Is there any free image pdf to text converter

There are a proliferation of programs to convert images to pdf, which produce pdfs inaccessible to the screen readers used by visually impaired computer users.

Many of these are free, but when looking for software to convert these pdfs to editable text which the screen readers can report, one finds that the cost is crippling for people who don't tend to have the best paid jobs. Nitro, for example, has a free version only accessible to the sighted, and the image pdf to text software costs over £70.

I have looked for a freeware option for about a year without success.

Does anybody know of one such?

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I've never needed such.

The authors of most works will send us clear text if we ask. There are reasons why there is no free lunch but in this case we can ask the authors.

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Is there any free image pdf to text converter - New!

Oh! You'll be OK then!

The trouble is I'm not talking about book authors!

Half the Local authorities, solicitors and webmasters in the UK are as unaware of the problem as you seem to be, and constantly chuck a scanned image into a .pdf, which is simply not registered by screen readers.

Why should blind people then have to ask for a clear text version, which may take as much as a week to arrive.

You say there are reasons! What are they and why does nobody care to do anything about the discrimination of receiving everything long after any sighted person?

Don T.

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Don't chuck me into that group. How about
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Sorry but I'm not the authority on the issue. I am aware of this area but do not want to upset you. I'll share something I use to OCR for free along with a few search terms to pull it together.

-> Which makes me ask "Since Tesseract is free to use, why don't the screen reader folk try incorporating such into their systems?"

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Don't chuck me into that group. How about - New!

Thank you Bob, for this response!

I've not heard of this one and neither has the blind person for whom I'm acting.

I am very grateful for a positive response, and will check out Tesseract and get back to you re. the results.

The problem we have is that on encountering a scanned image .pdf, JAWS screen reader simply says nothing.

I'll see if it can be linked and let you know. If it works it will be worth publishing to the blind community and people like RNIB, who currently don't seem very interested.

Thank you again. I'll be in touch.

Don T.

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Just checked up on JAWS own OCR
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Just checked up on JAWS own OCR - New!

He certainly has an older version of JAWS which, until the recent increase in use of scanned image .pdf, was quite adequate.

It was bought, at outrageous cost far beyond his own means, by his employer and installed on both his workplace and home PCs, so that he can sometimes work from home. They are absolutely averse to paying similar sums each time new versions are released.

The version he has does not react to scanned images within a pdf, simply reporting it as an empty file, which gives him nothing to hook on to for initiating OCR.

Over the weekend I shall be checking out Tesseract and I'll let you know whether it works for him.

My own take on this, as an equality campaigner, is that if there is a free version for sighted people, it is discriminatory for there to be no free version for the blind or visually impaired user.

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One of many

well i think there are many free ones, ive been using for example
the main problem is that it doesnt always convert the images properly, so you should give it a try
if you suceed then its good, if not i you should give it another google Happy

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Is there any free image pdf to text converter by dijit

Thanks Jaugs,

I'll try it out and report back.

There do seem to be online options, but we are worried by the fact that some files may contain sensitive info which shouldn't be open to outsiders online.

More research into the nuts and bolts to see if there is human input along the lines of what I am currently doing for him. If the process is automatic then it should be what we need.


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You can develop with free OCR library
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(NT) I can't programme, but my blind friend can. I'll pass it on.
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Import extention available

I wanted to share this extension here since it will solve a lot of issues I think.
But you have to give up MS office support for this method.
While still there is many information lost in PDF files, open office does a good job with a recent extention
It's called PDF import extention for OpenOffice. But that only works when you work in Hybrid PDF/ODF.
Just wanted to get that one shared here since it does a good job.

MS Office doc files is a different thing but as you said, I won't try all those downloadable tools.
I used a online tool a while ago. Works quite nice, not perfect though.
But I don't believe there is a good tool for that. Adobe does it maybe better but I don't have experience with that and it will be costly for sure.

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