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Is Trump mentally ill?

I don't think so.

I suspect he has an opinion/mindset on the way things should run based on his privileged up bringing and the good sense to hire a bunch of tax types to take advantage of the tax system and bankruptcy laws to build his empire.

I don't think he's too interested in learning what he can and can not do with his new job.

He brought the 'I'm the boss' mindset from the business world.

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One working definition of insanity is repeating

In reply to: Is Trump mentally ill?

the same actions and expecting different results.
Every four years American voters elect a President from among themselves, expecting improved government...

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In reply to: One working definition of insanity is repeating

Voters buy into rhetoric that addresses a concern they have about their small world.

The result is we get a group of pols that start the world turning clockwise.

Next election cycle we are not happy with clockwise so we elect a group of pols to turn the world counterclockwise.

The cycle repeats itself over and over.


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not a bad image of this reality

In reply to: Voters

I've also referred to this is like a bunch of folks rowing a boat on the river who shift all of their oaring from one side to the other whenever they get too close to a shore. For some reason, no one likes the middle. Rivers, as we know, do change course over time so what is in the middle today won't be (geographically) in the middle tomorrow. It's very clear to me in which direction those banks have moved over the course of my own lifetime.

The next thing I could ask is whether or not the movement of the river banks is all due to natural occurrences or whether man has caused it whole or in part. If man played a part, is that acceptable or not? Now, we move onto other things like global warming and see if our viewpoint as to how to treat this is the same. Life gets complicated for those who spend too much time in thought and worry about things they cannot or should not try to affect.

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Global warming

In reply to: not a bad image of this reality

I think we have such a thing.
I think mankind has a hand in it.
We can't do anything about natural cycles.
We can adjust what mankind is doing.

Too many people who have studied this area have pointed out mankind's contribution to what's happening.

To just stick our head in the sand and ignore it seems foolish to me.

Some baby steps now might be uncomfortable but if we have to go to giant leaps later might be painful.

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(NT) [Hmmm. Doug, it seems they're repeating their actions.]

In reply to: One working definition of insanity is repeating

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Hello friend

In reply to: Is Trump mentally ill?

first of all are you Americans? And if not It is none of your bird things and emm ok if that congts that you are belong to this amazing president! Ok that's all!

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(NT) I'm American, Conservative, and a Trump supporter.

In reply to: Hello friend

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Toni, your typing pattern has just been

In reply to: I'm American, Conservative, and a Trump supporter.

registered by an NKVD bot.

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(NT) Does that make me a target? LOL

In reply to: Toni, your typing pattern has just been

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He brought the 'I'm the boss' mindset from the business worl

In reply to: Is Trump mentally ill?

Better that than a 'community organizer' who influences the way people 'should' think compared to how they 'do' think....common sense goes out the window with liberals every time. And if you actually look at the current disclosures going on regarding how BO ran his administration and every agency beneath him for 8 years, then you will really understand WHO had the 'I'm the boss' mindset when he took the oath.

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RE:'I'm the boss' mindset from the business world

In reply to: He brought the 'I'm the boss' mindset from the business worl

AND there ya' have it....

Others come to him with a "solution", and HE won't sign it,,,,,even after HE said HE would....

IF HE was a "businessman" running a roadside stand selling fruits and vegetables...Who cares what he does...unfortunately he isn't....in more ways than one.....

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In reply to: He brought the 'I'm the boss' mindset from the business worl

BO had an agenda.....right or wrong.

He understood what he could or could not do.

The child we have now is clueless and he's not interested in learning.

That attitude comes from the 'Im the boss' business world.

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He understood what he could or could not do.

In reply to: BO

And he ignored every Constitutional Law he KNEW he COULDN'T/WOULDN'T accept. Trump hasn't done any EO'S that have been against the Constitution, and even SCOTUS has agreed with him with 9-0 decisions, Bob. The only way BO got SCOTUS to agree with him was when THEY changed the wording to his bill/law on Obamacare, and to include gay marriage WITHOUT a law written. SCOTUS has already struck down DAPA....DACA is next if Congress doesn't come to an agreement....and BOTH of those EO's by BO were NEVER LAWS and even BO stated he had NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY to issue either one, but did it anyhow.

