No, won't go there.
One day, when we still had a regular monsoon season in NM, I arrived at a high school to work on a copier. The temp and the humidity were both in the low 80s, °F. But wait, there's more.
Not a problem for any modern, refrigerated-air a/c. But they suck electricity in ma$$ quantities, so this older school had an evaporative system* [look it up]; cheap to run. It was running, a mile a minute, bringing in coals to Newcastle. [Dafydd can help you with that one.]

* No, can't be retrofitted to an old building without major re-insulating. No money for that, either. Now, if the US were not fighting wars on several fronts, there might be money for infrastructure. But that in turn would take a major election promise from a presidential candidate ...
Pruner, there you go, again! Bashing our beloved political system! MACA!
The Z and I provide this space for equal-time rebuttal: _____
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