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Kerry: Genealogy. This "Irishman" is Jewish and French. Ahh...those carefree summers in France...

For some, feel free to skim (heh, heh)

John Kerry is not Irish. As has been widely reported, John Kerry's grandfather, the devout Catholic Franklin Kerry, grew up in central Europe as the Jewish Fritz Kohn, changing his name before immigrating to the U.S. in 1905. Kerry's mother is part of a wealthy Massachusetts family that traces its English roots back to the founding of the Bay State (marrying wealth seems to be a tradition among the Kerry men).

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One of his French cousins, Brice Lalonde, a former Mitterrand minister for the environment and now mayor of St. Briac, where Kerry grew up, says that Cousin John would be a better president than George Bush. The French and European socialists love our French-speaking senator whom they believe will usher in a new era of close international relationships. They are possessive of his mother, who grew up in Brittany.

From his birth through his military service and political career to dubious fund-raising with Robert Torricelli and schemes with George Soros, Kerry has lived a charmed existence. Questions are publicly asked of him, carefully crafted non-answers are returned and accepted and the matter is closed.

For years, in Massachusetts, Kerry has gathered votes predicated on his "Irish" ancestry. His grandparents came to America from Bohemia where they had the honorable Jewish name of Kohn, which they subsequently changed to Kerry. Says Kerry, "(T)hose of us, who are fortunate to share an Irish ancestry, we take great pride in the contribution that Irish Americans ... ."


Should that happen, the advertising campaign on the Paris subways has been wasted. As of this week, hundreds of ads read, "55,000 places in card lottery available for 2004 in France. Call 017271555 or go to webpage" Just what we need -- 55,000 new residents and their families from France, and John Forbes Kerry too.

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Reporting: Kerry: Genealogy. This "Irishman" is Jewish and French. Ahh...those carefree summers in France...
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One can hardly blame John Kerry who is just one of the

millions, perhaps billions, of people throughout the world who wish to elevate themselves to that highest pinnacle by claiming Irish ancestry.

It's only natural.



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And today...

Everyone is IRISH Happy

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Is someone from County Tyrone considered Irish?

Just curious since a gggrandfather came from there. My Scotish roots are stronger.

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I've been thinking that Kerry looks like a frenchman. Now I know why.

Is the overwhelming desire to advance to the rear in the genes?

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Re: Kerry Genealogy -- another dose of mud. Contrast this...
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Mud? Which side are you refering to? [nt]


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Re: Contrast this... I did and interestingly enough...
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Remember Goldwater vs. LBJ, Dave...

Dave when you do the "holier than thou" routine, remember the Goldwater vs. LBJ campaign. The Democrats did the same thing.

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Re: Remember Goldwater vs. LBJ, Dave...

Hi, J.

I was actually working for Goldwater at the time, and I certainly don't recall any veiled attacks on his Jewish ancestry...

-- Dave K.
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Re:Why is his or anyones geneology relevent??? Aren't we all Americans? nt


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Cut him some slack, MK

When you can't campaign on the issues, this is the sort of thing you have to stoop to. I'm sure the next "scandal" will involve Kerry coloring his hair or something.

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(NT) I understand he puts his pants on ONE LEG AT A TIME too!
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Politically it's not how one enters his pants that count, but... Clinton has made obvious, who else enters them while he yet wears them. It's not how one puts his pants on, but when, where and with whom he lowers them. Those pesky pants and their foibles have ruined more than one career throughout history.

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Re:Politically it's not how one enters his pants that count, but...

Well that shouldn't really be any of anyone's business except the pants-dropper's family's, but that's another discussion.

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**Trying hard not to imagine why you guys are so interested in Kerry's pants*** -nt
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Simple -- the President should be able to put his pants on two legs at a time

I sadly fear that Kerry's inability to do this may be proof that he's unfit to lead.


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I used to do that

But my wife complained about the jumping around early in the morning. There's also the broken furniture and knick-knacks to consider. And don't forget the cost of torn pants!



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Sometimes it has a signifigant effect on elections.

Politicians will use thier ethnic roots to curry favor among that group and gain their support, because it works. Ethnic groups tend to also give strongest support to "one of our own".

What makes it interesting in this situation isn't Kerry's actual ethnic roots but almost humorously, him using the perception that he was Irish in past to garner a greater portion of that vote in Boston when running for office in past. The quote in the article I linked showed that perceived ethnicity was actively used by Kerry for that very purpose.

Ethnic background, Religious background, all these often factor into a voter's perception of a candidate and whether he wishes to vote for that person or not. Sometimes if some association would seem detrimental in an election, it actually turns out not to be so, as in the case of JFK being Catholic. There are probably a number of people that didn't vote for him based less on him and more on their objections to Catholicism and the Papacy, but obviously there were a large number who didn't allow that to negatively sway them when voting.

Don't tell me you've never noticed a politician mention or use his family background in an election? They all do. Some have even used invented ethnic backgrounds, which when discovered later can become a real hoot, LOL.

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