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Is this the beginnings of a virus or is my computer stupid?

Recently I found out about a virus that says you have a security problem and tries to force you to buy their products. I installed Malwarebytes and Super Anti Spyware just to be safe.

Yet, every time I start up the computer I get a notification saying to check my anti virus software status because the anti virus software may not be installed. But, my anti virus software already booted up long before this security popup. And when I check the security centre, everything is working fine.

There's no annoying popups, no attempts to hard sell anti virus software. Is this just an idiot moment on my computer's part, or is this actually a harmless yet unbelievably annoying virus. I know it might be overreaction, but I'd like to get to the bottom of this, since it just randomly started happening.

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Reporting: Is this the beginnings of a virus or is my computer stupid?
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Windows XP - Windows 7 actively check to see if you have known security software installed and will alert you if such is not detected. Some, including MBAM and SAS, are not included on that list, so it may incorrectly alert you that you are unprotected, but the alerts can be disabled in the Security Center section of the Control Panel.

There are, however, many rogue/scareware applications that will alert you that you are unprotected, your computer is infected with XX viruses, and that you need to purchase their product immediately to resolve the issues. MBAM and SAS should detect such, but you can uninstall any that are overlooked through the Control Panel and disable them through MSConfig.


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Well I'll be...

Turns out he Security Center was the one messing up. I disabled any security alerts from it, restarted and now the problem's gone. If it was a virus, the popup would've returned even if I turned off the security centre's notifications.

I didn't realise that the Security Center could actually fail to recognise anti-virus stuff. Looks like you learn something new every day.

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Just a thought.

Does that mean that your system does not have any running anti-virus utilities?

Malwarebytes' Anti-malware and SUPERAntispyware are not anti-virus.


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I have Anti-Virus stuff.

Nope. I have the most recent AVG Anti-Vrus Software.

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In that case

XP's Security Center should recognise it. Mine does. Windows Vista and Windows 7 too.

Are you sure that AVG is on and running in the background? Malware will often attempt to disable such.


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It is...

Yup. I open it up whenever the popup turns on and it's working there, in the background.

That's the reason why I signed up and posted here. AVG was running, and yet I still got the warning.

Maybe reinstall AVG to make sure?

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Hmm. Perhaps not at this stage.

Have another look at the Security Center settings, and see exactly what it shows you.

If you haven't rebooted since removing this malware, try rebooting. If that makes no difference, then manually update AVG and run a full scan with it. Then reboot again.

Hopefully that will nudge Windows into recognising AVG again.


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When I check security center after the popup, it says everything is working. Everything is on and there's no problems.

And Malwarebytes and SAS have picked up nothing but cookies since i installed them. So there hasn't been a makware to remove, or so i think.

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That's good.

In that case, my concerns were unfounded.

Thanks for letting me know.


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I'll try reinstalling AVG to see if that gives Windows the nudge it needs.

The whole thing is slightly perplexing. I heard horror stories to do with malware trying to make you buy stuff, but nothing like that has ever happened. MalwareBytes and SAS found only cookies (so I believe).

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Are you sure the message is ...
"o check my anti virus software status because the anti virus software may not be installed"?

I ask because quite often a slightly different message pops up WHEN FIRST BOOTING that indicates that the AV may be "OUT OF DATE" (not "not installed"). This can happen simply because of how you have your AV updates scheduled and whether you may have shut down just as an update was scheduled.
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Nope that's the message I got...

I print screened the message and typed out exactly what it said.

This popup is still going on. It's looking less like a virus and more like a computer problem by the minute.

My only guess is that this is because AVG disables Windows Defender. I've noticed that Windows Defender is disabled by AVG, and that the alert seems to disappear and the little Windows Defender with a "!" appears afterwards.

I've scoured lots of forums and AVG's own support site and apparently Defender is meant to get turned off by AVG.

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A favor please

Can you supply a screen print of that pop-up?

These forums don't allow images to be posted directly, but you can upload screen prints to an image hosting site like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, or Flickr, then post the url web address for that image here.

It would allow us to see what you see.


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