Is this a simple task?

Hello, I don't have any experience with building apps but I've made a mistake by building a VBA Excel add-on which nobody else can work on but me, and I don't care to become "the guy" for other projects. However, I have need for a tablet in the field, to be used by volunteers with no experience on computers/tablets. I would like them to view some data, and find a given record. My first solution is to take some data from a spreadsheet and create a PDF file. (No problem, already successful!) Using the search function in the PDF viewer I can find data. However, there are many records and I'd like to be able to search on 3 or 4 fields to narrow the results. The only interface necessary should have the 3-4 fields and a search option. The result should populate about 10 fields including the queried ones. For ease, it should have a "fat-fingers" keyboard. This is for a busy food pantry, and everyone is a volunteer. We love our volunteers, but as far as users go.... Consequently, we would also need to have a very limited access to the internal workings of the tablet. They would have no need to access the internet, wi-fi, music /photo playback, or inadvertently modify system files. It would just be a plain query machine. As a pantry, we don't have much in the line of funding, so I'll probably end up either doing this myself, or praying that someone familiar with apps just wants to do something "charitable". In the meantime, my question is, "Does this sound like a difficult thing to do?" I recently realized I could search PDF files, which started me thinking of this. At the same time, a trip to Staples showed me that there were some $79 tablets available, which could be almost affordable if I can actually provide the app. That's all I got....thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate any and all help/advice/concerns.
Thanks again.

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Since it's Excel my bet is 79 dollar tablets may not perform
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Not Excel

The data we keep is on a 1 sheet Excel file, basically a telephone book style list with a few more fields. I just save some of the records as a PDF file which the tablet could read. The tablet user only needs to see some of the info, and makes no changes. By looking up "smith", I can find the text within the document. Of course, I may have 50 "Smith"s, so "smith" on "main st" may narrow it down. Although a pre-packaged database could provide the answers, nobody here could manage it. I'm just trying to improve the search function on the PDF file.

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Then I have to write no.

The direction you are going has me write it's not simple enough. Too bad you can't move to a database system. I've implemented so many over the years and have seen Excel and PDF approaches that well, are far too limiting.

Again, with low or no-code databases your search should be a snap to implement.

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No-code/low-code databases

Thank you for your response. I've never heard of no-code or low-code databases. It's something I can look into. ( I just googled it; seems there are plenty of hits. Haven't red them yet. Presumably they can run "stand-alone" on a tablet without internet access.
Now, is there an easy way to make the full functionality of a tablet limited to just this single function? The less there is to play with, the less the chance of damage someone can do to the programming.

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About limiting actions on a tablet.

Sorry but that's one of those IT type tasks. You tell the IT to do such and see what they come up with.

Why? Because Android doesn't have such a feature baked in. So it's research and see where you land.

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