I also used Juno dial-up in the days before DSL was available in my area, and I STILL have a Juno MegaMail account. I canceled my dial-up service and billing was stopped. I still pay $9.95 annually for Juno Mega Mail so that I can read my mail using Thunderbird. Juno Dial-up and Juno MegaMail are two separate services. Canceling one does not cancel them all. Yahoo charges $19.95/year for Yahoo Mail Plus that allows you to use POP and forwarding. The free version does not provide these services.

In reference to Juno MegaMail, you stated that "The only way to find out is to check your visa card statement." This is not true. You can log on to "my account" at Juno and see all the services you are being billed for and your account number. It is not the company's fault that you did not choose to do this. I don't think it fair to say that Juno is "ripping people off." I don't understand why consumers feel the need to blame companies for things that aren't always the companies fault. Why should a company "inform" you that they are billing you for a service when that charge appears on your credit card statement every month. It is your responsibility to read your credit card statements before you pay them. Honestly.