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java error message

Whenever I go to a site and click on a link that opens a new window the new window pops up and say "loading" then it will stop and I get this error message "Java Platform SE6 U19 & U20 unresponsive, click to end". I don't do anything but wait. After about 30 sec. the window opens up and everything works fine, very annoying. I have a HP Pavilion Notebook, running Vista.

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Reporting: java error message
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Which browser?

Which browser is this, and what version of Java?

The Mozilla corporation disabled my Firefox browser's Java Deployment Toolkit plugin, (remotely), a few days ago because it has been deemed as 'vulnerable' to malware attack. I then decided, perhaps later than I should have done, to uninstall all Java from my system then install the latest version, . It might be time for you to do the same.

Does this happen on every new web site you go to? Only I'm not sure that every site uses Java. Javascript maybe, but Java and Javascript are two different things. If it only happens on selected sites, let us have an example of which site so we can check.

Also, you say you just wait. What happens if you click the "Click to end" option?


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Java Error

I use firefox, this only happens when I go to pogo ga me or free games by AOL. The home pages load up ok, its when i click on a game and it opens another window is when it happens. When I "click to end" the window for the game restarts and loads fine. I have the latest version of Java (20) it was installed last week. When I had (19) I had the same problem.

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In that case

Since it works you may want to live with what you do at the moment, but if you want to try and correct the issue, then I would suggest a step by step approach that I carried out a few days ago;

1] Uninstalling all existing versions of Java.

Make sure all Java add-ons are disabled in each of your browsers. For Firefox that is Tools > Add-ons, and for IE it is Tools > Manage Add-ons. Then close down all browsers.

In Vista, goto Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features, find Java and click it to uninstall it.

2] Reboot, (restart), the system.

This ensures that Vista's Registry is updated with the uninstall of Java.

3] Reinstall Java and test.

Use your browser to goto

Select the Java download that suits your machine, ie;
Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008 Online - filesize ~ 10 MB

There's an Instructions link besides that download file link that you can follow.

Download that file and save it to your Desktop. When downloaded, scan the file with your anti-virus. If it comes up clean, close down your browser then click or double click the file to run the Java installer. You may need an open internet connection.

When it is done, open your browser and test.

I hope that helps.


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java error message

I did what you said and still doesn't work. I forgot to mention that when I click on the game I want to play, the window will open up and then say "firefox not responding" I then click "wait for program to respond" then I get the java error message.

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Other browsers.

Hi again Tbird71.

It's strange that this hasn't solved the issue, and I now wonder if there is a fault at the web site, or if your Firefox browser profile is corrupted.

Does this site still work in other browsers, eg Internet Explorer? Also, despite the uninstall/reinstall not working, can you still eventually get into the pogo game using Firefox?

Another possibility is malware infection. Just to check that, I would download, install, update, the perform a full scan with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.


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Just another thought.

In Firefox Tools > Options, then Content tab, is JavaScript enabled?


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Java Error

It does the same thing in IE. But when I use a different computer the site works fine. And yes, Java is enabled. Also after I get it to start working then close out of the site and come right back everything works fine. If I wait a couple hours then come back it messes up again. Got me ?????.

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i would say

that this is a problem unrelated to your browsers, but to the Operating System itself.

Time for that anti malware scan I think.


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I have the pro version of malewarebytes set to scan everyday but I think it is a quick scan. I will do a full scan now and let you know the results.

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The malewarebytes didn't find any problems. Any other suggestions? If not I guess I will have to put up with it. Thanks for your help.

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Very strange

The problem with comparing to different computers is that all computers are different. Sorry, that seems obvious of course, but even identical computer systems will have minor differences, and so seeing why something works on one, but not on another, is usually very difficult.

But that is all I can suggest. Compare the other computer systems and try and see 'what is different' between them and the one where this is not working.

Also, what changed on this problem computer from when it was working, to now, where it is not working.

Are you experiencing any other problems or strange things on this computer?


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nothing else

No, nothing else strange is happening. Seems to be fine except for when the game pop-up windows open in Pogo Games, and Free Games by AOL.

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