ISP throttling my bandwidth - how to replace modem?

Hi to everyone and thanks in advance for any help...

I think that my ISP is throttling my bandwidth at the modem and I am here to ask help on how access full available bandwidth.

When the technician installed the fibre optic line and then the modem, he showed me an amazing 77MB/s (about 600Mbps) before the modem!!

But after the technician left these were the test results after the router:
averages, after router, show: UP between 56/60Mbps & DN 45/75Mbps
Local Server Speed Test:
average: UP 45Mpbs & DN 170Mbps

A Japanese Internet savvy guy explained that NTT East throttles the available bandwidth at the building by specific apartment/modem settings related to individual contract bundles. I signed up for the top bundle: TV, Phone and Internet connections.

This is my Hardware/software setup:

OS: Win7,

Line specs:
Line type: IEC60874-14
Connector type: SC
Core across: 9 micrometers
Clad across: 125 micrometers
NTT East fibreoptic TV/Internet/Telephone bundle (100Mbps best effort) Hikari Next Family Type but 10Mbps is considered within parameters
Asahi ISP Internet contract

GE-PON (WAN+Coaxial TV antenna)
"SCM-GE-PON-<H>A GV-ONU D<1>" model

RT-S300HI (4 Giga ports + 1 phone)

Router & Modem have Japanese firmware which I cannot understand and, according to the NTT East, I must rent both modem and router from them and "will not support any other modem/router setup".
I could not understand if it was because of technical or contractual limits.

I have tried to test my throughput after the modem but I could not figure out where the DNS, IP, WAN etc strings of numbers should go and, in the end, I simply cannot connect to the internet from my laptop directly to the modem so I cannot perform the same speed tests after the modem.

I appreciate help and I thank in advance for reading thus far and for any help and expertise which any one can spare/offer!

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Reporting: ISP throttling my bandwidth - how to replace modem?
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speed limits

It is unlikely the limitation is in the equipment in your house. They know very there are lots of guys like you that can't resist digging around.

The modem you can't do much about, it will cost way too much money to get into a optical line. If this is done the way I have seen them done in the US they deliver the cable tv on one frequency of laser and the internet on another another. You would have to have this special optics to do this.

The router I suspect is nothing too special. They may be limiting your uplink speed with this but it hard to tell. I would bet it is just a rebranded PPP based router. I can't read the manuals in Japanese Happy

The way they most likely limit you is by your user id. When you log in via PPP they can then limit you either by IP or mac address on their equipment.

The test you saw done was probable a special test id that can only get to the test server. If I were them I would rig it so even if you stole that ID it could only run to the special test server.

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Replacing a modem

@ Bill 012

Thank you. Your reply was helpful and clear. I appreciate your time and lending me your expertise! Happy I really appreciate people who share their knowledge and abilities for the simple sake of helping others. I wish I could do likewise.

So replacing a modem is not as straight forward as I imagined or as replacing a router. Understood. BTW, the router is probably a PPP, as you say as this is the green light that they keep asking me if it is on or off.

Since the router will be easier to replace, I went ahead and I just bought a top of the line Asus (AC66U) to replace the present Ethernet only router - at least I will have WiFi and better throughput @ the router end.

I will drop <phone/cableTV/internet> bundle in favor of internet only contract: it's cheaper, I don't understand Japanese TV and IP phone often doesn't work with fax, 800 numbers, etc. They will replace the bundle services modem which I have now with an internet only new modem next week: which are the critical settings which I should check (while the technician works) to successfully replace this internet only leased new modem with a purchased one? Any chances that I might pull it off if I get the right parameters? Which are they?

Again, thanks for your time and help!

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