Java not loading into internet explorer 8

I have un installed all versions of Java. Then installed the latest version 7.7. Java says it installs correctly without errors but when I go to use internet explorer 8 and return to the JAVA site to run the verification program, JAVA says it was not installed properly. I know this to be the case as a site I visit requires JAVA and it will not work. JAVA does work properly in Mozilla Firefox so I know it is installed in my computer.
I uninstalled Internet Explorer 8 and reinstalled but no change.
Anyone have a solution to this? I have a suspicsion that System Mechanic may have removed an important file or a link file but cannot say that for sure.

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Reporting: Java not loading into internet explorer 8
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System Mechanic... Not A Good Thing

It's the reason the moderators here suggest avoiding all registry cleaners and "optimizers".. They frequently CAUSE more problems than the help.

That said, does System Mechanic have an "undo" option.. If so, undo the last cleaning that was made.

If that doesn't help, then try the steps below to completely remove Java from the system, then reinstall it again..

First, please uninstall any versions of Java on your computer from the Control Panel.. Next, visit the link below, then download and run the JavaRa program and let it find and remove any remnants it can find.

Once that's done, download and run the free-ware version of the Revo Uninstaller to see if it can find any remnants of Java still remaining.. If found, remove them.

Next, if you still can't install the newest version of Java, AND...if you're good at registry editing, you'll need to search the registry for any remaining Java keys that can be removed. BE SURE to make a backup of the registry before deleting such. The link below will give you good information about which keys are used by Java and need to be removed..

After using both of the above tools to clean Java from the computer, reinstall the latest version of Java using the Java 7 Up7 OFFLINE installer from the link below. (If you've got a 64 bit version of Windows, install BOTH the x86 and the x64 versions of Java. You'll need it for both versions of your browsers.):

And if you've performed all the steps above, and there's still no joy, you're best bet is to perform a clean install.. I know that's a drastic step for a simple Java issue, but we've found such to be necessary in many such cases where a registry cleaner was used. Unfortunately, if one important items was removed, there may be others.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks but no cigar

Thanks for trying to solve my problem with JAVA but I followed your instructions and it still will not install in Internet Explorer 8.

I had some issues with the JAVARA program, it did not seem to work properly.

The Revo program did not show any residual JAVA programs when run.

JAVA still works in Mozilla Firefox and when I verify the install using this browser it verifys it correctly.

Rather than do a clean install I will use Firefox as my default browser.

You made mention of not using registry cleaners and from this experience I have learned that they cause more trouble than they solve. I guess if software developers wrote code to remove everything from the registry that is installed when a program is uninstalled and upgraded we wouldn't need these cleaners. As computers get used more there appears to be a lot of reduntant information left behind that slows things down. At least this is what I have been lead to believe.

Thanks again for all your assistance.

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I've been very lucky it seems.

I've never had to do anything other than what you see at

As to the registry cleaning, that's still something folk are going to think there is an issue where it needs to be cleaned. You could waste everyone's time trying to tell them one way or the other but since cleaning registries seems to keep my friends in support so busy, I'm torn between writing more or letting folk carry on.

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PS. Forgot that one thing. The 64 bit browser.

If you happen to get into the 64 bit browser discussion. Most addons are disallowed there. There are plenty of discussions about that so I'll stop here.

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Wish I could have been as fortunate

Thanks for the suggestion Bob.

Deleted JAVA, then deleted the Javasoft subdirectory in the registry. Re installed JAVA but to no avail. JAVA is installed on my computer it just will not mesh with Internet Explorer 8.

Sorry to vent about the software developers previously but I am not a computer wiz so I was getting frustrated.
I have tried just about everything that has been suggested on the internet, to get this to work, and this was my last attempt.

Don't understand why it works in Firefox but not in Explorer but this is probably at this point I really do not need to know. So will switch browsers when I need to use JAVA as Firefox works with JAVA. This seems to be the easiest solution to my issue.

Thanks again for your suggestion and help in this matter.

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I'm hearing a peep from a buddy on this one.

The peep goes like this. IE 8 is out of date now. IE 9 is out for Vista and may be required if you are to use the current Java. -> BEWARE. This is unconfirmed but could be true.

As I read I see more ideas.

What was not funny!!! was the user was asked to reset some settings and didn't. It's a one button and a click on the yes button so you have to wonder at times why they don't do that.

Any reason to stay with IE at all? I don't use it at all now. Too dangerous in my opinion (which I admit is just an opinion.)

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