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Is Tiger Woods foul mouthed on the golf course?

I was not aware that Woods has a reputation of being loud and offensive when he is playing the game. I don't watch the matches on TV, nor would ever go out of my way to see one in real life. Still, I always assumed that golf was a relatively genteel sport. However, here is an article where an announcer takes Tiger to task, not so much for his past language but for the fact that Woods said he would clean up his language during matches, and seems to have forgot his pledge already.

Jim Nantz criticizes Tiger Woods' vocal tantrums

Before the Masters started, Tiger Woods told us that he had changed. His outbursts would be quieted, his club tossing would be softened and he was going to be a different guy on the golf course.

It wasn't something new with Tiger, but it is something he told us would be avoiding in the future. Jim Nantz, the voice of CBS at the Masters... let it be known that he wasn't happy with the way Woods acted.

Nantz then admitted that this isn't something that has disturbed him in the past, but the fact that Tiger promised us a change is why it rubbed him the wrong way

There was some controversy during the recent winter olympics about the language used by Shaun White while he was talking to his coach during his prep for his final run on the half pipe (having already cinched the gold for the event). Honestly, my feelings about language and sports is that as long as foul language and vulgar insults are not directed at other players or the audience, then how one talks on the field of play is less important than how one acts. Still, I guess that some sporting traditions call for a higher level of personal conduct.

One wonders though, why Tiger has not been held publicly accountable for his on-the-course language and conduct before now? Maybe he has, and I - not being a golf fan - just missed it.

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Reporting: Is Tiger Woods foul mouthed on the golf course?
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with long distance and directional mikes, any sportsman can have their private language recorded and replayed to the public.

I didn't read the article, but I suspect that Tiger, like any other golfer, is prone to a few expletives after he's made a particularly bad shot or had bad luck, and the charged emotions of the game simply 'let rip'.

It seems sad to me nowadays that no sportsman can afford to have a tiff or a tantrum, or a moment of bad manners or bad language whilst on the field of play, without some cameraman or sound recorder a mile away picking up every little detail of the event, and the plastering the result all over the media stating how petulant or bad-mouthed they are. I think we are expected to regard these people as failed supermen or women.

I don't agree with bad manners at all, but I feel that the media in today's world can intrude on these players even if they are far away.


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I don't watch tennis anymore

but I remember the drama on the court years ago. Would probably make Tiger blush.


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Sometimes you don't need a microphone such as Tigers shot

off the first Tee which was followed by the F Bomb.

My favourite occurred during an inning break in a play-off baseball game. Pitcher was a right-hander who maybe slipped a little on his delivery and the batter tattooed it over the right field fence. In glorious slow motion you saw the wind up and the pitch, you could even see his face change when the ball slipped a little, and then the follow through and the pitcher watching it complete with F-Bomb narration sail out of the park. That's got to have been nearly 35 years ago because I was still in the States. My wife and I were both watching, and we both burst out laughing at the same time.

Tiger needs to get hold of his emotions enough that he's not beating either himself or the course up. After that 6 month lay-off, he played an okay round.


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Often you don't even need a mic

You can read their lips. Watch almost any MLB pitcher after giving up a home run, clearly shouting "F***!!!" even though there's no audio pickup.

I remember watching a Super Bowl a few years ago, and they had the cameras recording the players as they ran out onto the field. Unfortunately they also had the sound on and no delay, so you could hear the guys on one team shouting things like "Let's get these mother******s!"

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Have you walked past a bunch of kids in a mall lately?

They would make Tiger sound like a nun. Happy

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I reckon nobody in the galleries heard him

........ or it would have been breaking news.

I haven't heard that his partner or caddies complained.

I am reminded of the initial report I heard on ESPN that the reception he received from the crowd on his first appearance was cool. But that is not what everybody else said, Conversely, he "worked" the spectators and signed autographs, which he did not often do.

The author wrote that anybody who "bought' Tiber's pledge to do better as hoodwinked. I never heard Tiger say he was going to not swear any more.

This is what Tiger is going to face the rest of his born days. Sad


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To my mind, as long as no one of the inner circle feels attacked and complains, it is all the same what he says and what he doesn't. Isn't everyone of us sometimes swearing? So why should a sportsman not do so as well? They are ordinary people after all. The occurences about his affairs are another topic, though. This must not happen, whether you are a star or not.

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(NT) Who cares?
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Here's a young man, a lead player of his sport, coming away from a scandal, an airplane flying overhead with a ill-manner banner towards him and he's playing a game where "his kind" has always been frown upon and then each stroke of the game may equal a yrs. salary of the typical worker, so yeah he could be under some stress. On top of that all those mikes ready to capture his utterance and not just those of sports but anything that can fill the boundless needs of the press media today. Let's not forget, there practically no decency for some media types to get anything for broadcast or their media feeds. If Tiger is like any other person, there's has to be good and bad days where keeping your mouth shut is very hard to do and wish you hadn't said this or that. This the price of fame and being a top contender in any sport nowadays. Personally, I could care less of his private life(all the details) shhesssh. ------Willy Happy

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