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Israeli Raid Strains Cease-Fire

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Reporting: Israeli Raid Strains Cease-Fire
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Why isn't surprising

That you are taking The hezbollah side of this issue?
There are always two sides to any story and If I have to choose I would believe Israel over terrorists any day!

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true, nobody is really suprised

that the lebanese army is not able to do the job.....

IF the international force+lebanese army had been stationed BEFORE the israeli pullout, none of this would have happened (hopefully)


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sure it would have happened Jonah

It is no secret that the rest of the world is not willing to protect Israel from these thugs. She'll go it alone and in the process better the world.

Don Erickson

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Yea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can blame the JEWS again !!!!

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Never have blamed an ethnic group as such

but the nation called Israel. I'm sure there are many people within that country that are not Jewish and that sopport the attacks every time they happen. I am also sure there are many Jewish people inside and outside Israel that feel the opposite way about it.

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but only you

have shown a preference for the terristic ways of hazzballa.
hell when hazballa started this war you were right there condemeing isreal.

you havent ever stated that whats realistic in the worlds eyes is hazballa was the cause along with syria and iran

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This is the part that's not surprising

>>>>It also requires the Lebanese government to secure its borders to prevent any unauthorized weapons from entering the country. That task has fallen to a force of Lebanese soldiers that is to number 15,000. The soldiers are also supposed to be backed by a more robust force of U.N. peacekeepers, but the United Nations is having trouble finding countries willing to put soldiers in the region.>>>>

Considering how small the country of Lebanon is, why is it taking so long for them to get those forces in place at the borders? How many of the Lebanese military is actually Hezbollah fighters since a good portion of the Lebanese government is now Hezbollah? How trust-worthy is the Lebanese military/government?

Considering the UN has been working on the peacekeeping ceasefire for at least three weeks already and knew that the peacekeeping forces would have to be a part of it and in place before a pull-out, don't you think that other countries as part of that force would have been approached long before the document was actually written up so those forces would be ready to rock and roll? Of COURSE, there will be difficulty getting forces in there....THEY ALL REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME IN AUGUST OF 1983 and NONE of them trust Hezbollah OR Lebanon to keep their word. The only solution would be to have 'peacekeeping forces' FRIENDLY TO HEZBOLLAH/LEBANON/IRAN/SYRIA.

Gimme a break........the UN at work again.


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What isn't surprising?

Let's see:
Lebanon has not kept up its part of the bargain (no surprise there, I doubt that they have the ability to do so)
The UN has not kept up its part of the bargain (no surprise there, either, because they have neither the ability nor the will to do so)
The guerrillas are still in place acting as if they ran the country (no surprise there, the guerrillas are probably right about who is running the show)
The Israeli army believes that they have to take matters into their own hands because nobody else is going to help them (no surprise there, they are probably correct in their assessment)

The whole situation is unstable. The only things I find surprising are: (1) Israel agreed to the cease fire in the first place; and (2) Israel allowed the guerrillas to develop such an entrenched position in the first place. It may be that Israel was pressured into restraint when confronted by the growing guerrilla threat, or it may be that they had bad intelligence. I don't know. There may be reasons. Still, it is surprising that they let the situation get so far out of control.

I'm not a big supporter of Israel. The Palestinians have any number of very real reasons to complain about its behavior. Still, the Israeli's are there, they have a country to defend, and they will meet force with force. They would be acting irresponsibly if they let the guerrillas continue to build up strength again.

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Once again............ both sides were victorious
Hezbollah officials said none of its fighters were killed or wounded.

"They dropped here and we sent them away," said spokesman Hussein Naboulsi,

Still, the Israeli army gave few details of Saturday's raid, although it said the goals of the operation were "achieved in full."
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I am in favor of killing terrorists.

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I am in favor of killing terrorists.

Were any killed?

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Maybe not...

Try again.

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If the Hezbo's said no one was killed, means many were. We are dealing with Alice in Wonderland PR types

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well jp

hazballa has been know to lie

and you have seen to support them

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I'm surprised Terry, that since Israel was attacked by

Hezbollah using weapons supplied by Syria and particularly Iran, and that they have been withdrawing, and rocket attacks have increased because the Lebanese Army is neither strong enough nor willing enough to disarm or stamp out Hezbollah, that you should be surprised or critical of Israel's attempt to defend itself.

Generally I find myself in agreement with you, but you've got this about 100% wrong.

If it was not covert Arab policy by pretty much all Arab countries to try to remove Israel from the map entirely this thing could be settled. But it is their policy to fund and support Hamas and Hezbollah, and any other group, who, should they succeed, would then turn around and attack their suppliers because they: Hamas and Hezbollah, believe in Taliban-like theocracy rather than the various forms of Arab government that exist now. I am not saying that any of them are the epitome of the democratic ideal, but some of them: Egypt and Jordan, are less hostile, less active, and more inclined to come to an agreement.


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You mised his point

it's about the JEWS

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You either show me where I have mentioned the

Jews as responsible or you back off!

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(NT) (NT) What a sad joke!
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if the word Jew

is synonymous with Israel....


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Why not be honest here

How much of this criticism is directed toward Israel and how much is really critcism of perceived agenda of our current US president or his (again, perceived) tacit approval of Israeli actions in the area.

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