1. The article [Q307116] states that you can set the view setting of all the folders on a computer to match the view setting of the current (selected) folder by clicking Folder Options on the Tools menu in Windows Explorer and then clicking Like Current Folder on the View tab. However, if a folder other than the current folder is also open, Windows may not apply the view setting of the current folder to the other open folder(s).

2. In addition, read the article "TweakXP" concerning Windows remembering the view settings for the 400 most recently used folders, afterwards XP will begin overwriting the data of the oldest folder, and its view setting will be lost, and the preferred method for fixing the anomaly. Read both the articles [Q812003] and [Q813711].

3. The following is my last recommendation otherwise and may not work either. Click View, Folder Options, click all three of the buttons Reset All Folders, Like Current Folder, and Restore Defaults -- afterwards, reapply any settings wanted/needed in the advanced section, but be sure that a checkmark is placed in the item labeled, "Remember each folder's view settings". Subsequently reapply steps explained in #1 above as necessary.