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Issue With LN32C650

I recently bought a Samsung LN32C650 along with a Samsung BD-C6500 Blu-Ray player. I had some issues with my cable box, and when I thought I had that all figured out, I started noticing lip sync problems with the TV speakers. That's when I started troubleshooting on other message boards.

At first I thought it was the cable box, as I didn't notice it when using my Blu-Ray player or when the coaxial cable was plugged directly into the TV. Some channels were worse than others, but all of them had at least a bit of an issue. I got a new cable box, and the issue was still there. The box is a RNG 110, and was connected with an HDMI cable supplied by Comcast. I also tried using component and a different Monster brand HDMI cable, with no improvement.

Then I started noticing the issue when using my Blu-Ray player too. It wasn't as bad as the cable, but it was still there. The BD player is connected with a Monster HDMI cable. I called Samsung and they didn't have my model in their system yet, and told me to call back in about a week. Both the cable and BD player were plugged directly into the TV, and not any sort of AV receiver, and it seemed to be the audio lagging behind the video, so I pretty much ruled out normal audio lag.

I bought both the TV and BD player and a small but very reputable local mom and pop type store. They have a very good reputation, especially where customer service is concerned, and had good prices. I called them to see if I could exchange the TV for another of the same model, as I hadn't heard about anyone with the same problem with their TVs of the same model on any message boards. The guy who sold me the TV said they had to go through their tech service (which is authorized to service Samsungs) to make sure it wasn't something that could be fixed by "zapping" it. I made the appointment for them to come and pick up my TV.

The night before they came to get the TV, the problem became almost unnoticeable, if not gone completely. They came and picked up my TV, and gave me a loaner. Now I'm worried they are going to tell me there's nothing wrong with it, and give it back just for it to happen again.

There are still certain cable channels that have lip sync problems even on the loaner, but most channels are fine, so I'm guessing that's an issue with the box or cable signal itself.

Can anyone here fill me in on what might be going on?

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Reporting: Issue With LN32C650
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Issue With LN32C650


The sync issues may be an issue with the broadcaster. The television wouldn't fluctuate, so if it was the TV, the issue would be there all the time and consistently. The fact that it varies likely points back to the box or the transmission.

Even with the loaner TV, there's a difference, so that suggests that even if the television is updated or parts are replaced, the issue will still be there as a result of the cable/sat connection.

As for the Blu-Ray player, I'll keep my eye out for similar posts, but I haven't heard of any widely reported problem. Normally I'd suggest trying a different HDMI cable, but that's all I've got at this point.

Keep me posted.


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More questions

Thanks for the reply.

Could it be an issue with software? After the problem started, I watched a movie using Netflix and the issue was pretty bad for most of the movie. Then I accidentally exited out of Netflix and when I restarted the movie the problem was pretty much gone. Could watching something on Netflix or through the PC share application cause the sync to get thrown out of whack?

Since I posted the original issue, I watched a standard def DVD on the loaner through my BD-C6500 and it started off with lip sync issues. I stopped the movie, and started it again and that helped a lot, but there was still off a little. Now I'm wondering if it was the Blu-Ray player and cable that had the issue. But the BD player has the same applications that the TV had. I haven't used Netflix on it, but I have used the PC share function.

Also, could it have anything to do with lack of power? I live in an old house and my room only has one outlet that I have a surge protector plugged into. I never had any issues with my old CRT TV, though, and I can't imagine the new stuff uses more power that that, with all the energy star stuff and all.

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More questions


Anything is possible, but I don't think it would be a power issue in your house. It would have to do with the cable, or how the television is decoding the signal.

But we found that the same issue happened with the new TV, so to give a complete, conclusive diagnosis would be difficult. I've seen some Netflix movies with a slight sync, and then tried it on a SD TV with a composite hookup, and the delay persisted. On a different movie, they worked flawlessly - that's just one observation I've had.

I'll try a SD disc on my 6900 here later and see if I have any sync issues.


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Got the TV back. The guy said he wasn't noticing anything. He told me a setting to put the cable box on that is supposed to be better. I still notice it on certain channels, though. I just watched a movie Blu-Ray and it didn't seem bad, but it still seemed like something wasn't right. I'd say I'm imagining it, but if I was, wouldn't I think something is wrong on other TVs? Because I haven't. I might try playing a dvd in my xbox to see if if I notice anything on it. I do understand that cable can have this issue, but what I'm seeing on the cable, I can live with. It's the Blu-Ray that really bothers me. I guess it could be something with it being an HDTV or something, and I'm just not used to how it looks, but I have no idea why that would matter. I'd really just like to exchange it for the same model, but if the tech guy doesn't notice anything wrong, it seems like the place won't do it.

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Update 2

I called to try to insist they exchange the TV set and they are convinced there's an issue with the settings on both my cable box and my Blu-Ray player, rather than an issue with the TV. They have a service guy coming tomorrow to try to fix my settings. It really seems like a lot of BS.

Their line is that the Samsung rep told the tech it was likely a cable issue. When I talked to the tech when he still had my tv, he said that's what the rep said, and when I told him it was happening with the Blu-Ray player, he seemed surprised. He also said he didn't notice the issue in the first place. That, I believe, is because I'm more sensitive to the issue than he might be, and not that it's happening when I have it, but not when he did. Isn't there some sort of test that can be done rather than having to go by eye?

If something does need to be fixed, I don't want them to force me to keep this TV. I payed for a brand new television that works. That's not what I got. To me, as soon as something inside is replaced, it ceases to be new. I understand them fixing a TV rather than exchanging it if someone's had it for a bit, but this problem started less than a week after I got it. I bought it from a mom and pop store rather than a big box store because they're supposed to have better customer service. If I had bought it from a big box store, though, I could have returned it a month ago with no questions asked. I wouldn't have been led on like I have been.

I'll see what they say tomorrow, but I'm really getting fed up. With my luck, the guy won't notice an issue either. Well, I'm the one watching the TV, and I notice it. I shouldn't have to live with something just because not everyone can see it.

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