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Is this a good PC build?

Hi everyone!

So, I'm building my first ever gaming PC, and I need some advice about what components to get - note, that I will be gaming in 4k, and do not mind turning some settings down or off to achieve this. Anyways, I know some stuff about graphics cards and CPU's ,but not too much about cooling, PSU's, Motherboards or RAM...

A list of what I am getting so far is below:

Gigabyte GTX 1080 8GB
I5 7600k
8GB Corsaire vengeance RAM DDR4
WD 1tb HDD 7200 rpm
NZXT SOURCE 530 full tower case
Corsair air series af120 led 120mm quiet edition
Windows 10
Kootek wireless adapter

Am I missing anything? Are there any other recommendations? I don't want to go above really £1150, but hey, if it means that I can have a beast PC, then why not Grin ( seriously, please no more than £1200 Grin )

Note: I currently have an asus rog g752vt with a 970m and i7 6700hq, and have no problems with it for 1080p content, but for 4k... yeah.... it ain't gonna be too good...

Thank you, you awesome people!


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Clarification Request
I thought you needed even more for 4K gaming.

In reply to: Is this a good PC build?

But there's a workaround. Set the video to 1080p and let the display upscale it.

As to the list, hope that's a pair of RAM sticks and you are not too far from the router.

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That's right

In reply to: I thought you needed even more for 4K gaming.

I wonder what RAM he is using ?
@ L-A-R , What RAM are you ordering and also you want 2 sticks of RAM so to run Dual Channel

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In reply to: That's right

I would be using this RAM: Corsair CMK8GX4M2A2666C16R Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 2666Mhz - Is it good enough? or Should I really spend more and get 16 gigs? would there be more performance if I did?

Thank you,


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It depends on what you are gonna do

In reply to: Response

with the Comp.
I built 2 comps , one 8 GB Ram and a 750ti SC for just putsin' around and just regular stuff, banking, taxes , shopping and maybe light gaming at some medium to low settings and it a good comp for that .
The other comp. I went with 16 GB of the fastest RAM and a GTX 1060 GB for gaming and it blows the other one away , most games at High or ultra settings

I'm all for 16GB of the fastest RAM your MB can handle. I really like fast stuff and personally would go with the 3200(OC)/ 3000(OC ) MHZ ,
I don't see the 2666Mhz on the DDR4 Memory list HERE

The Case looks good if you are going for some bling and lighted stuff
MB looks ok too .. I see that this MB has an M.2 slot , I would get a SSD for the OS and stuff. I just installed one and Man, you talk about booting up fast ,it only takes this comp from a shut down state , 14 seconds to boot up and be on the internet.

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In reply to: It depends on what you are gonna do

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I need a Pro to help with that

In reply to: Thanks!

I can't find if this RAM is ECC ECC (159) ,NON-ECC NON-ECC (330) or Non-parity

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I found it

In reply to: I need a Pro to help with that

DDR4 3200(OC)/ 3000(OC) ECC, un-buffered memory...
I can't tell if the Ram you asked about is ok , but I know I would buy 2 of these Crucial RAM

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In reply to: Thanks!

Your cpu supports 2400 ram....native.
Your mobo supports 2400 ram....native.

I don't OC so I would be shopping for a 2x8GB kit @ 2400.

It's your call if you want to spend extra for faster ram and OC.

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I go for the fastst RAM my MB can Handle

In reply to: Ram

I gave the OP the fastest Ram suggested . Not something that just works
The RAM I suggested is OC'd from the factory ,
It's something I would purchase, why wouldn't you ?
Do you like slow RAM ?

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In reply to: I go for the fastst RAM my MB can Handle

Unless you OC, which I don't, the fastest it will go is 2400.

So for me to spend extra for 3000 ram is a waste.

The op can make their own call about OCing.

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Again , That's you

In reply to: Ram

if you want to use slow stuff , be my guest .

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Let's look at what L-A-R has purchased so far.....

In reply to: Ram

He has ..
1. Gigabyte GTX 1080 8GB
2. I5 7600k

The GTX 1080 that costs $530,00 , Boost Clock 1860 MHz in OC Mode
1835 MHz in Gaming Mode
That i5 K is for gamers and overclocking
That Z170 is for gamers and overclocking

Do you think he is not going to OC ?
I stand by my suggestion of buying high end Fast Oc'd RAM from the mfgr.

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In reply to: Let's look at what L-A-R has purchased so far.....

So, I am most definitely going to overclock, as I know that it will give me better performance - thank you for clarifying that all these components can indeed overclock!

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You're welcome

In reply to: Okay

Another member thinks that I am pushing you to bye un-needed RAM and maybe too many GB's.
As I said earlier for myself, I buy 16 GB's of fastest RAM possible for gaming and if it's OC'd from the maker already , that's a bonus.
So read what Bob__B has to say and than decide for yourself .

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In reply to: I thought you needed even more for 4K gaming.

From what I've seen, I do think that the 1080 is powerful enough for 4k on most of the games I play - i.e Overwatch, CS:GO, DOOM 4, Battlefield 1 etc. I've seen this card pull off really pretty well in Overwatch having fps anywhere from 60-90 at max settings and 4k, and in battlefield 1 an average of 70 fps.

As you've said though, putting it in 1080p and letting it upscale is definitely a good idea, and for some games, I'll probably have to do that Happy

Also, is my motherboard and case okay? The case can hold unto 9 fans, and is a full tower so is big enough for the components - one person had two r9 390x's and said that he till had plenty of space. Also, would the GTX 1080, RAM, and CPU all work with the motherboard okay?

Many thanks,


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Here's what I hearing.

In reply to: Response

Screams from folk trying to game at 4K. I have shared my workaround so many times.

