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Just got a new mobo and its acting funny

I just got an MSI K8N NEO FSR. Everytime the computer restarts It never loads up into POST basically the monitor light stays orange. I have to hit the restart button like 3 or 4 times b4 the monitor comes on and it boots fine. But then when for some reason I have to restart the computer it does that to me everytime. Whats up with that.
My specs are MSI K8N Neo FSR, AMD 64 3000+, 450watt psu,ATI Radeon 128mb 9700 pro, 512mb pc2100.


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Reporting: Just got a new mobo and its acting funny
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Is the power supply turning on

completely each try?? All fans and drives turning?? Or does it stay up only after the multiple tries????

Possibly your supply can't handle the turn on current, Got a super video card, ? Might need a better [or higher wattage] power supply.

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psu should be fine

Yea the computers fans come on it makes sounds like the hard drives are coming on. I had an older MSI motherboard that didnt give me any problems. Im pretty sure 450 watts is enough for a ati 9700. The ATI site says it recommends 300watts. Sometimes I hit the reset button 4 times b4 it comes up into POST or sometimes I just get fed up and power off then power on.


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(NT) (NT) sounds like a warrenty issue
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IMO that sounds like an inrush

problem. Have read a few in gamers forums where some PS's had trouble starting with high power video cards. Run fine after they get started.

The other possible issue is the PS not releasing the power OK line to remove the master reset, might be marginal and when you hit reset the line releases.

just some thoughts. Wattage rating is simply a number not a design quality.

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never had problem b4 with the same card

Only thing different is that this mobo and cpu is 64bit. It does require both power plugs from the psu to the motherboard instead of the normal single atx plug which my older athlon xp used. The ati 9700 uses a berg connector.


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That CPU draws becoup power.

like 89 watts peak.

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That is, unless it's the

90 NM version [socket 939] which draws somewhat less.

What socket CPU???

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its the socket 754 the 800mhz fsb

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That's the 89 watt joberdoo.

maybe your power supply doesn't have the margin that you think it does.

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Sounds like a PSU problem

PSUs are rated at their MAXIMUM performance and include every output they have added together, to reach some (usually) overrated value. So 450W would more likely be 250-320W.

I have an ATI 9600XT 256MB card and when I tried to upgrade to a larger HDD, the PSU couldn't handle it - it wouldn't even let me get into the BIOS.

My temporary solution was to grab my ancient 133MHz P1 and cannibalise it for its PSU to run one of my CD drives and my extra fan. Problem solved!! Of course I have to leave the side off my PC and have the extra PSU sits on top, but only til I score a new PSU.

So if you can get someone to lend you their PSU, try running one or two of your drives on it and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn't, you can at least rule out the PSU issue.

Good Luck Man!

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Just got a new mobo and its acting funny

I'm assuming that this is a 754 scoket MB I have two of them, no problems. So unplug everything but the CPU/fan- heat-sink, One stick of memory, video/card-monitor and keyboard. This MB has plugin monitor with 4 LEDs to show statis on power up, plug this in and watch the LED lights and have the MB book handy so you you can get the error code. You should be able to post the MB and get into BIOS with this setup.
FYI PC2100 is a little slow for this processor you may want to upgrade to PC3200. I'm using 450w PS in my PCs. Please get back with your results. John

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I've never gotten any beep codes. I have my computer up and running right now but how long no one knows. Very weird stuff. I unplugged everything, used one stick of mem, used different mem sticks, etc. Finally some how got it booted into windows and is running good. I did some cpu and memory test and it didnt lock up. So im just gonna wait and see. thanks for the help.


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