Is there no fast forward/rewind feature when streaming?

I just bought a PS51D8000 plasma and have been trying to watch my videos through samsung allshare(streaming from my PC, wireless).
Everything works fine except fast forwarding or rewinding does not seem to be possible.
The videofiles I have been using are .avi and .mkv
Are these formats not supported? If not are they going to be supported in the future(through an update)? Are there any other file formats with supported ff/rewind?

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Reporting: Is there no fast forward/rewind feature when streaming?
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For DLNA? Usually not.

It's a limitation you see on some content on most DLNA "servers." Most thought it would do that but you are talking about a system designed in committee down to the lowest common denominators.

Your question has been asked many times and there is no sign that a DLNA II is in the works or that makers will offer an update for this.

I'd research and try other DLNA servers.

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I'm using serviio, they blame the TV what's the definite answer?

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(NT) It's something that folk wanted but DLNA didn't deliver.
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It's Samsung TVs. DLNA fully supports FF/REW.

The DLNA guidelines fully support FF/REW and I have several devices that I can FF/REW when streaming files from my DLNA media server (Mezzmo).

Samsung TVs (for some silly reason) do not let you use the FF/REW buttons on your Samsung remote control when streaming via DLNA. You can use the Skip buttons and the Chapter button on your Samsung remote control to navigate through the file.

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have you tested this yourself, and found a DLNA server that works with Samsung TVs? If you have, please share the results with us.
Otherwise, can you escalate this to Samsung? This is a very poor design in the TV software.

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Actually I think it's a poor choice of the DLNA committee.

User expectations are more than what was in the baseline features of DLNA!

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mpeg4 works, mpeg2 does not

...using the arrow keys, not the ff/rew keys.
So why is mpeg2 so difficult?

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Answer is?

That MPEG2 is a licensed encoding so you can't play it without a royalty. Not that it's the exact reason but DLNA has some baseline features and folk wanted more than that!

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A YEAR LATER, Google calls the MPEG BLUFF (link)!
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problem even when not streaming

It's worse. I've attached a hard drive to the appropriate USB socket which allows recording of TV programmes just by pressing the record button (TV is 5500 series; schedules recording is also possible). You can fast forward with video recordings made thus, but not audio recordings. As I had already listened to 20 min. of the broadcast live I had to resort to the iPlayer app to be able to start listening where I had left off.

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No Fast Forward/Rewind Feature when Streaming for PS51D8000

Hjalti8 and krikkew,

The file formats that I know for sure that are supported are: DivX, MP4, 3GPP, AVI, ASF, MKV. Specifically to MPEG2, I don't know if that's supported. There may be other supported formts, but I actually don't have access to that information because this is a model # for a UK TV. This forum supports North American models and customers, so I don't know why the fast-forward and rewind features aren't working, but it appears that on the face of the matter they should be working.

If you want to get more information or support from UK, go to this link:

Hope this helps you both!

-- HD Tech

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Feb 2013 : Samsung Allshare(streaming from my PC, wireless)

Samsung allshare(streaming from my PC, over wireless to Samsung TV). Everything works fine except fast forwarding or rewinding does not seem to be possible using TV remote.

Samsung : Please could I get an update at Feb 2013.

I have Allshare Version on Windows 8 PC. The TV /DVD is a 540 LCD TV/BD - D5700 ZC

This is very important. Without this capability I am totally frustrated watching movie. I have started this one movie at least 5 times and now I am 45 minutes in, I dread the streaming failing as I just do not want to watch the beginning yet again Happy

If anyone has a bypass - or can recommend an alternate solution to Allshare that works well with Samsung TV and Windows?

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Fast Forward and Rewind function alternative for Samsung TV

I undestand where you coming from with your frustration. I felt the same after I bought Synology DS213+ NAS server. And I have Samsung SmartTV. Streaming videos from NAS over WIFI works great, but I guess all who end up here in this forum thread are having problem FF/REW not working on TV remote. And what movie experience is that! So I was trying all of the media servers out there none of them solved the problem. Ok in between I found an Android app for my smart phone called ArcMC and this is something very good. You can select a movie from any comp or NAS you have and send it right to TV or even into your playing console (like Xbox) and movie starts. And from mobile you can jump to any location in movie with ease. I tried then lot of these different apps but this one was for me moust easiest way to navigate through media server and your playing options. So I solved the problem for myself. While not able to scroll movie, its something that takes you back to the old options making that all DLNA stuff unuseful. Samsung itself has also remote control apps but as always there are issues - its meant to work only with newer and expencive kind of phone models.
But while I sometimes still want to use remote control of TV, I still was searching for options to make it work.
Finally I found information that you can jump back and forth with directional keys on remote < and > Pressing them longer jumps more in time. Useful if you want to just rewind back a bit. And final needed solutiun to get into any point in movie. Like you said you watched it to point 45 minutes. Just press TOOLS button on remote and you can choose time line and tell to the movie to jump into any point just with directional keys or through number pad keys on remote control. Pretty useful. I am kind of surprised you cant find that kind of info on web so easily. So I decided to let all know. Hope it helps people. For me case closed and I got at least the control back over the movie when streaming it to TV.

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FF and REW on Samsung while streaming

The FF and REW buttons do not work while streaming, but the left and right arrow buttons effectively do the same thing.

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I had the same issue but I solved it.

I use a Synology NAS and Samsung Bluray and TV. Couldnt FF/rew either. frustrating sometimes. Lived it for a couple years til one day I was looking at my BluRay remote at the left, right, up, down arrow buttons, and I thought I wonder what happens when I push left or right when video is playing. So i found a movie, played it, and he pushed the right arrow, and VOILA!! Fast forwarding works!! It will not work with the actual FF or REW buttons. On Samsung devices you have to use the left and right arrows. Confirmed that this works on Samsung Devices, TVs and Blu ray players.

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