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Jungle out there - Best Webhosting for Joomla Website

Dec 15, 2008 11:27PM PST


not being IT expert myself I was overwhelmed with the choices of various web hosting solutions out there. It's a real jungle out tehre and hard to get some neutral advice which hosting provider best suits your needs.

In a nusthell I'm looking for a webhost that has
a) very fast and reliabe service
b) Fast and excellent customer suppport
c) Is ideal for hosting a Joomla based CMS site with MySQL database.

So where to start and where to find the best provider. As I'm based in Hong Kong I also need a provider that allows quick access of the site from Hong Kong. However, the site doesn't need to be hosted in Hong Kong, maybe an international proivder can also proovide fast speed (eg if US is sleeping the US servers have not so much traffic and therefore speed for Hong Kong users is high even if website is hosted in US or EU?)

Can anyone give some advice or share his experience? Would be very much welcome!!!

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Hostgator Is Recommended
Dec 17, 2008 4:20PM PST

To me I think Hostgator is suitable for you, it's not the fact that I do sell Hostgator but however their hosting service is one of the best. Below is the list of point why I recommend them:-

1. 99.9% uptime GUARANTEE (written in TOS)
2. good support as you can request their CEO to attend to your problems
3. speed? I'm not sure about that but I have no problem with the speed accessing my site hosted there. (I'm from Asia too)

Regarding the point #2, it's not a marketing tricks by them, you can try search Brent Oxley and you will realize he actually appear in solving problems.

You mentioned Joomla and Hostgator does come with Joomla in Fantastico. (Just my personal thought, why use joomla? I heard joomla is consuming too much of resource that sometimes it will cause your website overload, how about Wordpress? just my personal thought)

Here are some references for you:-
Why is Hostgator recommended
Hostgator Hosting Review
Hostgator FAQ

So basically these are my thought..

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Dec 18, 2008 4:13AM PST

ok. I will check into Hostgator then. thank you for your advice!

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Avoid Bluehost, hostmonster a their sisters and brothers
Dec 22, 2008 12:30PM PST

I was with Bluehost. I believe it is a scam. I have left them. If you google for common phrases like 'Best Web Hosting', and then trace the referenced domains with whois, you'll find that many of them trace back to BlueHost or the many (aka's) they now do business as. I have found them to be completely devoid of ethics. Do a google for 'best web hosting' and you'll find "TOP-10-WEB-HOSTING.COM". This site purports to provide unbiased reviews from 'Experienced webmasters'. They rate BlueHost and HostMonster among the best with glowing reviews. But a simple whois lookup shows that they _ARE_ Bluehost. What kind a company would use a tactic like this? A disreputable unethical one (in my opinion). I made a big mistake using these guys and I hope this post will help you avoid being suckered into a nightmare.

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I agree!! It's not easy to find independent reviews!!
Jan 19, 2009 7:51AM PST

I agree, it is soo frustrating!!

You find a site & think, finally an independent review, then you do a whois - and yup, they seem to be hosted by the site that they recommend most!! Grr!!
Can't this be prohibited somehow??

I know there are websites that show uptime/downtine, and some seem pretty genuine.. So maybe they are..

What seems to happen with most hosts that seem 'good' and offer 'unlimited' packages for very little, they seem to soon start overselling and their uptime goes down.. I don't know why they keep doing it??!!

Besides, I would like a 'green' host - at least in some aspects.. and those are kinda costlier too, if you want 'really green' options.. 'just certificates' seem cheaper, but some of them seem to offer 'unlimited' too, so I wonder how soon before they go bad? hmm..

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Privacy Protected By Hosting Providers
Jan 19, 2009 10:08AM PST

"they seem to be hosted by the site that they recommend most!!"

I think there are some misunderstanding here.

1) Most review sites are hosted at the recommended hosting because it serves as a real time tester to see how the web hosting performs.

2) Some web hosting providers for example Bluehost provides "free privacy service". For domains registered by Bluehost, the privacy of that domain is protected and the real contact information will be hidden. In this case all contact will be pointed back to the web hosting itself with whois.

So with this it sound a bit catchy though when you perform a whois search. However, to me I think in fact all web hosting plan is the same in term of hosting features. Whether they oversell or not. After all you are not going to use up all the space to check whether they are oversell or not. (unlimited = oversell, but 100GB = oversell too if they fail to provide that)

So the most important point to me in picking up a web hosting is the customer support and performance. Customer support because if anything goes wrong, they respond and solve the problem quick. good performance because there will be lesser problems.

Face it, web hosting is just a human technology where mistakes and problems do occur. We need a human being to solve it too in the end.


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Close, no cigar
Jan 19, 2009 11:42AM PST

Even if it were true, I just can't see how a customer or a vendor of a company can represent themselves as "Objective Experts" on the company's products. Customers can provide testimonials. Vendors can give references. But neither can honestly claim to be 'objective experts' as does BlueHost with it's shill sites.

I agree with the statement that "web hosting is just a human technology". Unfortunately, my experience with Blue Host proved that this company represents some of the worst of humanity. My new hosting company (name not mentioned here because I am not a shill) is well regarded and well ranked by CNET. My objective advice still stands: Stay away from Blue Host and Host Monster or the other dba's and aka's of BlueHost.

Again, my experience has been that the CNET recommendations are quite reliable and I am very grateful for these. I was tricked by BlueHost and their shill sites and hope I can prevent others from being deceived. I trust CNET reviews.

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Bluehost = Hostmonster
Jan 19, 2009 12:09PM PST

err...I didn't mean Bluehost is not Hostmonster Happy My reply is meant for the review sites.

I totally agree that Bluehost has recently really reduce in term of their quality. They are real good last time. But those are the good old days. If they fail to make changes and improve then they are going to be eliminated along time.

There are always news on heavy load and database connection error from them. I think these are intolerable mistakes that one hosting company can do!

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Bluehost Exposed on writing their own fake reviews.
Feb 7, 2009 11:16AM PST
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Is Blue Host a Good or bad Company ?
Jul 9, 2009 12:28PM PDT

I am considering them for a very big project and my career depends on that, your comments will help. So far i have got mixed reviews

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Jan 21, 2009 1:40AM PST
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VPS coupons?
Mar 26, 2010 1:36AM PDT

Does anyone here know of any hostgator VPS coupon codes?