-"alphabetic" key presses to alt-"alpahabetic". I can get a new updated keyboard easily enough, even though the Eclipse II "works" fine otherwise ( I am typing this reply with it ).

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Checking your other post.
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Just tried it on an Asus x202e Windows 8.1
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Windows 8.1 versus Windows 7

I was wrong about Windows 7 identifying my specific keyboard. It does not do that but shows in Device Manager the same thing that Windows 8.1 shows: that it is an "HID Keyboard Device" and that is all it knows. Yet checking again on Windows 7 the combination of alt-left_shift-f does not trigger the File menu on IE or Firefox while on Windows 8 the same combination does trigger the File menu on IE or Firefox. In other words alt-left_shift-f ( or alt-right_shift-f ) becomes alt-f on Windows 8.1 for some reason I can not fathom.

I am just baffled as I can't think of anything on Windows 8.1 I could have installed that would do this, and I am not very happy about having to uninstall a slew of programs just to find out what is causing this problem.

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Did you set a prefix or suffix key in Keyboard Express?

I left it as ## but didn't play around with KE much.

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KE setting

What difference does this make ? KE is NOT installed and this issue is occurring for me on Windows 8.1. Why do you keep pursuing KE ? It is irrelevant unless my having installed it in the past at one time under Windows 8.1 actually caused the problem.

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I went over how Alt+Shift works on XP to 10.

It worked fine. Yes I only tested 4 PCs.

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What are you trying to accomplish? Why worry about this?

This discussion seems to be non-ending, but I note that there are 26 alphabetic and 10 number keys on all keyboards, so why are you concerned with this? Isn't 36 combinations enough? If not, you know you could put dozens of shortcuts on the desktop. I have to say it boggles my mind as to why that wouldn't be enough. Please explain.

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It turns out it was not as presented up top.

Later we learn it's about a keyboard enhancer app. Keyboard Express works find on my test case but they lead with what you call "the wrong foot" so I went off checking out alt+shift behavior on XP, 7, 8 and now 10. Nothing changed from what I could tell.

Then the real issue was shared. Keyboard Express didn't work for them.

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Sounds like a problem w/Windows Express, not Win 8.

From reading the first several posts, I got the impression they were complaining about a Windows 8 bug, but this sounds like a problem in Windows Express. So why aren't they dealing with the folks who develop & support this product? Another question would be why do they need this product in the first place - I haven't seen any reason given, and I've never heard of anybody using it.

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I've used macro systems since well, before DOS.

I wish they had shared the real issue up top so that would have saved me from checking out alt+shift and how native Windows from XP to 10 works with that. I would have never guessed that it was an app in play. Alt+Shift is something that Windows uses to shift languages natively. But here we are, having run it down in more than a few ways. Something's up with their PC, it doesn't look like a Windows issue.

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I wrote my first macros for the 7094 and 7044. When I got.. first PC in 1989, I used macros in Works version 2 for DOS. Today many applications have macros built in, e.g. Office. I sure agree something's up with their PC that doesn't look like a Windows issue.

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Macro systems

The issue really isn't about Keyboard Express but what is happening when I use my keyboard under Windows 8.1 in a particular case. If I could find a program to run under Windows 8.1 which could read the keystrokes from the keyboard before Windows 8.1 processes them I might be able to see what is going on.

Nonetheless thanks for your help !

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Windows 8.1

This is happening to me under Windows 8.1. I have no idea what "Windows Express" is supposed to be in your answer.

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Real issue

The real issue is that a key-combination gets changed in Windows 8.1 for me to something else and I am trying to understand why it is happening. I can understand that if no one else is experiencing what I am experiencing under Windows 8.1 I can not be helped, but please some trying to deflect what the issue is that I am having.

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I have pursued this because when I have used Keyboard Express in the past the keys I have used are "global". In order to have keys in KE that do not conflict with any other keys I may be using ( like in JEdit, the programmer's editor I use ) all my global keys in KE start with the sequence "alt-shift-some_single_alphabetic". Can you understand why "alt-shift-some_single_alphabetic" being mysterious changed when I run Windows 8.1 to "alt-some_single_alphabetic" might bother me ?

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What I don't understand, and you haven't explained is...

...why you felt the need to use alt-shift-some_single_alphabetic in the first place. You know, the further you get from the "beaten path", the more likely you are to run into problems nobody else is having; and you've yet to explain why you felt the need to do that.

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When you lead off without telling me it was KE at issue I went and lost time looking into Alt+Shift and how it worked from XP to 10. Maybe someone else will pick this up but I put in the time and then, well, the problem was not fully presented.

Let's hope the KE company helps you out but here it seems dandy and fine across 4 machines. I took a hour at the office to try it on XP, 7, 8.1 and now 10 with KE. This does not sound like an OS based issue.

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