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Just consider......

As we listen to all the hoo-rah-rah malarkey from politicians of all stripes, there are some things to be considered.

SOCIAL SECURITY; MEDICARE and MEDICAID are all under funded at the moment. States are going broke trying to take care of medical considerations of ?illegals?.

CONSIDER: WHO replaces the payroll deductions of the Baby Boomers as they retire ? There are many thousands of ?illegals? currently paying into these systems via payroll deductions. WHO replaces this ?cash flow? when all ?illegals? are either scared out of payroll jobs or deported ? IF these social programs are not financially sustainable at the moment, IS the candidate you intend to vote for in November ?for? or ?against? a reasonable and workable Guest Worker Program - NOW - without another ten years of debate ? HOW do the proponents of Universal Health Care intend to fund it, BEFORE they enact another under funded law ?

NATIONAL SECURITY is, or at least should be, a concern of everyone who enjoys the freedoms available within the USofA. Should the program to ?eavesdrop? on telephone and internet traffic, when at least one of the parties is a known terrorist or a supporter of terrorism, be continued ?

CONSIDER: Telephone and internet traffic are not of sufficient duration to allow the paper work and procedures of a court room, so, how many ?tips? are we missing and denied by waiting for a Court Order ? IS the candidate you intend to vote for in November ?for? or ?against? allowing the government to realistically attempt to prevent another Nine Eleven O One ?

POLITICS is an absolute mess at the moment. The Republicans don?t have a candidate for President that is capturing the imagination of the public. The Democrats appear to be headed to ?smoke filled hall ways? to select a candidate for President. The Congress cannot agree with the President, or with each other inside each body, or between the House and Senate.

CONSIDER: Regardless of who ends up President after November, it is yet the Congress - the House and Senate - who create laws and appropriations. Can we allow the Congress to continue to put ?Party? considerations ahead of the needs and wishes of the American people ? IS the candidate you intend to vote for in November honestly prepared to represent a voting constituency and not just tow a ?Party? line ? ISN?T it time politics came under control of the voters, and not that of ?Party Cliques? ? HAVEN?T you had enough of the campaigning already ? How many millions of dollars have been spent over the past year, and will be spent in the months ahead - and to who?s benefit ?

I relinquish the soap box - for the moment - we?ll discuss the growing National Debt, as well as individual debt in another session.

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My turn!

No doubt I'll come under attack but I'm going to speak my piece.

This is the first time long time that I haven't felt that if so and so won the election I would want to leave the country. It has been heartening to see the renewed interest of our young people in politics and their desire to be a part of
the direction of our country.

Were I of their generation:

NATIONAL SECURITY: My interest would lie in our rebuilding the confidence in and the admiration the world once had for us, whether or not they especially liked us. They offered us the hand of friendship after 911, and we did not take advantage of that opportunity. They joined us in Afghanistan, but when they did not agree about Iraq, we said, fine, we'll do it alone. We went as far as to say that when they didn't help us, they were helping the terrorists. No wonder the NATO countries don't want to send any more troops ti Afghanistan.

IMO, our best weapon in our National Security is to have cooperation around the world re: terrorists.

SOCIAL SECURITY & MEDICARE: The new budget cuts Medicare payments again. That means that even more physicians will no longer see Medicare patients. That happened a good while ago with Medicaid in my area. Few doctors will take it. Starting in January 08 some doctors will not accept some Medicare Advantage programs.

So getting rid of Medicare is actually quite easy. Now, how to get those for-profit insurance companies to offer affordable policies for them. HA! Maybe we'll just send them off into the sunset on ice floes. Happy

Sorry, Grandma.

I'm thinking that just because things have always been done a certain way doesn't mean they have to be done the same way. Every once in a while in our history there have "been some changes made".

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The U.S. has many problems.
Just a few.
Health care.
Social security.

The problem.....we don't have any.

We are broke....we have no money in the bank.
We are debtors....9 trillion bucks.

We are living day to day on plastic.

If this bubble ever burst the 'R word' might become the 'D word'.

So why are the pols not addressing this?
You don't get elected by telling the truth.
You get elected by promising a FREE LUNCH.

Listening to what the pols are saying is like watching the Comedy channel...............It's good for a laugh.

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(NT) Few words--Simple--Well said !
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We also don't need pols that

stop promising to fight other politician..... or claim they will take on or take down the business structure of our country as if it's the enemy. It needs help in a globally competitive environment with the government as an understanding partner and not as another foe. We also need to take a good look at ourselves and get out of the mode where we carry an invisible sign that says "WILL WORK (if I must)" and just buck up and carry our own share of the load.

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