jvc gr-dvl365

hi , i have the above camcorder , and i'm trying to transfer video to my laptop which does not support firewire , the usb out from my camcorder is only for photos .
the card reader slot on the asus x54c is 25mm wide , would a Firewire Express Card fit in this slot ? And would it work to transfer video ? I know that pinnacle moviebox would do the trick , but i'm looking for a less expensive solution , as i dont use the camcorder on a regular basis.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Limited "digital" transfer...

According to
your laptop does not have an expansion slot (typically either ExpressCard or PCMCIA). The available card slaot is for using flash card media only so you can take that thought off the table.

According to
is indeed a miniDV tape based camcorder that uses the camcorder's IEEE1394-compliant DV port and a firewire cable to connect to a computer's active firewire port.

Since your laptop does not have a firewire port and no way to add one, you have two options:
1) Use a computer that has a firewire port. When saving/importing the video from the miniDV tape, saving the files to an external hard drive will allow you to move the drive to your computer after the importing is complete. That way you can edit on your computer.

2) Us an "analog/digital converter". For your specific laptop, the best you can do is some sort of external, USB-connecting A/D converter. Elgato, Roxio and a whole bunch of others make these. Connect the camcorer's analog/composite video cable (that came in the box with the camcorder). There will be one end that fits the camcorder and the other end will have a few color-coded RCA jacks. Yellow is the composite video; Red is right-audio; White is left-audio. These RCA male connectors plug into the A/D converter. The A/D converter plugs into the computer. There will be some reduction in video quality because of the step through analog and over USB.

These "analog/digital converters" come in different sizes and costs. They are also referred to as a "capture card" when installed as an internal card in a desk-top computer with an available expansion slot.

Video uses LOTS of space when imported, decompressed and available for editing. An external hard disc drive is strongly recommended for two reasons:
1) As indicated above, you can move to different computers for editing.
2) It keeps the editing activity off the internal start-up drive. While you are editing, competition for computer resources (virtual memory) will be much less than if the files are on the start-up drive. This will improved the computer's response time.
3) You should ALWAYS have at least 20% available start-up hard disc space. Because video files are so large, you can quickly fill that internal drive. This is prevented by saving the files to the external drive.

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jvc gr-dvl365

thanks for the replies , my camcorder never came with a anologue/composite video cable , it came with a cable with a small socket on one end to fit the cameras dv out , and a normal firewire connection on the other end that use to fit into my old pc tower (which is no more sadly) i've read on some other forums that the pinnacle moviebox will do the trick ??
Also my camcorder is a different model to the one you have a link to above .
What is you opinion on the Pinnacle Moviebox ? Thanks again for the informative replies

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I went to

and pulled down a few manuals for the jvc gr-dvl miniDV tape series. They are all basically the same. A few pages into the manual, there is a "Provided Accessories" list and images. An AV cable is included. A 3.5mm (1/8") on one side with four "elements" and 3 RCA jack on the other with composite vide (Yellow), red and white for audio. The AV cable plugs into the AV port under the flap on the right side of the camcorder next to the lens barrel.

I don't know if you purchased the camcorder new. Normally, the included AV cable is used to connect to a television for playback.

I would expect the JVC part WPU122SCP001 that works with current camcorders will also work with yours.

If your camcorder is that different from the link provided, it will be difficult - impossible - to really help. We can only search model numbers which do not change within a manufacturer.

I have no opinion on Pinnacle MovieBox - I have not used it. Perhaps others have and can guide you.

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jvc gr-dvl365

Please excuse my total ignorance , you are absolutely correct , i have just dug out my old manual for the camcorder and found the cable you mentioned earlier .
I'm going to go with pinnacle Moviebox , as i have been informed by someone with the exact same problem , that Moviebox works , fingers crossed Grin

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No worries - that is

one reason we're here... to help. Though you did have me doubting myself for a moment... I hope Pinnacle MovieBox does what you need. Please share your experience (good or bad) with how you connected the camcorder to the computer and what MovieBox was used for... Perhaps another reader is in your situation and can use helpful guidance.

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