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Ken Londoner is disturbed with Windows 10

Apr 18, 2016 3:38AM PDT

Hello Everyone,
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and I ran into a bunch of problems. Among other - smaller ones, the biggest one for me is the keyboard problem, which is similar to ghosting out in the middle of work.
I have an "older" Acer Aspire 7738G laptop. It probably reached it's peak with Windows 7, as it was originally launched with Windows Vista. It worked great on Win 7 and in the first days of the upgraded Win 10.

Now... the problem started at random. With random ghosting on the keyboard (like multiple buttons are being pressed at one and hearing the internal speaker making the "squeak" sound). Lately, the keyboard started not responding from the minute the laptop is powered on, even not loading the BIOS.
A strange symptom that occurs is that when the keyboard is "out for good" the only combination of keys that respond is the "FN + Left/Right" which triggers the brightness.

Solutions tried so far:
1. Disabling the keyboard and similar inputs from the "keyboard" category (eg. HID) from device manager is not possible. Removing them can cause the computer not to turn on!
2. I've ordered a new keyboard from eBay. Replacing the (hardware) keyboard did not solve the problem either.
3. Activating "keyboard filtering" made things worse...

Things to know:
1. I have the Windows 10 Professional 64 bit version.
2. The drivers have automatically updated themselves with the windows. Had a similar problem with the touchpad and it turned out that there was a trojan virus in the driver... somehow. Scanned everything, but no more viruses are present on the system.

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Reporting: Ken Londoner is disturbed with Windows 10
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Re: keyboard issues
Apr 18, 2016 3:51AM PDT

- if "recently" is less than 30 days ago you can go back to Windows 7. But my guess is that this is a hardware issue, and then another OS won't help.
- If it's more than 30 days, you can make an image to go back to, and then go back from your recovery disks (back to Vista?) or from your latest Windows 7 image, to see if it's OK. If it is on your latest Windows 7 version, stay there and don't upgrade.
- Did you check that everything is fine if you run a Linux Live OS? If not, that surely points to hardware issues.

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Ken Londoner is disturbed with Windows 10
Apr 18, 2016 5:04AM PDT

No, in fact I upgraded it nearly 3 months ago, somewhere in the beginning of January.
I'm sure that it is 100% a software thing, as a live boot cd from linux works well. As I said, the problem occurs at random times (eg. after half an hour, or after logging in), and there are some days that it doesn't occur even ones.

Another fun fact is that if I want to go back from stand by (with pressing any button on the keyboard), the laptop starts, and the next second - when the OS is up the keyboard stops running.
Also there are moments of total confusion... when I close the lid and return back from stand by - it sometimes goes back to working / but sometimes it doesn't. As I said it is totally random!

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If this was mine, I'd work on the drivers.
Apr 18, 2016 9:10AM PDT

Why? "The drivers have automatically updated themselves with the windows. "

I've found that 1 out of say 10 (or more) upgraded PCs need me to go back in and get a few drivers from the machine's maker. In this case I'd also look for any keyboard enhancers from the maker.

I know Acer has some keyboard enhancer to control things like WiFi and more so there's that to check too.

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Interesting direction
Apr 19, 2016 12:27AM PDT

I was thinking the very same thing. But as I've said:
1. Disabling or updating the keyboard drivers and similar inputs from the "keyboard" category (eg. HID) from device manager is not possible. Removing them can cause the computer not to turn on!

And yes, my laptop was one of the first with a touch-sensitive panel for controlling the volume, and another panel for enabling wifi/bluetooth (see pic).

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If you delete any driver for the
Apr 19, 2016 4:03AM PDT

Device manager there is no need to shut down and all you need to do is within the device manager menu select search for new hardware. When you delete a driver and then scan it reinstalls the driver. I had this happen on my Surface Book with the pen. I was getting a message corrupt driver so I deleted and then did a scan for new hardware and it installed the driver and I haven't had a problem since November. At first I thought it was a battery issue. I also haven't had to change a battery in the pen since.

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Thank you
Apr 20, 2016 3:51AM PDT

Also, I forgot to mention from my answer below...

