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iTunes Music folders locked - can't acces my music

I probably made some unwanted changes to my Music folder. I use my MacBook together with my girlfriend so I created another "user" and wanted to share the music library with her. Therefore I opened the iTunes music foler in Finder (HD/my user name/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music), went for info, in "Sharing and Permisions" set the user name, alowed to read - but nothing hapend. So I added to "Aply for enclosed items". Since then the most of the items of my iTunes music folder are locked - they are there but I (the main user of the Music Folder - but not administrator) cannot access to the data unless I give permission - but I have to do it for each and every one of them separately, which is ... grrrr .. long and impossible with 30GB of music! and also Finder says that in Music folder is only 4BG as recognize those files with no access as "--" without a size. I think I did do something wroooong :-/

Is there any way how to unlock all the files? I tried give the permission for the whole music folder but then even those files which I have unlock are locked again.

Oh, just spoted another thing: when i go for info for each folder and look at the Sharing & Permissions/Users there are TWO administrator names, one user name of my girfriend but not my user name! So when I unlock it and add myself for permission to read and write one of the administrator's names replaces mine. So there is me, girfriend and ONE administrator. And the Library is on administrator's name - reloaded form backup to different user account. It's all mess, I know.

I hope someone will help me.

Thank you.

MacBook3,1 Mac OS X (10.5.Cool iTunes 9.1

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Reporting: iTunes Music folders locked - can't acces my music
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Try this.

Open iTunes and select File > Library > Organize Library > Consolidate Library.
Let it do it's thing.

Then move all the music and the iTunes music library into the Shared folder that you will find inside the Users folder on the hard drive.

Now the two accounts, yours and your girlfriends, will be able to access the same music library.

When you first launch iTunes, after the move, you will need to point iTunes at the relocated iTunes library.
Do this by holding down the Option Key and launching iTunes.
Click Choose and then navigate to the Shared folder and the iTunes Library.

This is the way you should have done it in the first place.


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Not enough space in my HD

Thanks mate,
I just foud this in some other forum but the problem is I don't have enough space in my HD (34GB of music) and my backup drive is also almost full.. Sad

What if I will try just the second part of it?: Move the iTunes Music folder to HD/Users/Shared etc.? - Actually I was just about to do it but I will wait for your advice.

Thaks alot.

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I might make some space on the external HD

I just need to figure out how to delete some folders I do not need anymore. But even after that Im not sure what to do. Maybe I will move the iTunes Music folder to the drive and then... I dont know really.

Please help!

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Moving the library to the Shared

folder should achieve the same effect.


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Problem solved - almost

Thanks for the advise Mr. P. I am sure I will be back in the forum soon with something else... Afrer many hours spent on reasearch and trying things I got this result:

1. From the administrator account I can access to all files in the iTunes Music folder
- but can not open the iTunes Library file (is not authorised) It's from my account but it is named under administrator's name ("Mygirlfriend's Library). I gave permission to read and write but nothing has changed. This really doesn't bother me as I use administrator rarely and on the usual accouts it works - somehow...

2. From the new account of my girlfriend (nickname) I can access everything except it has different iTunes Library file (different playlists). And yet another surprise: Ahter alowing iTunes ro reorganise all my media files and folders I have 1/4 of my music (8GB) in mess. Damn! It's pain in.. this update! - I will try this software I red about recently for finding duplicates in iTunes or so.

3. After I changed location of the music folder and also the iTunes Library file to "Shared". It was accessable from administrator's account. So I played a little trick. I transfered all the music files from original location to a new folder (named it Muzik). For this folder and all enclosed items I gave permission to read and write for me and my g.f.. - and voila! all the files got unlocked! Yupee! Now I moved them back to the original location (tricky again). All the music is back in my hands. - But still have some work ahead.

Thanks to everyone who is helping here. It was this forum I have searched closelly which helped me. Happy

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If you move the iTunes music library

back to the original place, you will again have the problem of only one user being able to access it.

Placing it in the shared folder gives all users access to it.

Glad to see that someone had a busy weekend. Happy


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