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As I said

In reply to: He understood what he could or could not do.

He knew he could not do something.
He admitted that.
That does not mean he did not do it.
BO had an agenda.
Whether I agreed with it does not matter.

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So, in your backwards thinking....

In reply to: As I said

BO, who KNEW Constitutional Law and TAUGHT it, KNEW he couldn't do something and DID it anyhow.....and somehow HE'S more competent than Trump because Trump KNOWS he has to let CONGRESS make the laws? And it doesn't matter to you one way or the other BECAUSE it was BO and not Trump......


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Current thinking

In reply to: So, in your backwards thinking....

Trump acts like a child.
He came into office thinking he had been elected dictator.
It's only when his handlers explained the facts of life that he realized he had to work with congress.
Which so far seems a bit iffy.

BO acted like an adult.
You just did not like what he was doing.
He should have taken your guns away then you would have had something to really carp about.

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You keep repeating the same garbage....

In reply to: Current thinking

Trump is a child, Trump is a dictator.....BO is an adult. BO did SOME things you didn't agree with.....and yet

Trump uses Congress to pass laws; BO ignored Congress and issued his OWN. Trump tweets directly to the people; BO used the GOVERNMENT to stop people he didn't agree with. Trump has brought businesses and economic wealth back to the USA; BO chased it out of the country. Trump has lowered the unemployment rate to 17-year lows; BO increased the unemployment rate drastically. Trump wants illegals out of the country and limits on the legal ones; BO put out a 'welcome' sign for them and they came in droves. Trump supports law enforcement and the military; BO took away most of their powers and abilities. The list goes on........but even this short one shows which one is the REAL dictator.

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(NT) Someone just came from a Tea Party?

In reply to: You keep repeating the same garbage....

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You just want to carp about BO

In reply to: You keep repeating the same garbage....

I gave BO credit for turning the economy around.

As for the other things he did I did not comment.

Trump acts like a child with his twitter fits when he sees or hears something he does not like.

When he's talking he says things that are from fantasy island.

As for working with congress he signed Ryan's tax bill.
Time will tell if that's a good or bad thing.

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RE:Trump uses Congress to pass laws;

In reply to: You keep repeating the same garbage....

AND Executive Orders?

as of Fri October 13, 2017

Trump is on pace to sign more executive orders than any president in the last 50 years

On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at allowing people to band together to seek more affordable health insurance, a move some consider an attempt to cripple the Affordable Care Act.

It was the 49th executive order that Trump has signed since coming into office on January 20. The last president to sign that many executive orders through October 13 of his first year in office? Lyndon Johnson.

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ANd the majority of his EO's

In reply to: RE:Trump uses Congress to pass laws;

have been to UNDO all of the ones BO did.......there are far fewer NEW EO's for Trump than what BO had on his plate. What you fail to recognize is that ANY President can UNDO a PREVIOUS President's EO's because NONE of those PREVIOUS EO'S are actually LAWS....which is why SCOTUS has given Trump 9-0 decisions every time liberals have challenged Trump's reversals of the BO EO's. SCOTUS' job is to decide on LAWS already on the books, although they HAVE screwed up a few times and WROTE their own (Roe v Wade, gay marriage, and Obamacare) but I suspect that sometime in the future those will also be thrown out since they were NEVER laws written and passed by Congress. You will argue that Obamacare was but as you well know, Roberts changed the wording in order to make it 'legal' to impose the penalty by saying it is a 'tax' instead when he wasn't authorized to change a directly written law, especially when it had been argued in lower courts that it was a 'penalty' and not a 'tax' in order to get it to pass muster in those courts but changed tactics in front of SCOTUS and called it a 'tax' because of the Government's right to tax the nation.

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RE:have been to UNDO all of the ones BO did

In reply to: ANd the majority of his EO's

YOUR "claim" was

Trump uses Congress to pass laws;

I gave examples of TheRUMP NOT using Congress to pass laws.

