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It could be avoided.

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It could have been avoided

>>>>I'm sure many of them wish they COULD have chosen a different path in life.>>>>

Have you forgotten that our military is ALL voluntary? Joining WAS their choice.........and it could have been personally avoided by choosing a different path in life....

What a piece of crap comment for you to make regarding the CHOICES these men and women made. The next time you get hit by a car as you step off a curb, remember, it could have been avoided had you decided to stay on your side of the street. This way your eulogy can be a direct attack of YOUR choices made, too.


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im sure

that many of the soldiers joined because of their financial situation.lots of promises from the army about college.they didn't come back to go to college.Sad

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We could have avoided ...

400,000+ American soldiers' deaths by opting out of World War 2. Should we have done that as well? Many of those soldiers were drafted.

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what have you done to change it besides biotch about it?

as toni said its an all vol. service!
glad we have less complainers in previous times other wise we be talking ***/german

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(NT) (NT) what college degree do you have,mark?
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(NT) (NT) Relevance??
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none i never went but i served my country

but what has that got to do with it?
i wasnt a collage kid trying to avoid service.
when i came back i went to a trade school, om a certified auto mechanic.

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I guess he is implying

That you don't belong to the 'elite' liberal intellectual club! The club where when one farts, everyone applauds and comments what a 'great fart' it was!

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(NT) (NT) You first! What degree do yo you have??
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how many of our soldiers

do you think had a chance to choose between harvard/mti/princeton/berkley?

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(NT) (NT) How many non-military do either?
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You should know.

How many have the freedom to choose?

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(NT) (NT) 100%
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all have the freedom to chose

we dont have a draft.
i was in service and would like to be able to serve again .
to bad you wont/cant say same

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You're misreading his question

He asked how many were in a position to choose a college education instead of a hitch in the military. Lots of people join the military because it provides them with things that they can't afford elsewhere.

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no im not josh

all have the choice theres allways ways to get work/education.
hes under the beleaf that they were drafted.
all voluntered so theres your choice.

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I think he misused the word "freedom"......

...unless he was referring to "economic freedom." But I think his point was that many young people choose the military because they believe, rightly or not, that it's their only/best option for getting an education.

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I got the impression

that Dan meant they didn't have a choice between dying and going to college after getting out...


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(NT) (NT) And surely all of them realize the risks as well.
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It is never the ONLY choice ...

... it is not even always the easiest choice (as in the notion that there are other options but far more difficult ones is false). Of course I live in an insular world where I'm only exposed to college students from a wide variety of economic backgrounds and experiences so what would I know.

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Just because the military offers attractive opportunities ..

... for training and money for education, EVERYONE has options and choices. There are a whole lot of ways to pay for college and/or get it paid for by others. One just needs to look at all their options. Lots of people go to college in the first place because it provides them with things they wouldn't be able to afford without a college education. My husband has some minor but permanent lung damage the doctors attribute to his working with concrete to put himself through college. Someone might take a job delivering pizzas to pay for community college tuition -- a job that can be pretty dangerous. The list could go on between jobs that offer incentives for further education to jobs that entail high risk. The key is that it is voluntary. Too many seem to think that offering benefits to those that choose to serve, or incentives to improve the pool (thus quality) of those that DO choose to serve is somehow a bad thing. Makes no sense!

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To answer your direct question, mine did.

Today's military is not open to High School drop-outs, nor a "last resort" for those who "can't do anything else".

You may not be aware, but the minimum of a High School education is required.

They have the opportunity to begin college work on base, at a local community college, or on line. This is in addition to the specialized training. And specialized it is, making them prime candidates for hiring in the private sector when their tour is over.

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Something you may not be aware of

The Navy for sure, not sure about the rest of the military branches but assume it's true for them all now, no longer has the 'service person' only option for those college benefits. The $40K that my son has been guaranteed for college is now transferrable to his wife or children if he doesn't use (or get the chance to) it. Since death benefits (Social Security) to children end when the child graduates from high school now, those benefits will come in handy years down the road when the kids are old enough to go to college and may not have the immediate funding to do so. Or the wife can opt to use the benefits to further her education while the kids are small and will be able to provide for them later.

It used to be that those college benefits disappeared forever at the same time that a military person lost his/her life. Not so anymore....


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This whole "milestone" thing is a tragedy

The soulless media is practically celebrating the 2000th death of an American soldier in Iraq. First, it downplays the exact same sacrifice that every other soldier has or is willing to make. Why didn't the 1999th soldier receive front-page treatment... was his sacrifice not good enough? Does the family of the 2000th really want to see his picture casually displayed on most US newspapers?
Two, it makes it seem as if the 2000 number is a failure, when I am aware of no actual war that resulted in the actual occupation of a nation in which 2000 was not quickly surpassed. Heck, more people probably die due to falling pianos each year than has died in Iraq. Callous, yes, but a heck of a lot more honest than the media.
Three, its bad strategy. I really do hate how these self described "patriots" who dislike war fail to realize or actively ignore the fact that the only positive way to exit Iraq is through the establishment of a stable democracy. To do otherwise would be to sign the death warrant of a large segment of the Iraqi population, which these "patriots" don't seem to care much about. As such, their constant complaints and ridicule of the administration, the government, and the military do nothing more than provide hope and moral support to the enemy. Why should they stop fighting when they hear a large segment of the US wants to just give up and hand over Iraq, and the Middle East, to them?
I really don't care about how "patriotic" you think you are, but I do care about how your ignorance and stupidity affects my nation.

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they were trained to defend

and iraq never attacked us as far as i know.its very sad.very sad!2000 lives wasted.

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Did Hitler attack the US?

For you to say their lives were wasted is an insult to all of them.

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nothing tells us

that there is an even remote comparison between saddam hussein and hitler when it comes to the intention of conquer the world!or?do you really think that hussein was the same threat as Hitler?

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Plenty of similarities.

So do we only oppose tyrants who want to "conquer the world"? "Lesser" tyrants get a pass. Even if they engage in genocide and ogther crimes?

Or is it if you don't agree with the goals the soldiers' lives are wasted, but if you do agree with them they are not wasted?


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do you ever read?

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was Hitler supported by the usa?saddam was until august 1990!saddam became the hitler when gw needed the support(which he didn't get from the majority of the people in the world)to invade/conquer iraq!

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