To start with dont buy your phone from cingular or verizons retail store in town. They may only let you make one phone exchange and you might need to make 3 or 4. For signal strength and voice quality dont check this in town where you have a full signal..go to a place where the phone only shows one or two bars of power..well wait a minute..cingular phones wont work at all with one or two bars so lets say 3 your home phone leave a message on your answering machine..make sure you call from the same place with each phone you try..leave the same message saying what phone your trying..this is how other people will here the phone when you call make a long story short..the Razr V3m is going to win this test..its sounds just like your calling from a house phone or better. in signal strength though it falls short'll find the v325, vx8300 and samsung a930 showing one or tow more bars but the V3m has worked fine before with no bars showing and no dropped calls.