Years ago I found a JPEG file that would crash Windows and apps. I thought this to be a problem that Microsoft should look into. Lucky me! I was going to Redmond to an OEM/ODM seminar and would be in Redmond so I made a few CDs with the file to show the issue.

I waited my turn to meet with a Redmondite and learned so much with their reply. It was:
"Don't do that."

In other words, Microsoft didn't consider this to be a bug in the OS but a fault in the JPEG file.

Brilliant answer and what I knew about Microsoft was increased ten fold in the three word answer.

Need more proof?

OK, does it open or view in IRFANVIEW? If not, then it's something corrupt in that JPEG. Tell me where this came from. Mine were from an old HP camera which had some non-standard JPEG encoding.