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Kerry calls for 40,000 new troops, more help for military fa

BOSTON - Sen. John Kerry [related, bio] called for tens of thousands of new US troops on Monday and said the country should adopt a series of initiatives to support military families.

Kerry said he plans to file legislation to increase the size of the military by 40,000 - 30,000 in the Army and 10,000 in the Marines - to help support the country's efforts in Iraq and the larger war on terrorism.

He also said the country needs to do more to help families of those serving in the military, from boosting death benefits to extending psychiatric care to veterans returning from Iraq.

``The war in Iraq proved that a lightening-fast, high-tech force can smash an opposing army and drive to Baghdad in three weeks. But there is no substitute for a well-trained and equipped infantry to win the peace,'' Kerry said in remarks prepared for delivery Monday at an annual ceremony sponsored by the Telegram & Gazette of Worcester.

One program being pushed by Kerry would allow families of veterans killed in combat to remain in military housing for up to year. Currently, families must move out of the housing after 180 days.

The Massachusetts Democrat also said the country needs to do more to support businesses whose employees are called up for service. He is pushing a small business tax credit for businesses who make up the difference in lost wages for reservists.

Other recommendations include:

wonder if he will change his mindGrin

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Reporting: Kerry calls for 40,000 new troops, more help for military fa
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He's going to file a piece of legislation?

Well now, who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks Wink

Evie :

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who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

George Bush?

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wait wait

maybe kerry wont change his mind, and if he does this must be a first time or close to him doing anything.

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One interesting point about you hero Bush's budget, Mark,
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well whats got to be

will be i dont see any body elses party doing anything but *****.

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Some more details
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(NT) (NT) so they pay a co pay but thats ok
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(NT) (NT) Demagoguing is more like it :(
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Yes, a few Vets are 'fighting' it...

but a few Vets of the "bread and circuises" persuasion also voted for Kerry. A few Vets (definitely not representative of the majority) aren't bright enough to see through the liberal misrepresentations any more than far too many liberal Academics.

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Turning the focus on the President.

This is not about our President. It is about John Kerry.

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I don't recall you making the same objection on any of the hundreds of occasions when Mark has shifted every subject to his obssesion with Kerry.


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(NT) (NT) sigh
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(NT) (NT) Wasn't part of this board until recently.
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well as your a nay sayer

somebody has to keep you from straying from the truth

but as your the laser expert, and prison expert we can understand your confusion

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OK. Questions

What truth?

What lasers?

What prisons?

Are you able to keep on topic ever?


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well your past posts on the subject

you spoke as an authority so what is it are you are are you not an authority on those subjects.

you made staements that you ne better, the properly run prison wont have riots since you said that you must be the authority on that. and the lasers you have "friend" who said it wouldnt hurt so you make statements like that, so you either are or your not.

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Sorry, Mark

I'm sure it's just me, but I'm not following you today.


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Yep, cuts have to be made and...

what no one is bothering to point out is that NONE of the VA related "cuts" effects any of the disabled vets with service connected disabilities. They do affect the more affluent veterans and non service connected who have always been on a space available basis.

The article was emotive and short on facts while long on fear mongering.

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The other day ...

... a (supposed) WWII vet called into the Rush Limbaugh show when Roger Hedgecock was subbing. He claimed to be 78 y.o. and immediately upon finishing his tour he was slopping asbestos somewhere in some factory the next Monday. Anywho said he worked in that business for 40-50 years and has COPD as a result. Went on and on about how he gets his meds through the VA and how they have gone up since Clinton to Bush.

All I kept wondering was why he wasn't looking to his former employer to pay this?? This had nothing to do with him being a veteran!

Evie Happy

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RE: Kerry calls...

Now, was this before or after he voted for the war? Or was it before or after he voted against the war?

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(NT) (NT) he isnt sure :)
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The ''big lie'' at work again

Kerry voted in favor of giving Bush the OPTION to go to war. The "no" vote you're referring to was for a bill for funding for the war, which he voted against only because he didn't feel the bill contained adequate accountability for how the money (a lot of which was going to Halliburton) was to be spent.

But I'm guessing you knew that.

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He voted against funding the war effort ...

... after he voted for the war. Both he and Edwards called their votes "protest votes". Some never change. Sad

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well you know kerrys wife dropped his name again

seems to me its contagious

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(NT) (NT) but flip flopped as usual
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I bet if you did a search on '$87 million' you'd come up with more than one post in which I repeated what I've just said above. Your choice to continue to ignore the facts because they happen to be a bit inconvenient.

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flip flopping away i was looking for a plan but i flipped

flooped again

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I may be thick/stubborn at times.....

.....but I think it's finally gotten through to me that intelligent debate with you is impossible.

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when you get over the fact that you backed a liar

and can handle it we can debate but as your in denial still, we can talk all you want but the reality is plain you are in denial

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(NT) (NT) Believe everything you read? Glad you're here.

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