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Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean...

they ain't out to get you:
Texas CPS data show strong racial disparities
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>>Black children in the Houston area are three times more likely to be removed from their homes and placed in the foster care system than children in white or Hispanic families [even though they represent only 18% of the population]. Statewide, blacks are more than twice as likely to end up in the child welfare system, though experts say national data show that black parents are no more likely to abuse their children. "These numbers are staggering," said counselor Greg Baines, who belongs to a group that has picketed Child Protective Services and family courts demanding answers. "The system is a predator, and it preys upon those individuals who can least defend themselves." <<

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That means nothing

A good friend of mine sells and installs iron bars on doors and windows. He doesn't have to do much advertising because he gets plenty of call-ins for his service. Over 99% of his customers are in predominantly black neighborhoods. Why do you think his customer base doesn't reflect the racial breakdown of the population? Is there something different about the predominantly black neighborhoods that would result in them needing burglar bars anymore than other neighborhoods?

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That means nothing!!!!!!

It means a lot. Your stament doesn't take into account that people in other areas can afford more elabhorate or expensive protection.

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(NT) (NT) It costs way more for bars than an average alarm system
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One time installation... true... but with these others systems it's a monthly fee. I'm not just talking about an alarm thats sets a warning signal but ones they go into a notification site to call police, fire, the owner.... whatever....

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The point is this

If 90% of crimes in a particular locality are commited by blacks you can't look at the resulting prison population and say the system is prejudiced just because the prison population doesn't reflect the general population.

As for the burglar bars my friend averages $2000 and claims that $3000 to $5000 installations are not uncommon. What's a shame though is that this is very expensive for his average customers but it's the only solution many of them have found that will work. They live in high crime areas where they have to do something, but home burglaries are just not of high enough priority to draw the police to the seen of the crime fast enough to interrupt it because the police are so busy responding to the multitude of other crimes in the area. These people know if they don't prevent the burglary in the first place they will likely not see their belongings again.

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Irrelevant nonsequitur, Clay.

The role of CPS is to protect children from abuse. The statistics say that there's no correlation between race and frequency of abuse. Therefore, the racial disparity must be due to something besides that which you imply.

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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The opinions expressed above are my own,
and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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No that is NOT what is indicated.

What was indicated was that the data is being looked at to assess what it is actually showing.

CPS is NOT just about "abuse" as you seem to think but also about an "unhealthy environment" whether there is any abuse or not. That little tidbit alone makes one wonder why you seem to feel that Clay's post was an "Irrelevant nonsequitur" because it most certainly was relevant to one of the very reasons that CPS become involved in a family's situation and remove their children--abuse need not be involved as the very living conditions are all they need.

Many things have to be taken into account other than simply race although I admit that such may be a bit more inconvenient than racial inuendo.

Little things like single parent working mother, incarcerated parent, non-working and destitute parents, abuse, alledged abuse, location, and environment and a host of other issues must be factored into this.

Correlation between some of those items and race may well indicate the reason for the apparent "on the surface" disparity. It goes without saying that there may well also be a difference between "national data" and what Texas experience has been across the state.

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Re: statistics

What if more blacks turn in their neighbors for abuse than whites or hispanics? What if more blacks are caught leaving their children unattended even if they are not abusing them more? What if the moon is mad out of cheese?

There are many other pieces of data that are not given to draw the conclusion that is given. It doesn't mean that no one should look into it, just that the conclusions drawn as repored by the media are not necessarily supported.

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CPS not the problem ...

...Black children in the Houston area are three times more likely to be removed from their homes and placed in the foster care system than children in white or Hispanic families

Amazingly this correlates with the illegitimacy rates for blacks which are 3X those of whites.

Evie Happy

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