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Is this something to boast about?

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Hartney thinks so

What Todd thinks is unknown, But I suspect he would encourage Sarah to speak. Politicians take every opportunity to stay in the public eye.


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and how

do you think the Kennedys Daddy got his money? He was a big time bootlegger! Oh wait, that's different Kennedy's are Dems!

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Anyone can play that game. Prescott Bush was a board member

of the Hamburg Amerika line. Ford collected back profits from Nazi Ford efforts after the war, Opel was GM Germany. They too retreived money. ITT had as one of its subsidiaries Focke Wulf Gmbh. There are lots more. Suggest you read "The Sovereign State of IT&T" if you can find it, it's about 40 years old now.

You don't actually expect virulently Anti-Government people especially politicians to play by the rules do you, avoid shady businesses, actually pay their taxes. Keep the money in US banks? How niaive !


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Why didn't you post that reply tp JP??? Yes we can all play that game, can't we?

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Just the usual...

anti-Bush hatred. Doesn't matter where he posts it.

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it is always funny

how they trash one side first and when it comes back all of a sudden they said nothing bad! LOL

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RE:Yes we can all play that game, can't we?

Yes WE can, but only the other guys do.

Strange, very strange.

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go ahead

close your eyes, JP! You have already forgotten you started this one, and then you get bit! Oh gee! LOL

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How? selling booze

Are they still boasting about it?

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Just close your eyes it will all go awayHappy

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On both sides of the border.... and the sins of the fathers

..... that bootlegging was one way to survive in those hard times. Sitting outside in the evenings I could smell a still from the woods several miles away if the wind was right. "Customers" knew who made good untainted moonshine The tainted stuff became more prevalent during Prohibition, and when organized crime got into "the business".

Re: Joseph Kennedy: the choice to visit the sins of the fathers on each generation is not shared by everyone.


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could the same also

be said by you to include Palins Grandfather???

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If I may be so bold
Could the same also be said by you to include Palins Grandfather???

Since Palin brought it up...why do you have a problem?
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I just have to wonder

if Palin hadn't have brought this up now, some investigative media reporter would have 'dug away' through her family history and found it.

Then I can imagine the headlines, on the order of, "Palin's Granddaddy was a Bootlegger", or similar.

Seems she can't win. If she tells us, she is boasting. If the media tells us, why didn't she, and why was she hiding it?


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She was in Canada

and trying to impress the mention of maple syrup though Happy

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I don't think there is any shame attached to it...

it's ancient history at this point. I think she was telling a colorful story about her family history and the usual Palin obsessed ninnies are trying to make something scandalous about it.

Some people just need to get a life.

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(NT) EXACTLY!!! Thanks Mark
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(NT) That's the price of fame.
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Back in the day, in my neighbourhood, on election day rides to the voting booth, and free drinks, I don't know how they could tell how you voted after you drank their booze.

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Remember, Angeline...

Angeline, do you remember when Barry Goldwater ran for President, and the religion of his Grandfather became a subject of interest by some of the people with differing political viewpoints?

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What I remember

.... is being brought up to "consider the source" and to be suspicious about those who "protesteth too much" and malign others.

Though it brings a perverse pleasure to some to dig up dirt on those they don't like, and to spread it either as openly or subtly as possible, I believe their own paths are not as pure as they claim.

This was true pre-Goldwater, and has grown to the industry it is today, from professional politicians to the grass roots to smug individuals.

I wager that many of us would find a bootlegger or a horse thief in our genealogy, and take it in good humor. But then without substance. it had to be inferred that I would view Dems differently than Reps.

So nothing has changed.


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To be fair,

The Kennedy clan's empire was funed by stock fraud. Joe was one of the original "pump and dump" players.

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Was it boasting?

Just because you reveal something about yourself doesn't mean you're boasting...

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(NT) OK then, trying to get brownie points
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(NT) Would you say the same anout those at the confessional?
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She thought she was in a confession booth?

Come to Canada...confess the sins of your husbands grandfather?

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(NT) Did I say that?
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(NT) Did I say you did?
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This is about her husband and not Sarah

She is not tainted by bootlegger genes but her children, grandchildren, etc. will be. It will be important that we will keep a very close eye on her kids in case any of them try to enter the political arena and our kids will need to be watchful of her grandkids too. We cannot afford to let this important finding allow her family and future family to infiltrate government. Happy

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