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Joining us for the next upcoming Ask the Editors Live chat event with CNET senior associate editor Jasmine France, who will be here to answer all your questions about headphones and MP3 player accessories. So if you need some buying advice for what cool to add on to your MP3 player, be sure to join us on Thursday, August 14, at 11 a.m. Pacific Time (2 p.m. Eastern) and hit up Jasmine with all your questions. I'm sure she won't skip a beat about giving you an answer! Don't miss out!

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Reporting: Jasmine France, CNET editor for MP3 and digital audio Live!
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(NT) Bring it on!
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ipod touch sound quality

Hi Jasmine,

Is iPod Touch sound quality really that bad? I am thinking of getting one but can't decide whether to get iPod Touch or Samsung P2


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No, not at all

Actually, the iPod Touch's sound quality is quite good. Donald Bell compared it head-to-head with the iPhone and the Touch was noticeably better. The P2 sounds phenomenal, though - that's a tough call!

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Great all purpose wireless phones?

Can you suggest something of an all purpose wireless solution, something for all Home Theater, Gaming, computer and portable applications, keeping in mind that I can not stand ear buds, and I don't want a massive set of cans either?

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How about portable?
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Sennheiser HD650 or AKG K 701?

Between the two, which one would you recommend?

I've listened to both, and I'm leaning toward the AKG. But from what I've read, the HD 650's seem to be the standard.

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Without having used either...

...I would go with the AKG because I dig the style. Plus, the user reviews are phenomenal, and I believe user reviews can be a great indicator for headphones.

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Zen X-Fi

I could have missed this but in regards to The new Zens Wi-Fi support are we looking at a restricted connection for select applications, or is there an actual browser?

Will it suffer from Archo's ailment of charging the consumer extra to download the brower or come pre-installed like Apple?

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No browser at this time

The Zen X-Fi's WiFi capability is fairly limited at this time. You can chat or access a music/content server that you've set up, and that's about it. However, there are plans for future apps, and a browser may be one.

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Second comment yeah!

What is the best headphones ever, regardless of price?

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Oh man...
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Headphones in the shower

Hi Jasmine

My question is - Can you reccomend headphones to use while showering?

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Waterproof headphones
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Bang & Olufsen

What's your review about the ear phones from Bang & Olufsen?

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I haven't reviewed any B&O headphones as a standalone product, but they included a pair with one of their MP3 players that I reviewed way back and they were fantastic. Excellent sound quality.

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Best iPhone headphones?

What are the best Best iPhone headphones?




-Features (handsfree)

-Compatibility (I have the 1st gen iPhone so not all headset jacks fit into it)

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V-Moda Vibe Duo
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How about a specific set for gaming?

For PC gaming with 3D audio, do you suggest dedicated phones that produce their own multichannel/3D audio, or do you suggest a sound card that produces the effect over stereo headphones?

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Gaming headphones

I don't get my hands on many gaming headphones, since they are handled by our home entertainment editors, but I would start at the sound card. Then, if you can, test out a variety of full-size cans and see which ones you like the best--personal taste has a lot to do with it.

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Any tips for determining ear buds fit?

One thing I hate about ear buds is you really can't test fit them before you buy them. I'll take a comfortable pair over a good sounding pair any day of the week. Depsite the fact I have a fat head, my ear canal is relatively small. Is there anything I can look for when picking out a ear buds?

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Foam eartips

I totally feel your pain. It's always good to purchase from some place with a good return policy. Another thing I always look for are foam eartips included in the package. These tend to conform nicely to small ear shapes and seal up well.

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What is a good headphone for the price?

I've gone through the low end Shure, B&O, Bose Plugs, and several others.

I am still in look for that good headphone that able to maintain deep bass and being crisp at the same time w/o having to spend above 200.00 bucks for.

What do you recommend?

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How about $150?
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How about $150?
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Inexpensive in-ear head phones.

Hi Jasmine,

In a recent podcast you mentioned that the standard ipod headphones were not all that great and people were missing out. Can you suggest an inexpensive(less than $100) in-ear alternative.


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I can suggest several!
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New Headphones?

I have been using ETY 4s earbud for abt 5 years. They have been excellent. Has the technolgy changes sufficiently that I should think of an upgrade? If so, what would be a good in ear set with noise cancelling. I log abt 150K miles in a plane and use an iphone 3g for movies and music. Is a headphone amp worth the $?

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No need for an upgrade now

You might find this of some interest:

I think that if those are still working great for you, there's no reason to replace them. Chances are, they may start to fizzle soon, and then you can start shopping. For the in-ear variety, are you set on active noise-canceling, or will passive noise-isolation do?

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good quality wireless headphones

I saw a movie (definately, maybe) where the lead actor placed some small ear bud headphones in his ears while walking the streets of New York. The cook thing was that these ear buds had no wires.

Do we chalk it up to mere hollywood affects or is there such a thing as wireless earbud headphones. I do know that wireless bluetooth exists with an ala Sony style headband type but the earbud kind rocks.

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Etymotic Ety8 and others

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