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Is there any PDF writer for Mac (Virtual Printer Type) ?

I'm looking for freeware/share to create PDF files for Mac machine. Somethg like CutePDF (too bad it does not support Mac). Its like a virtual printer installed on your system. You could actual printer anythg on your system where the output is PDF file. Can recommend any?


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Reporting: Is there any PDF writer for Mac (Virtual Printer Type) ?
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You could try using the Built-In PDF maker

I find that it works admirably.
Just go to print as normal but, instead of choosing a Printer in the initial print dialog box, check the PDF button (bottom left in 10.4) and save your document as a PDF.

Is that what you are trying to do?


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Instead of Built-In, anythg more universal like CutePDF?

Yes, thats what I need. But the problem is not all programme has that built in feature, right? When I installed other programme which is not that popular, and I need the output to be in PDF format, I still need something like Cute PDF. Whatever that could be printed, could be save on PDF format... Any such thing in Mac?

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(NT) (NT) Don't leave out the details. What program?
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PDF creator.

the PDF Writer feature is NOT built into the program, it is built into OS X so that EVERY program that you run, and is capable of printing, has that ability. The actual nuts and bolts of printing is handled by the OS and is not program specific. If you can print from a program, you can PDF it.

"Whatever that could be printed, could be save on PDF format... Any such thing in Mac? "

Amazingly, the answer is still the same. The Mac OS X has the ability to do exactly what the above quote is asking for.
I'm surprised you have not found this PDF button on every print dialog box. I can turn this webpage into a PDF if needed

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Maybe its my mistake....

Thanks for the invaluable answers. Actually I'm helping a friend (Mac user) to find the answer. I'm using WinXP and able to print any doc into PDF by CutePDF.

But my friend, complained to me that she could not create PDF files from other programme beside Office suites. For example, AutoCAD documents.

However, from you descriptions, I guess its her own prob. Maybe she overlook the feature. Girl are still girl. Blur blur about IT stuffs...

Thanks, pal

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She has AutoCad running on a Mac?

I was not aware that AutoCad was available for the Mac, at least it is not mentioned on their website. Is she running it using Boot Camp or Parallel?
If that is the case, then she can just download CutePDF and run it like you do.

"Girl are still girl. Blur blur about IT stuffs..." Public statements like that are not likely to win you many supporters. Looking back over your posts, I don't see how you exactly shine in the IT department.

Why not ask your friend to post her own question here so that we can get the complete picture. I feel we are missing something.


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Link, comment.
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Not so sure

There was never any indication that the poster, or his friend, could not "see" the documents, just that she could not create a PDF file of them.

The cadviewer would solve the problem of viewing the AutoCAD documents, if such a problem exists, but would not solve the perceived PDF creation problem.

The PDF creation option is System wide under OS X without the aid of third party software, if you can print it - you can create a PDF of it.


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Mind reading.

It's all in how we read and interpet the words. Since there is no AutoCad for Mac OSX, something else is going on.


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Sorry, its MiniCAD , not AutoCAD

Hi, all...

Jst chked, the drafting software she used there is MiniCAD ( drafting software like AutoCAD ) which is for Mac....

She can draft and view, but cannot create PDF files.

Anyone ever use this programme?


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(NT) (NT) Can she print from MiniCAD?
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Does that run natively on MacOSX?
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Just got back from reading that

You don't suppose this friend is using an OS that is less than X?

That's the trouble with "I'm asking this for a friend" posts.

If this is the case, then you could try using Print to PDF which appears to be still available from

Works under OS 9

Let us know what happens.


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PrintToPDF is also the only utility for this case that I found. I asked her to download to use but the problem is, its not Freeware. She is only an engineering staff in an engineering firm. If need to purchase license for the programme, she have to go thru many company procedure and might not get approved. Hopefully there are other programme such as PrintToPDF which is distributed for free (like CutePDF for windows).

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This is the ony one I have found

If the company she works for has a need to produce PDF documents from the MiniCAD program then they should be asked to pay for the license. If this is only for her convenience and has no benefit for the company, then she should pay for the license.

Of course, she could always purchase OS X, run the MiniCad in Classic mode and be able to create PDF documents easily. That should cost her company around $120. How does that compare to the shareware license for the PDFtoPrint?


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in the same boat !!

I just but my Mackbok, and I really need to have cutepdf,is an essential tool for my work. If you ever get any good feedback for any other product that we can use,please let me know.

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Instead of Hijacking a 5 year old thread

Start a new one.

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OSX save as PDF does not work with protected PDF documents

It is all well and good to advise people to use the PDF functions built in to osx but these are useless when the document gives permissions to print/view, but not to save. In these cases you need a virtual printer or password to unlock the document.

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It took you 2738 days to come up with that answer?

If the PDF document gives you permission to print, then OS X can turn that document into a PDF.

This thread is now locked.

If you have a similar problem, create a new thread.


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Is there any PDF writer for Mac (Virtual Printer Type) ?

There are two 'virtual printer' offerings, both free

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