is there any adapter that converts HDMI to optical or RCA

i'm using sony 32bx320 TV which has only HDMI ports for Audio out,i need to connect the audio out from my TV to my home theatre system which supports optical in and RCA in.currently i'm using with my home theatre system connected with my set top box for watching cable television.So is there any solution which is cheap ?my website for purchase is and

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Reporting: is there any adapter that converts HDMI to optical or RCA
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Here's one.
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I fear the one from Amazon is a dead end. Here's why.
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Looking at the tv spec.

I am guessing this is not ARC compatible tv, in fact, I didn't see an optical or coax connection either. But OP ask for it so it must be there. I also see an audio out and earphone out... (maybe I am looking at the wrong tv).

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I think they need to look again too.
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u guys are looking at the wrong product

,here is the actual one . this TV doesn't have any audio out port ,it has only audio in and 2 HDMI ports .my sound system has only three inputs RCA ,optical and SPDIF

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dont blame us for looking at the wrong product

If you would have actually provided the proper info in your first post you would have gotten proper info. All we can do is provide answers based on what was asked.

If you do not have an audio out, then you are out of luck. However, according to the link you gave, you do have an audio out in the back. .

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Ok I think I got it now.

I am not a 100% sure if this will work, but you need to start with a hdmi splitter. One hdmi connection to the tv and another connection to the audio converter. Try that and see how it go. Good luck.

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Hdmi to RCA converter like this.
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Thanks for supplying the direct link.

Otherwise I take what you tell me and hunt it down with Google.

Page 15, the G indication shows the HEADPHONE JACK so there you have an analog stereo output to your home theater.

Page 15, the C indication shows the "Hi-Fi audio equipment" RCA output jacks.

Manual I read is at

Given it has all that, I would never use any HDMI splitter or decoder.

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I've never found those to work.

It's fraud.

But given you have audio outputs from your TV, I'm wondering why you are looking for such cables that again, are a ripoff, fraud and snake oil.

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There is no audio out ,i tried plugging into one

i tried looking for the audio out but even the service person from sony said that there is no audio out for this TV ,i even tried plugging my RCA into that specified port but it was of no use.

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You also have the headphone jack to try.

Some TVs must be set to output on the audio out jacks. I find that most folk can't control their TVs when it gets complicated. Maybe it's time to have a home theater tech set it up?

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Couple thing doesn't fit here.

As Bob said, it's faults advertising. This is NOT a converter cable, if this works at all then it's an adapter cable. Second, this cable is for "component" video and NOT audio, which is what you want...I think.

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(NT) can u suggest me any from ?
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Instead of doing it this way, maybe...

we should start over. We know your tv model but we don't know anything about the home system. We know what the tech. told you but according to the tv specification, there is a audio out and a headphone out. The question is really why it doesn't work. You still have the manual handy for reference? What is the reason/objective for what we are attempting here?

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There is only Audio in port no Audio out port at the back

There are three RCA ports at the back of my TV two for audio and one for video but they are all Audio in and video in not audio out and video out

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The manual you supplied disagrees.

This sounds like it needs a tech to come by and set it up the first time for you.

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So it seem like we are still...

not looking at the model you have. I wonder if it's worth all the trouble to get this. Ok so what's the whole setup like..and what your objective?

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I'm looking to hook my Audio system which has RCA,optical

just the TV repair person came in and he attached the RCA cable to the TV and set the sound output to the audio system but no sound came form the audio is my pic of the connectors of my TV

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i said the wrong tv

it's sony bx 350

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I'm so sorry i mentioned a wrong TV

The TV was bx350 not bx320 ,just now saw it

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Ok, here's one issue that can never be help...

regardless of what we do..and that's OTA (over-the-air) tv reception. Personally I think you should save your money and buy a new A/V receiver later.

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Picture of the jacks. Manual don't match.

Sounds to me the model TV was never nailed down. Maybe you are in Malta and this model never got an online manual.

After all this my advice is to get some receiver but that will not be useful for OTA channels. I see the sound bar with jacks was already noted.

For completely any decent tech can add a headphone jack. I can't guess why techs don't offer this more often.

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i tried with the headphone jack the sound quality was awful

my settop box audio out was so much better than the headphone jack ,i called the sony customer care and the guy conformed that there is no audio out for my TV except if i have to use HDMI as an audio out and therefore i have ordered the HDMI to RCA convertor for 20$ hope it works else i will return it and get my money back through ebay replacement policy

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