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Those are not LAWS

In reply to: RE:have been to UNDO all of the ones BO did

they are EO's that he's used to UNDO the BO EO's....you (a President) don't use Congress to pass an EO since it's NOT a law and can easily be UNDONE by the next President. BO ATTEMPTED to create his OWN laws, even though he knew they would only last as long as the next presidents allowed them to stand, and bypassed Congress to do them. Trump didn't let them stand and erased them with another EO since Congress COULDN'T do that. AND although you seem to believe that you 'gave examples', you gave NOTHING as usual since NO examples were included in your link.

However, THIS link lists ALL of his EO's for 2017....and not ONE of them is a LAW that bypassed Congress, since the majority of them are either 'routine' types that ALL Presidents issue or EXTENSIONS of ones that prior Presidents issued or ones that UNDO BO's EO's. https://www.federalregister.gov/executive-orders/donald-trump/2017

Unlike you, most people in the USA who keep themselves informed, actually know the difference between an EO signed by BO in order to BYPASS CONGRESS by having Reid never bring a bill to a vote in the Senate for fear that it would actually pass and BO would be forced to VETO it and an EO signed by Trump that did AWAY with those issued by BO, who knew they could be undone by a future president and hoped they would go unnoticed and left alone. They also know the difference between a temporary EO and a permanent LAW passed by both Houses of Congress and signed by a President that can ONLY be undone by CONGRESS.

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What BO did was

In reply to: Those are not LAWS

Smart politics.

When your the prez and you have a blocker in the senate you can do that.

If it annoyed righties that was a plus.

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RE:Those are not LAWS

In reply to: Those are not LAWS

So when YOU said

Trump uses Congress to pass laws; BO ignored Congress and issued his OWN.

Issued his OWN ? OWN what? his OWN LAWS? By EO's?


you (a President) don't use Congress to pass an EO since it's NOT a law and can easily be UNDONE by the next President. BO ATTEMPTED to create his OWN laws,

YOU were saying when Obama issues an EO, HE is creating a "law".


It just saves POTUS from getting Congress to implement a "law".

If it serves the same purpose as a law...it might as well be a law....not calling it a "law" makes little difference when they are closing the cell door on YOUR fingers.

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(NT) The sounds of silence....

In reply to: RE:Those are not LAWS

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You insist that they are 'treated as laws'

In reply to: The sounds of silence....

therefore they ARE laws, and you are wrong. EO's are nothing more than DIRECTIVES that, unfortunately, too many people in governments (State, Local, and Federal) follow when they don't have to BY LAW. When an EO is given to a particular AGENCY, such as the EPA with BO, that agency now has, depending on the wording of the EO, far more power than it ever had and becomes an 'arm' of the whacked out former prez by issuing regulations up the gazoo that are now so intimidating to businesses and land-owners that most times, they end up being challenged in courts....when it eventually gets to SCOTUS, the prez LOST because of his over reaching his authority. DODD-FRANK IS a LAW that regulates the financial industry........and CONGRESS is the only one with the authority to repeal it because IT IS A REAL LAW.

Got it yet?

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RE:ones that UNDO BO's EO's

In reply to: Those are not LAWS

I've scrolled through your list of EO's by TheRUMP

ONLY 2 (EO 13812, EO 13782):were a "revocation of EO's" so I guess TheRUMP doesn't give Obama's EO's the same degree of condemnation as YOU do...

2 out or 55?

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IF you actually stop looking for

In reply to: RE:ones that UNDO BO's EO's

the word 'revocation' as your search criteria, and really look at the wording of a good majority of them, you would find that Trump's EO's have undone directives that BO gave to his various agencies that gave them more power than they should have had, such as the EPA and other regulatory agencies that hurt the country and businesses.

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RE: stop looking for

In reply to: IF you actually stop looking for

stop looking for the word 'revocation' as your search criteria

Well, that's the best I could do to try and support YOUR argument...

I couldn't find ANY reference to UNDO or UNDONE....YOUR favourite words...in this thread...

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