in this small town's local paper. No matter who is running for office, the Editors are very political and obvious about what side they fall down on, and rather than report both sides of an issue in order to better inform the public, they will slant their side heavily and either not print anything the other side has to offer or will carry bits and pieces in a much smaller scale far into the back pages of the paper. Their candidates and their agendas are all you ever see, and consequently it shows up that way in the polls because the people just don't know enough about what they're voting for. If it suits the editor's agenda, you read about it until you're 'convinced' they know better than you do....and what they know is how to get what they want the results to be in the votes.

I've been to many supervisors' board meetings, public rallies during debates, etc., many town meetings...and the next paper to come out has only the stuff the editors want you to know about. It doesn't matter that many times, the people who are showing up with valid concerns and questions that are asked and answered, those questions and answers are never printed unless they are along the same agenda as the paper's and serves their own purpose to inform the rest of the people.

The only way the people actually get answers to what they are concerned about is to go to those meetings in person, ask and listen, and then 'manually' pass the word among their neighbors. Kind of like the telephone game we played in kindergarten because we can't trust the paper to be balanced regarding information.