In a nutshell NZ has one Teleco permitted to offer local phone services. Telecom. It therefor offers the only internet broadband called jetstream (adsl) every other ISP must buy service from them

Our geography rules out wireless in most places

Satellite is no better as the nearest satelite is over australia and low on the horizon, so it drops out A LOT

Top speed was just "lifted" from 2MBps (speed guaranteed) to 3.5MBps, but speed will drop if many users are on line, Average Data limit per user dropped from 10GB to 4GB, ISP's (then us) pay if we go over it.

So we can have faster speed, but if we use it we are in trouble

Its called the wonder of a monopoly.

The Gov in Feb vowed urgent action (they needed 6 months for this) and Telecom has now (strangly) decided to roll out a new service called ADSL2 which is not covered by the current rules of the telecommunications commisioner. So then the whole process must start again.

This should buy them another 2-3 Years

Oh yes. Telecom has its own ISP called Xtra (Xtra/MSN) which seems to be able to get these speed bumps on plans early. Hmmm MSN .. Strange how ADSL jumed to meet the minimal need of the Xbox 360 Live in the same month as it was released in NZ.... What an amazing co-incidence.

Don't you Love State sponsored Monopolies ...

I dont.

SO when you sit down with your 10Meg/sec cable modem and feel hard done by, Think of us paying 40-170 per month just to get ADSL that doesn't always mean fast

And I just reaised that with easter, the Friday Shows will be here on Saturday, so I can get them anyway.

I normally listen while I work... All alone, in my empty workshop. Alone ...

You save me from becoming like that wonder horse in Dave the Barbarian . Can't recall its name ...

And I will have to send Tom some real kiwiana somehow.

I'll work something out