No, I don't know of any retails stores that stock the Acers. Note that the Acer 2025 is a model version of the 2000 series so see if Acer has anything out with a 2xxx model designation online that fits your needs.

Again, the only reason to buy the Acer 2025 or equivalent or the Dell 8600 (which is somewhat heavier and thicker than others) is the ability to buy the ATI 9600/9700 video card with 128mb dedicated video.

There is an Acer Ferrari model (painted Ferrari red on LCD lid) that also has 128mb dedicated video RAM so check that out.

Otherwise, if you can live with 64mb dedicated RAM the HPZT3000/Compaq X1000 series or the Toshiba M35 series are great choices (only Dell and HP/Compaq are fully customizable over the internet).