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While visiting my girlfriend in Buffalo, NY, we went to a concert with a friend of hers and the friend's boyfriend.
The concert headliner was a band called HED PE, a mix of rap and heavy metal. Now, I don't have anything against either music style, there are examples of each that I like. Nor do I mind some of the focus on frustration and hate, music to me is an expression of emotion and there is much of each in the present times.
But what I do mind about the current counter-culture that has grown the past 10-15 years, is just the lack of principles, and the way popular individuals, such as the band, spew them.
For example, of the hour the band was on stage, they played music for 32 minutes. The rest was a politically charged sermon. The lead singer complained about Christianity's (and other religions) oppression of women, yet advised the group (mostly male) that they should just take b*%@&%s and force their way with them. He also complained about capitalism, how it creates such a great focus on the almighty dollar, yet then praised the music industry and how it can raise up (his words) "no talent b$&%@^s like Lindsey Lohan and Ashlee Simpson," and allow them to use whatever skills they have to make a buck.
Another rant complained about our government's choice to invade Iraq, that it was all due to oil, while no more than 7 minutes later he said that because of 9/11 all "towelheads" should die. Finally, his parting message to the group was to either avoid or intentionally mess with cops because they were "pigs."
Besides the fact that the guy contradicted himself multiple times, the messages that he was sending (and the crowd was eating up) were just wrong. While proclaiming themselves the protectors of free society and the American way, he was encouraging the fans to destroy it. And the worst part of it is, this is not limited to this one group. I have seen similar messages from numerous other groups, and its just sad.
Sorry about the rant, the experience last night left me rather annoyed and rattled.

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First time I've ever seen the term "no talent b@#$%" called

praise. No wonder my complaints about Bush go nowhere, people think I'm praising him. Is it part of that reversal thing in youth culture where bad=good and phat=good and sick=good and killer=good.

Ah, I grow old, I grow old, shall I wear my trousers rolled,
Do I dare to eat a peach?

F*ckin' A I do.

Rob Boyter

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You're mistaken

he was praising the music industry, but criticizing the ladies.

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(NT) (NT) And the long hair!
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(NT) (NT) Hypocrytes
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It's a shame you had to...


..... pay to hear all that.

Those guys were saying what a lot of the audience wanted to hear. I've never heard of them. So I don't know if their music has lyrics that exceed 6 words.

Through their concerts that have learned what brings the best response to their "sermons".

I recall policemen being called "pigs" in the 60's, so maybe what they are saying is actually not new, but a revival of what got young people of that day stirred up. Then it was 'Nam. Now it's been recycled to Iraq.

I believe that performers and celebrities have a right to speak their minds, and also be activists, but not as part of a performance or set program. IMO, Marlon Brando set back the Indian cause, and Michael Moore the liberal cause with taking advantage of Academy Awards shows.

Sometimes I think that doing or saying outrageous is a cover-up for lack of talent.


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