As to the mix of CPU etc. Looks OK.

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Yeah, I know

In reply to: Here's what I hearing.

Okay, let me clarify something - I do not mind not being able to play 4k on every game - I am - at least at the moment - a pretty casual gamer; I spend about 3 or 4 hours a day currently on my laptop, mostly gaming. My brother has a GTX 1070 in a water cooled PC, and it can run 4k on some games, but usually at around 40 - 50 fps paired with an i5 6700k, but he usually plays on 2560x1440 or 3440x1440 ( he has an ultrawide monitor as well...) So, baring in mind that the GTX 1080 is more powerful than the 1070, I thought that it would play pretty well on the games I play.

I do appreciate that some people want to play at max settings in 4k at a constant 60fps +, but I don't really mind playing with medium / high settings in 4k.

It's helpful to know about your workaround, and I'm sure for quite a few games that I will have to do this, and really wouldn't mind too much.

Also, the reason that I couldn't have gotten my brother to help me is because he's on the other side of the country ( I'm in Devon, he's in Yorkshire, so yeah...)

Thank you so much for your info, it's helpful for a newbie like me Happy - I'm planning to get the GTX 1080 and the cpu ( maybe RAM as well ) on Black Friday, so I've definitely got time to consider everything, and stuff like this is really helpful, so thank you, VERY much!

All Answers

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Yes , you are missing

In reply to: Is this a good PC build?

A really nice Single Rail PSU

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In reply to: Is this a good PC build?

I forgot the psu - an EVGA 650w g2 gold!

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In reply to: Is this a good PC build?

The base line for gaming is 8GB.

It seems the sweet spot is 16GB.
2x8GB or 4x4GB.

Some of the newer games will use a lot of ram.

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Get a Seasonic G-550 Power Supply and an SSD

In reply to: Is this a good PC build?

You need a good power supply. Get a Seasonic 550-watt or 650-watt. Add an SSD to the list, too. Since you'll have a 1TB regular hard drive you can use a modest price 120GB SSD and link it to the hard drive using Intel Smart Response which allows the regular hard drive to have everything, and places a copy of all files you use frequently on the SSD for fast access. This really will make a noticeable difference in the overall performance. Don't worry about "Write" speed on the SSD; it's "Read" speed that will matter. Now, you could add more RAM memory but the money is better spent on an SSD. (Regarding RAM, going from 4GB to 8GB will definitely boost gaming and general performance, but going from 8GB to 16GB will make hardly any difference at all.)

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Oh, really?

In reply to: Get a Seasonic G-550 Power Supply and an SSD

I've seen some comparison videos between 8gb and 16gb of ram, and there has been a pretty big fps difference - thank you for this though, definitely food for thought Happy

Thank you very much! I'll probably get everything first ( Case, RAM, GPU, CPU, Motherboard, powersupply - the one you have suggested ) and then get an SSD - in fact, I'll most likely wait until Black Friday for an SSD or extra ram - Thank you!

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That Seasonic seems OK

In reply to: Oh, really?

But as I do prefer glamor and quiet running as well as power saving's , I prefer This PSU ,even during heavy gaming, I don't think the fan has ever ran....

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Interesting Comparison

In reply to: That Seasonic seems OK

According to several reviews (TachPowerUp, Guru3D, JonnyGuru, etc.) the Seasonic G550 exceeds the Corsair RM650 is standard efficiency, low power efficiency, low ripple (especially on the 12V rail), and performance-per-dollar. As for fan noise, the Seasonic is completely silent up to 250-watt output, then begins to rise quickly above that, i.e. when you start gaming. We have a Seasonic G550 in our HTPC which sits about 5 or 6 feet away from me in the living room. Coupled with a quiet cpu cooler I simply can't hear the PC running most of the time. When gaming on our big-screen plasma I can only hear PC fan noise by muting the audio during a game, at which point most of the audible fan noise is coming from the graphics card fans. This has proved entirely satisfactory.

The Corsair RM650 is also a very, very good PSU, no question about it. Like the old saying goes, you pays your money and you takes your choice!

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Excellent point

In reply to: Interesting Comparison

but as you notice by your own selection, we use what we have confidence in .
As I said in my prior recommendation, " That Seasonic seems OK " , I have just never had one and I recommended what I use just as you did .
Either way L-A-R will be getting some good stuff....

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Comparison - 8GB vs. 16GB for Gaming

In reply to: Oh, really?

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Those are both very interesting .

In reply to: Comparison - 8GB vs. 16GB for Gaming

And true for 2016 and prior , but in 2017, there are going to at least 10 new games coming out according to this article and more if you look that say
"10 games coming out in 2017 that will destroy your hardware" >

I'm not looking backwards but forward and it seems that games running on Windows 10 may be more demanding in the future ....
In This gaming site Minimum Requirements are 8 GB RAM , but Recommended Specs are 16 GB RAM.
I always go with the recommended amount of RAM...
2017 is changing the rules ! Leave 2016 thoughts where they belong , In 2016....

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Try This Config ;)

In reply to: Is this a good PC build?

I guess you should try this config.:
Intel core i7-7700
16GB (8GB*2) G.Skill Ripjaws V 2400Mhz DDR4
CPU Cooler(air) Cooler Master MasterLiquid PRO 240/Cooler Master MasterLiquid PRO 240
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
MSI Geforce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G
Cooler Master MasterBox 5 MSI edition case
CoolerMaster MasterWatt Lite 600 Watts

Link to shop removed by moderator.

Post was last edited on April 23, 2017 11:53 PM PDT

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In reply to: Try This Config ;)

Hope the op has 230v input power.

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@ antpc

In reply to: Try This Config ;)

If you are building a computer , start a new thread so folks don't confuse things

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