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issue with new Acer laptop and connection to lcd projector

Jan 26, 2006 10:12PM PST

In the past with my old laptop, I simply hooked up the LCD cables, hit the Fn/F5 buttons and all went well. I recently purchased an Acer laptop 5002WLMI/Win XP and have tried unsuccessfully on 2 different LCD projectors to display my presentations for audience viewing. I called Acer who said that I needed to click on the ePresentation first, before any hookups, then proceed. This does not work. A message is display through the projector that says it cannot find the images to display. In addition the popup flashes on the laptop showing the three connections available ie; computer-lcd monitor but then flashes off again.
Help please as this really is supposed to be plug and play.
Thanks for any help.

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A question/idea
Jan 31, 2006 4:12AM PST

What resolution are you sending to the projectors and what is the max resolution they support? Is it possible you are trying to feed a siginal that is set to a higher reolution than the LCD projectors support? Some but I suspect not all projectors will diaplay an error if you try to feed a non supported reolution. I don't know the specs on the ACER laptop. Some display adapters allow you to set different reolutions on different ports others would require you to downgrad to a non native (for the internal LCD display) in order to output a reolution your projector can support.

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acer issue with projecter
Jan 31, 2006 7:23AM PST

Thanks. I tried both resolutions with no luck.

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set resolution manually
Feb 1, 2006 7:02PM PST

The E-Presentation only offers 2 resolutions. If neither of these is the resolution supported by your projector, don't use it, do it manually.
Go to your display settings, and set the notebook to the resolution supported by the projector. Then shut down and hook up the projector and restart.

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acer projector issue - answer from Acer which worked
Feb 1, 2006 10:57PM PST

I finally got some very good help from Acer. It was a very simple and stupid thing. I hooked up my laptop to my PC monitor as a test. I clicked on the FN/F5 buttons and then simply hit the F5 button again - presto! Nothing else was required and it was not a resolution settings issue.
Unbelievable that one simple additional click on the F5 could solve the problem.
Thanks for your help.