Now I can disable the keyboard, something that was not possible from before. Also I completely disabled all the HID input interfaces, and now I have completely cut of the capacitive button panel from the right. It wasn't that great on Win10 anyways...

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And there are more than drivers.
Apr 19, 2016 7:50AM PDT

I guess I tried to keep it simple. Besides drivers we have apps and services that add support for keyboard actions.

I know it's rough on folk that haven't installed Windows hundreds of times or taken courses on the system. Also, the killer issue is that while I've installed over a thousand Windows, DOSes and other OSes, I haven't installed it on yours. And that is where Windows has a big issue. Microsoft never tackled the issues of "what drivers and apps do I use on this PC?"

The issues sound like a driver, service or app issue. Maybe you should not install keyboard app/driver/service the next time as a test run.

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Thank you for your answers
Apr 20, 2016 3:49AM PDT

Thank you @orlbuckeye and @R. Proffitt

Here's the deal so far... I've been able to install a "normal" driver for the keyboard and all the other HID input devices. I went in Device Manager, updated the drivers from the list of compatible drivers, added another driver that was compatible and so far the keyboard seems to work 95% of the time.

The thing is, I swapped the proprietary Acer keyboard driver for the Standard 102 key keyboard one, and after the restart everything worked fine.
Late last night, the keyboard stopped in the middle of the night (after solid 5-8 hours of working time), without the *Squeak* sound. I closed the lid on the laptop (thereby putting it to sleep), and after I turned it on again it seemed to work again.

I believe that the drivers that Windows 10 has in store for my configuration (that I had nothing to do) are not working properly... Or they are using some other Acer driver, that works for another laptop from the series...

Having in mind that now it hangs up on me once every 8 hours, maybe there is a "cure" for this type of behavior, or should I let it go and be happy with it?

Ken Londoner

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To me that sounds like a driver or hardware.
Apr 20, 2016 6:39AM PDT

I encounter a lot of issues like that and we either find malware or a hardware issue after the drivers are sorted.

-> Let me ask one thing. Are you keeping up with your monthly canned air on the vents on this laptop?

Why I ask is that I find most folk never do this. Why I changed from quarterly to monthly or more specific 1st or the month is the sheer volume of failing laptops due to clogged vents, fans and heatsinks.

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Could be malware
Apr 20, 2016 11:48PM PDT

This could be malware... as I've said above:
2. The drivers have automatically updated themselves with the windows. Had a similar problem with the touchpad and it turned out that there was a trojan virus in the driver... somehow.
I have been thorough and have scanned it with everything I have, but it could be a deep virus, IDK I am not an expert in these things.

About the cleaning. Believe it or not, this laptop is a nightmare for maintenance, because you have to break it down piece by piece to come to the ventilation system (the copper tubes and the fan system itself). Last time that I've been doing this type of cleaning was in... last October. I have never been doing monthly cleaning ups.

And, I got to ask... How is this have got to do with the keyboard, because it is beyond me?

Thank you for the suggestion
Kenneth Londoner

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Somehow it could have helped
May 5, 2016 12:05AM PDT

I've been free to work on my problem once again, and I gotta tell you that your suggestion haunted me.
So, last weekend I disassembled my Aser laptop once again, cleaned it properly and assembled it back again.

Now, for the results> It seems that this is working, as I've had no major problems so far (4-5 days in a row).
However, there are a few glitches here and there. For example, I am a TV series addict, and I recently started watching the new season of Vikings on my laptop. Opening the whole season means that I don't move, not yet touch the keyboard or the mouse. After the third episode (about 2 hours of inactivity, I get uncomfortable), I close my Media Player (Classic) with my wireless mouse, and then I realize that it is the same all over again - the keyboard does not respond. The only combo of keys that I can input are FN+UP or FN+DOWN (for light toggling). This has happened 2 or 3 times now and I cannot help but notice that if the "Num Lock" is on and my numerical keys are active, that the laptop is more prone to keyboard freezing. Am I making any sense?

Kenneth Londoner

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