Kaspersky installing issue - help!

I am trying to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 onto my Windows 7 laptop. At the end of step 3, there is a "fatal error", and the installation stops and rolls back all the progress it made.

I made screencaps, for easy helping.

In the middle of installing.

Rolling back.


And then it says this.

I downloaded the scanner thing, but it didn't show up. So I did some research, and I found that Norton can never be completely uninstalled. I had Norton previously. Kaspersky won't install if there So I got CCleaner (It has a pear as its logo) and used the reg cleaner tool. There /where/ some Norton-related things that it cleaned up, so I restarted and tried to install Kaspersky again. ...To no avail. The same thing happened.

I have tried to install Kaspersky multiple times, and this just keeps happening. It worked fine for my friend's computer; this is the program's second out of three possible installations. So I know there's nothing wrong with the program itself. The error messages tell me that my computer may be infected, but it runs fine, and CCleaner isn't picking up anything else.

Because I uninstalled Norton (and the useless McAfee) before trying to install Kaspersky. (I have the disc.) So my computer is unprotected. Help me.

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Reporting: Kaspersky installing issue - help!
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Clarification Request
Where did you get that idea about Norton?

Symantec has a removal tool for that. Google "Norton Removal Tool" and it's gone.

As to your machine being unprotected, that's not true either. You are now protecting it by not visiting shady web sites or installing cracked apps.

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A/V uninstall etc.

Usually Kaspersky will tell you that there is other A/V software in the system and ask if you wish to uninstall prior to proceeding with the Kaspy install, this seems a little unusual. And yeah the Norton removal and Mcafee removal tools are normally pretty effective for that purpose. The majority of problems I have encountered with mfg A/V software removal(s) have been with Mcafee. Do you think he should run a MWB in safe mode with networking to see if there might be something blocking his progress? Just wondered what your thoughts on this might be.

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My thoughts are

Sure, try that. But my experiences are that there is far too much malware out there that would block this install. We also have users that ran registry cleaners or worse.

The story is pretty sparse so far but removing Norton is not a mystery as it once was.

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Removals, etc.

I totally agree, the Norton removal tool is generally pretty good as is the Mcafee remover but the potential of a malware issue is a possibility.

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Hmm, I definitely don't want malware. I'll store this away for a last-ditch resort, though. Thanks for the insightful discussion, R. Proffitt and pgc3! I'm actually learning a lot about computers throughout this whole debacle.

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Clarification Request
BTW, did you ask in the Kapersky forums?
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Clarification reply:

Ah, no, I didn't ask in the Kaspersky forums. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of time making dozens of accoutns for different computer help sights. I might end up doing just that though.

Ohhh, reading that thread, I see that my problem may be that installing straight from the CD just doesn't work sometimes. It's odd that it would work for my friend's PC, but not for mine, but. I may as well try.

Thank you.

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The install from CD issue. Good one.

I've encountered that on OTHER software over the years. Not Kap so far. The cause is pretty universal. Dirty lens or old drive. Well, fingerprints and scratched media are worth adding. Not that I can list all the causes but optical drives only last a few years it seems.

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(That's interesting but) none of that worked.

Hmm. It may be my optical drive, it may not, but downloading the .exe of the 2012 Anti-Virus didn't work. I tried that first, then downloaded the Norton removal tool straight from the Norton website itself. I let that do its thing. I then restarted and revved up the .exe again.

No dice. Same error as my original post.

Anyone got any other ideas? Because I seriously have no idea where to go from here, except to continue to do the same thing over and over. And you know what they say about doing the same thing and expecting a different result has to do with madness.

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need more clues.

What's different about this PC? Was it hit with a trojan or rootkit? Or worse, registry cleaners?

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Did you read the thread R. Proffitt pointed you to?

You might want to re-read the thread, if you have. In the third post, it was suggested to:

"Download the Kaspersky installer from links contained in the second and third Important topics. Install using the downloaded installer, then activate with your activation code, This, instead of using the installation CD."

Did you get that far? The third "Important Topic" is titled "Upgrading to version 2012 from any previous version, How to avoid annoying upgrade issues" I realize you're not upgrading, but it may have some relevant information.

If I were in your shoes, the first thing I would do is run McAfee's "Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR)" again. And then I would run it yet again. I've had experience using it on quite a few systems and had to run it a few times, before it removed all the files.

I would then do the same with the Norton Removal Tool.

In the Important Topic, the moderator strongly recommends all prior versions be removed. Since you tried to install it more than once, I would want to make sure all KAV files were gone. Even if it meant using Kaspersky's removal tool. Also clean any temp files.

In another thread at the forum, where a user had a problem installing the software, it was suggested to run a Microsoft Fixit tool, which addresses installation problems. Something to consider. As you can see, the forum can be a wealth of information. It takes time and patience, though.

And lastly, in regard to the error message. If you google most of what it says, I think you'll be surprised with how much information you'll find.

Best of luck..

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Almost all of it.

Yeah, that was the .exe that I mentioned. (I didn't know what to call it.) I have that other thread bookmarked too; that's actually where I found the link to download the installer. I didn't get far enough through the installation to enter the activation code before the error occurred.

Ohh, I didn't use a McAfee removal tool. I used the Norton one, but I only did it once. I suppose it couldn't hurt to do it again.

Hmm, so trying to see if the problem is fixed may just be making it worse? Alright, I'll do that too. Yeah, sifting through all of it has already been a pain. And I haven't even been through all the main threads yet!

So McAfee removal, run Norton removal again, Kaspersky removal, temp files, and Google. I'll look into the fixit thing, too.

Thank you, Carol! I'll get back to you. Hopefully with good news.

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Some last thoughts..

You mentioned the 'useless' McAfee, but didn't use the tool. McAfee is no different than Norton when it comes to getting its "hooks" into your system. Yes. Do use the tool. You have nothing lose, with the exception of some unwanted files.

I don't understand: ".. so trying to see if the problem is fixed may just be making it worse?" At this point, there's no need to know. Attempting to remove files using the above tools, is not going to make matters worse. Unless you were referring to a registry cleaner or optimizer, which you "forgot" to mention. In other words, some of what you tried in an attempt to fix it.

One thing you didn't mention was whether you're having problems installing any other software. Again, it's unimportant now.

Note I posted it's what I would do if I were in your situation. Cleaning prior A/V's is (for me) the easiest and least time consuming. As would be scanning to rule out an infection..

My overall feeling is this. Without knowing what the error indicates, it may be approaching the situation "arsebackwards". If none of the above helps, it may be time to research the error message.

As previously mentioned, google may provide some answers. ONLY as an example. See the second error message this user found, when utilizing the Event Viewer. It's not exactly the same. But my point is.. the information can be found.

Here a user received a similar 1935 error code, and also mentions the installer rolling back. Each error varies, as does the fix.

In cases such as this, .NET Framework is mentioned. Whenever I have a question about anything .NET related, I head over to Aaron Stebner's Weblog.

The above are ONLY examples of the type of information available to you. A little digging, time and patience should get you there. Unless one of our moderators or members has a quick answer for you. I hope it turns out to be the case. Meanwhile, I would first continue as planned. With fingers crossed.. it might work for you.

Best of luck!

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