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It seems to me....

that the more the good members on here try make Speakeasy work and comply with the rules, the more the Head Hunters try to drive it into the ground. We now have a sticky post stuck on here that is distracting and ugly to say the least. I would think nice bright Red letters following the big words "Speakeasy forum" "SE is a no politics and no religion forum" would suffice. That is, if you want to keep bragging about it.

We all know the rules, and any newcomers that come on board can read them when signing up in the normal way as we did. If not, kick them off. If any member has to keep being reminded, kick them off too


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dump the rule. It's stupid anyway. Just makes the place boring IMHO.

You don't want to talk about politics, talk about something else.

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you mean like the bright red letters

on the technical forums? the ones that spell out "please state your name and number" and the poster says "duh"....


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In another post you noted several old threads being brought forward. So did some other members, both on the board and in alerts, and one posted Lee's message to ILoveEmail. Now it will be seen by the guilty, which I realized also penalizes the innocent.

Most of those old posts involved controversy, so were sent back and locked.

Of course, we continue to have "fly-bys"/

In addition, there have been some recent posts that pushed the envelope, including yesterday, Easter Sunday. So even long time members can need reminding.

Add to those, people who just are looking for an excuse to fight. I often wonder what makes them that way. Is it they can't stand seeing others having a good discussion, or is it they don't know how to have one, and cover it up with absurdity? Is it they cannot open their mouths at home or work, so take it out here where the anonymity makes it safe? Or do they just find it fun or does it boost their egos to go after others?

Your observation is correct. Look at the thread counts on posts that draw the most interest, while some very interesting, educational, or entertaining ones are basically ignored.

So I have combined responses to both of your posts.

Speakeasy Moderator
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Is pointing out that yesterday

was Easter Sunday relevant?

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(NT) it's relevant to today being tuesday
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(NT) Today is Monday, Sorry
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It's Tuesday where he is

don't let that distract from the point.

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(NT) there was a point??? LOL
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(NT) No.
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i suspect that it's relevant to George

(and possibly to Angeline if she observes Easter, then sunday wasn't "any old sunday", right?) as he posted a general "happy easter" to SE....

jonah "just my 2 easter eggs worth" jones


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You got that right Jonah....

And seeing as you brought it up mentioning my name, this is just my opinion of Easter Sunday, being as such a day of great significance in Love, Prayer and Kindness toward your Fellowman, you would think some members could refrain from posting their usual garbage and celebrate the day with the rest of the Human race with some sort of respect.


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Garbage in YOUR opinion?

You don't have to read those threads. Very easy to determine which ones to avoid.

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(NT) Boy, someone's defensive.
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What's the problem?

I was defending YOU.

I think George is smart enough to know what threads to avoid.

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That is droll...

everyone's words stand on their own. I don't play innocent... why do you?

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Rhymes with....


I don't play anything.

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